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Just watched the live version.

Matt's vocals are live, definitely. Lot of effects on them, but they're live. The backing vocals... not so sure, but eh.

It's a good go at it. Though, to be honest, as a song with a lot of electronic elements, I'm not surprised that it doesn't sound much different live from the recording - it's a pretty simple song to perform. I think at a gig, through a proper, good PA, it'd sound cracking. Plenty of womp. I'm still keen to hear it live.

As for the song itself - I literally just listened to it about 20 times on repeat because it got itself stuck in my head today and I couldn't think of anything else to listen to.

I still like it. It's so, so, so standard Muse-by-numbers, but I'd happily take it as a Madness replacement on the setlist. No issues here.

....then again, I didn't hate the new Linkin Park album, so I guess my music taste is obsolete
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