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Originally Posted by Mc Queen View Post

I never said or indicated you didn't read the other thread, I said I don't want to read most of it and wondered whether any of you had the same thoughts.
Also, I didn't want to post what I did over there so I brought it here to discuss it in a nicer atmosphere.

Hm, I think in a way it's easiest for new bands - nobody has any expectations about them yet, so they can do what they want. Whilst at the same time, they might be under pressure to get a foot in the "market" and feel pressed to make something popular.
Other than that Muse should have it reasonably easy, they've done such weird things that basically anything goes, musically. I do hope they stay in rock/&pop generally though, anything else just isn't as energetic and great.

I agree with your comments about pop mostly. Tbh these days I'm rather lazy to listen to a lot of music and especially new stuff, I just don't have the time/energy for it. So I stick to those I know atm and otherwise listen to old rock and also pop. Or nothing

I think it is harder for new bands, cause they have the pressure to find an audience, the record company (if they have one) might put pressure on them for making music which can be sold. Maybe I see this the wrong way, but this is my impression.

But I think Muse have pressure from the record company as well, not in making the music they want but in doing tours which attract many many people. So they do their hits on the big tours cause a lot know these songs. But for sure it wouldn't hurt any casual fan to get to hear songs they don't know, like I said before if they are really interested in the band (and enjoy the new songs) they will search for them, buy them. So it would be a win for the band as well, for the record company as well. But to get this to their heads...
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