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Originally Posted by james90 View Post
I'm not sure actually. All I remember is that I had a late 70s one with this switch on top, which might have been a tone bypass? It was modded though, so I wouldn't know if that was stock or not.

I kept the original circuit for that reason. It has some #dodgy pots that make it sound extra broken like the original mirror guitar.... you know, before it got destroyed completely. Knights of Cydonia will never be the same etc.

And I was going to suggest the same thing I'm not seeing it though, but maybe it's just a non-logo'd one.

Also looks like a different guitar from the one he used in QOTSA.
Can't decide on which kit, so want to try all of them . Are the differences between versions of the circuit only hugely noticeable if you're really familiar with big muffs? Probably go for the green russian version since I've seen it on a few boards before so it must be quite good.

never4get. That's a point actually, I can't think of seeing him make twisty kaoss noises with the chrome bomber. Or 007.

Yeah, must not have the logo on it, if it even is an MBK-2. Also, I have to put heavier strings on that guitar now after seeing that.

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