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Originally Posted by Jaicen View Post
Yes, it is mine I have owned it since I was 15, though its in parts at the minute.

I'd go loctite over ptfe but if it's working don't mess with it.
That's almost as long as you've had your strat!

And yeah it's fine from what I can tell. It's just a couple of adjustment screws on the bridge that aren't being used. They always vibrate out of position (not a problem, but it bothers me) after playing it for a bit, so I just want to keep them in place.

Originally Posted by nerd herd View Post
Don't think they've got any UK dates in May, but that's just going off what I can find on ticketmaster. I hope the checklist will include multiple trips to Nando's, a shit load of the bru and at least one spoons breakfast.

Looks like August will be pretty good .
Damn. Well... I don't know if I'm ready to be in a UK crowd just yet. After all, a mosh pit was started way up in the seats where I was at emirates a few years ago.

And of course. That was all done last time as well, although I did forget to stop by gregg's I did get a few 'real' pasties though... or at least I assume they were real??

Also, thanks to Olly, I managed to check out Bodean's... best BBQ I've ever had. We'll see if that changes though, as he said he's found a place he likes even more!

I agree.
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