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i wanna see you wednesday
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I went to gifted (it's like an advanced program you go to once a week) and played muse (teacher didn't mind because it was our last class in her room for the semester so we were allowed to do whatever) I played Assassin, KoC, some of PiB, USoE, the intro of AP (not the intro), about half of CE, some of Exo-Gen pt 1, a little of MK Ultra, Muscle Museum, and some of Stockholm Syndrome and your friend sitting next says "I'm probably going to start listening to muse." and you go all Though my other friend who doesn't like muse just because I love thme was like "Don't let her persuade you!"
He was also bobbing his head (okay, he was near-headbanging) to KoC, and when I paused Assassin to hear something someone was saying he said "hey!"

YKY (and your friend)ATMW when that^^ happens I shall now make him listen to muse, hee, hee, hee...
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