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YKYATMW you'e reading a poem in class about Earth, somehow it leads to space and you're talking with teh student teacher about space, and I say something like "It's all fun and games till you're down with Space Dementia" and he asked me what that was and I said "It's a term used to explain the feeling of nothingless astronauts get when they're looking out in the void of space for too long...and it's one of my favourite songs." He asked me the band and I say Muse and he said he liked how their logo was always the same, then I pointed to my paper which I'd done like the logo and he said "I wonder where that came from. *sarcasm*" (of all the muse things he could say, really? ) but you're still because he knows who they are, and on your way out you're thinking of a plan to make him listen to Origin of Symmetry

YKYATMW you've got to decipher lyrics to look for something meaningful or something like that and you're really tempted to ask if you could do PiB instead just see their reaction
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