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One night, not so long ago, I flew to London to watch MTV and I was sitting in a big hall, full of people. There was a screen in front of stage and announcer yelled "This is the moment you've been waiting for!!! Shakira!!!". Shakira started to dance in the screen and I just wanted to wake up, but then I listened the song more carefully. Song was Interlude before Hysteria!!! I thought this can't be happening and then screen fell. Yes, Muse were playing and suddenly I was on the stage singing S4A while Matt went insane soloing through the hole song. I was really good, Chris winked to me when I was laying on stage screaming "Our wrongs remain unrectified, and our souls won't be exhumed". Gig ended there and we run through some halls avoiding to be seen. Then we found ourselves outside and I lit cig. Matt was begging for one too, but I refused to give him any Lot of people came to see me and they kept telling how good I was and so on. I said I have to go because I was late from coffee and Matt and Dom said to give them a call if I'm around somewhere where they are. I told I'll consider it and woke up, late from work already (as usual...).

Consider!?!?!? What the hell was I thinking... Unfortunately I didn't get their phone numbers
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