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Generally I take everything Matt says with a pinch of salt. He's known for talking shit and whilst he might not be lying about the direction the new album will take I won't pass much judgement until I hear it myself.
I'm not really holding high hopes for it and I agree with you that a lot of their older stuff is going to disappear, which has already happened and I think we are all starting to accept although we don't seem to want to take it without a fight. Not that anything we say is making much difference, they don't really listen to fans...hey ho.

Based on this tour and their attitude in general (and when I say 'their' I mean Matt pretty much) I am still a Muse fan but only a fan of who they used to be and the music they used to make. I said Wembley would be my last Muse gig, and right now I'm standing by my word. They fucked European fans over and they've done the same to American fans so I can't justify seeing them again right now.

I can see this thread turning into another rant about setlists and the usual arguments rearing their heads but I think you made a really good post.

Sad to consider how far Muse have came and just how much they threw by the wayside now they have made it there.

What do I think we can expect from future sets?
Exactly what we have now....only OoS and Showbiz tracks will be pretty much gone (bar PiB and FG) and I think most of Abso will be rare too. They obv have to make way for the new material but obv they're not planning to extend their sets.

So, same shit, different shovel.
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Vote Matt out of the band.

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