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Originally Posted by Travisx2112 View Post
and what ?
This is false :

Originally Posted by L.Valencia View Post
Live Chris uses a Woolly Mammoth with a clean signal blended in.
Chris never used WoollyM in live and studio before 2009, before Resistance. And it is not used for TIRO.

Originally Posted by james90 View Post
That's because it was something else

We tried for ages to get the right bass sound. Some of the things we tried were quite ridiculous. We tried flangers, acoustic basses, dubbing with phasers, you name it, but it still wasn't happening. One day Matt was fooling around with a JP 8000 synth and started getting this portamento vibe going (mimes track intro). So we recorded that and I put down a horrendously subby bassline using the pedulla and when we put them together it made a weird, buzzy,disgusting kinda noise and that's what we used.

Originally Posted by james90 View Post

there's also this

Posted in the first page, DI Demo but "doesn't do the sound justice" or "colored" ...

...Obviously, it's better with a Rapture and a DBS stack

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