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Originally Posted by the.angular.animal View Post
I don't like the later stuff all that much, when he goes all avant-garde and all. I haven't really listened to them as much as I listened to Space Oddity through Ziggy though.
I'm inclined to agree, though I do love Diamond Dogs as well.

Originally Posted by Ghosty Ghost View Post
At least in 300 it's intentional, cause the guy who survived is telling the story to the other Spartans and embellishing what happened. Also, there's not much point saying "THAT'S NOT ACCURATE, THE PERSIANS DIDN'T REALLY HAVE BIG FREAKY MUTANTS!!"

Don't forget Troy though!
We did watch bits of Troy as well haha.
And we didn't watch that bit of 300 anyway!
We watched it predominantly for battle formations etc. With Alexander it was specific battles/impt moments (and those really were epically mushed up on-screen), and with Troy, bits and pieces about the Temple of Apollo, Achilles and again, style of warfare.

Guh. Sunday night and I have sooo much work still to do... yet here I am, procrastinating
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