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Just a few points I'd like to leave here.

First: Alex, congratulations on another successful build for the YTG guys--they seem like a real class act, and I'm glad that your work with them has been such a good experience and, it seems, yielded some more interest and potential clients for you.

Second: BUT, you're still not an established luthier. You've made two guitars for one band, but that really doesn't mean a whole lot--they've not been road tested for years. You've only had two clients so far. And, that's to say, two clients who don't know a thing about your history as a luthier. And sure, you appear to have more in store, but when are you going to get an order from someone just looking for a nice custom guitar? My point, without meaning to sound rude, is that you're just not yet at a level where you can call yourself a full-blown custom guitar luthier.

As for prices There's no way you should be charging $2500-3000 per guitar. A couple of months ago, you told me the guitar you built for Jacob would've cost about $2000. Like I said, you're unestablished in the world of custom guitar builders. People like Andy Elliott, John Suhr, and Tom Anderson--legends in their own right, especially the latter two--build guitars for around that price. And if I were looking to spend another $3000 on another custom build right now, I'd definitely go for one of those three--three well-established, well-respected luthiers, one of whom is already building me a guitar--over an unknown guy from San Francisco.

Third: While I don't doubt that you've made strides in the quality of your work since the early years of Barnett Customs, you still seem to be going through builds hastily and without proper planning, as you yourself mention in your description of Eric's build. If a luthier delivered a guitar to me and I somehow found a post by him about my guitar that contained the information yours did, I'd be mortified. Especially for the prices you're wanting to charge.

It seems to me that your perception of yourself and your work, while maybe not entirely untrue, is further in advance of your actual work. What I mean is, you seem to want to base current pricing on a product which hasn't yet been delivered, but is in planning in your mind. That's all well, but you need to deliver a product which is consistently worth $2500-3000 before you start charging that much, and you also need to find a consumer base which will consistently pay that price for your work instead of Andy Elliott's, John Suhr's, or Tom Anderson's.

Just some constructive criticism from my end Keep up the good work!

Oh, and as an afterthought, you should really create some sort of real web presence if you're serious about churning out some custom builds to a wide range of people who will give good feedback. Facebook won't cut it--create a website and start an account on TGP. There's a wealth of knowledge there, as well as a forum specific to small builders and luthiers--people like John Suhr post there regularly, as well as on another forum that I can't remember--I think Sherpa and James are on it. Rig Talk?
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