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Good call Phill

They aren't in the Manson range by any means, but the base price is around $2,500-$3,000 depending on what's going on. The average seems to be $3,500-$5000 for builders in California.

And as long as its a build that I'm doing for myself, or given the option by the customer to do what I think is best, they'll be natural and oiled. Wood is such a beautiful thing in its natural state. Grain patterns, natural pigments, the pore size in which the oil is soaked in. Wood is a life form in its own, and I feel that it's a disgrace in a sense to want to cover that all up. Not that finished guitars look like shit, a lot look great. But I prefer natural always.

When I take a few days to recover/rest and get back onto James' build, I'll start a thread. No use slamming a general use forum
Yep. I have the documents from the department of agriculture to prove this

excited to get this guitar. not sure if it would be worth starting another thread since it's basically finished though? it's really just the neck and a few tweaks to the body you have to do, right?
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