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Just bought Showbiz on vinyl. It's... Clear?

Okay so... I'll admit it, I'm still a little new to all this muse stuff... and I have no clue what this is...

So I went to this store the other day called Utopia, because it's the only store I know of near me that sells vinyl records. I wanted to get a new record, and I knew from previous visits that they had Showbiz. I went there, looked through the 'M's until I had found Muse, grabbed Showbiz, walked up to the register, bought it, and walked out of the store, happy with my new record. When I got home, I went to my room (Because that's where my record player is) And opened it. I pull out the little poster inserts first, and then pull up the actual record... expecting it to be a classic black one, but to my astonishment, it was transparent. It took me a second to realize that it was a clear vinyl (and I flipped out with happiness because I love clear vinyls)

But the thing is... I have and had no clue that this thing even existed... My first thought was to come and ask you guys about this (because you know everything )
So... Do you guys have any information about this beautiful thing? The date on the back says '2009' so clearly it's some sort of special rerelease... So think you guys can help me be a little, unconfused about this?

Thanks in advance for your help
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