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Hm, I never bought anything that big from overseas so I have no idea how this works, but I think usually FedEx would send you a bill ex-post
From what I've gathered from Adrian and others who have purchased from here in the states, Manson will charge you their $225 +/- depending on exchange rate, then FedEx, who it seems they use for shipping, will bill you later for somewhere short of 10% of the purchase price in all likelihood, so don't let that expense be underestimated in budgeting. Technically too, you're to report it to your state as well to pay sales tax on depending on what state you're in. Most people don't do this for your typical online purchases because paper trail is generally lax and the tax equates to next to nothing in the end, but for me in PA for example, 6% on a 3k manson is $180. Since there's import records on that entering the country, I'd be more inclined to think they would look into that and consider auditing if they happened to catch you not reporting it.
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