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Muse Songs

How did matt play (insert song) at (insert gig)?
please with this type of question where ever possible provide a link so other users can hear it, failing this please provide information on where you heard it, otherwise its unlikely to get results.

Where can I get muse tabs?

You can get them via buying the Muse tab books (links provided) or by looking at some tabs created by users from various sites.Good sites for tablature:

Something isn't quite right with the microcuts tab in the tab book yeah?
there's a mistake, to play microcuts you should tune your guitar to drop d.

Piano thing - what is it and is there a tab?

piano thing is an improvised solo piano piece by matt bellamy it appears on the b-side to the new born.

A transcription of this can be found at:

There seems to be something fishy about the in your world tuning?

the hullabaloo tab book is not a mistake or a misprint. for playing in your world correctly you tune your d string up a tone to e.

Which muse songs are played with a capo?
  • Thoughts of a Dying Atheist - 10th fret
  • Sing For Absolution (Live) - 2nd fret
Whats the best muse songs for a beginner?
the vast majority of people on this forum would recommend either hyper condriac music or unintended. the majority is wrong. host is the perfect beginner piece nice easy chords and some nice easy power chords. hyper condriac music and unintended are both nice easy pieces (by muse standards) so both would also be good for beginners. plug-in baby is also quite often recommended but it isn't advisable if you are very new to guitar as you need a strong fourth finger to play well so the tendancy is for beginners to try play it with three fingers this can lead to pretty poor technique so if you're trying plug in baby try to use all four fingers on the main riff.
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