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Yes! I found a Welsh musers thread Well, needless to say, I am a Welsh muser. And for those of you from Wales, you will know what I'm on about when I say I'm from Barry!!!! But I tend to live in Cardiff. And yep, we had to do Welsh in school. Think I got an A or B. Can't remember much now though, but I do know the anthem...naturally. And I am still bitter that I didn't get to see Muse when the last came to Cardiff and my boyfriend did (and he's not even Welsh!!!!) I was doing my dissertation, damn it! As for an accent...well it only seems to come out when I'm drunk. But there are words like lovely, or lethal that tend to be pretty Weslhy But I am finally getting to see Muse in but 15 days time. Yay!

Edit: Oh, and Oakwood is brilliant! I used to go there every year, 'cause my nan and gramp lived close to it.
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