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Originally Posted by james90 View Post
I just posted a picture above. But that other one is going on something completely different, and very unique... but at the same time, it's also the least unique idea someone could want....

All will be revealed in good time.

Do it. We can go to Nando's as well, and if Macaroon'll sure as hell be cheeky.

But there isn't one near the works as far as I'm aware, so I guess you'll have to visit the shop too.

And no I haven't. Link? And where are the Infatuators?


Just checked the facebook page. No news on that, but they seem to be discussing the new arctic monkeys album. #controversial
We posted at almost the same time so I missed it. Fuck I need one like that.

Could Nando’s handle that level of cheeky?

No news about infatuators, but if you sign up on they email you the song
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