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Important changes to the International forum - please read

Over the last few months thread titles in this section have become more and more complicated and whilst we encourage creativity and fun we feel it has become confusing for new members to understand what this section is about and find the relevant thread for their country.

To help make the forum more new user friendly as of now all new threads in this section will be created by myself or one of the other mods if I am away and will follow the pattern of "[your country] Musers Thread", so for example the German thread will be "GERMAN Musers Thread".

To request a thread to be set up: first search this section in case a thread already exists, then pm me or one of the other moderators with the details of your nationality"

When a thread reaches 10,000 posts please report the thread by using the report button on the last post so myself or one of the other moderators can close the thread and open a new one for you.


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