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Muse Album Art Discussion Thread

this was probably already done, but i couldn't find it. so lets discuss:

Showbiz: interesting art, the blue planet shows the interest of science and the girl makes the album's theme relate to love.

OoS: i still don't know what this is of and i REALLY want to know (it's like the main reason i made this thread) but i guess it sums up the overall uniqueness of the album.

Absolution: shows the theme of religion throughout the album and makes you think.

BH&R: i thought i read somewhere this was of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse (did i say that right? ) and it shows the space theme with the planet they're on

TR: symbolizes exogenesis and all the beauty of the world with the colors.

overall i think it goes: TR>OoS>Abso>BH&R>Showbiz
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