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Predictions for what'll get voted in?

If we assume they play the top 10 again (and that the list is the same), I'll guess at: Showbiz, Glorious, Easily, Fury, Dead Star, Citizen Erased, Eternally Missed, Falling Away With You, City Of Delusion, The Small Print.

EM finished 11th last time iirc and I can see there potentially being a slightly better push for it at this one. Can't see those first 4 going away - they're just too popular. Hoping S4A drops out, would prefer it if CE did as well tbh but wouldn't mind that as much. TSP and COD are mainly educated guesses based off what I saw people voting for before (and my own hopes + dreams), maybe Space Dementia was up there too?

Would love a push for Do We Need This, like. Shocked that barely seemed to get any votes last time.
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