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Originally Posted by fabripav View Post ewwww! I hate this! He should have made this with an electric guitar and a ton of fuzz and distortion pedals!!!!!!! so boring totally mediocre! truly the worst! christ, this one truly is terrible this one as well. How could anyone listen to this shite?
Yeah, you picked the boring ones. Maybe except Mount Eerie.

Where is Sun Kil Moon? He's decent.

Only Josh Homme can write great music with acoustic guitar like Mosquito Song. But only because he is the God of modern rock music and has the most talent ever.

By the way, altough pairing with lyrics, songwriting can be good, all these songs on acoustic still sound the same and I mean the sound which the guitar makes: " transmitting the vibration of the strings to the air".. This freaking simple, strung sound is so boring.... Thank God humans invented how to amplify and add effects in the same time.
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