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Non muse related

Does anyone have tabs for (insert song) by (insert band)?

please try not to post this type of question if you dont have a link where users can hear the piece of music. please also keep conversations about tab if you wish to discuss the band you can do this in the other music section of the forum

When i post tabs they come out looking crap, help?

if you're tab looks fine in notepad you will want to change the font here to be the same as notepad (the default for notepad is Lucida Console) also adding code tags is known to work (for help on this see the message board faq)

What guitars are good for a beginner who wants to play muse?

Ideally you want a guitar with a humbucker, these guitars are worth a look at Yamaha Pacifica, the cheaper ibanez models, or some of the humbucker equipped squiers.

What are good websites for buying gear?
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