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Muse effects

What is Matt's pedalboard/rack setup?

Showbiz era was:
  • Roland VG-8
  • Roland Expression pedal
  • Soldano channel switcher
  • Custom amp switching box made by Orchid Electronics

but more pedals were added in 2000 it seems:

  • Digitech Whammy IV
  • Roland VG-8
  • DOD FX-40 7-band equalizer (used for mid boost)
  • Line 6 DL-4 delay
  • Custom amp switching box made by Orchid Electronics
  • switch for changing patches on VG-8
  • Roland and Boss expression pedals

Origin of Symmetry era pedalboard was very similar
  • Digitech Whammy IV
  • Line 6 DL-4 delay
  • footswitch for Marshall DSL 100
  • roland expression pedal
  • switch for mic distortion
  • Rackmount Korg tuner
  • second footswitch (possibly for switching amp reverb on/off?)

Information on later setups (including rack gear) coming soon.

How do i get a sound like the one used in <insert song>
a guide to user posted settings which should get the sounds similar to what muse used can be found in this thread
a very interesting article on how muse recorded absolution can be found here

What effect did matt use for the solo of ...
  • sunburn? digitech whammy reissue 2 octaves up
  • muscle museum? voice (see below)
  • sober? digitech whammy reissue 1 octave up(solo1) meatball envelope filter (solo2)
  • escape? wah pedal
  • hate this and i'll love you? slide guitar
  • new born? digitech whammy reissue 1 octave up
  • citizen erased? Zvex fuzz factory
  • Darkshines? trumpet effect from roland midi synth
  • Dead Star? digitech whammy reissue 1 octave up (switching it on and off repeatedly) and Zvex fuzz factory
  • Sing For Absolution? compressed wah sound from a Foxx Time Machine (60s fuzz wah pedal) going into a stereo delay sending to two different amps.
  • Invincible? whammy up 2 octaves for the taps
  • Supermassive Black Hole (HAARP)? fuzz factory DI'd
What effect did matt use for the verse of dead star?
Matt played this through Chris' big muff and bass amp. he also used his dl4 probably set to 1 repeat.

Whats those strange noises at the start of in your world on hullabaloo?

this effect is matt using his midi strip on his black manson to control a digitech whammy pedal. he's basically just pissing about pitchshifting.

Whats the sounds of the solo for musclemuseum

this solo is done by matt singing into his marshall amp that has the gain set high. live this sound is achieved by matt singing into a line 6 pod most likely set to emulate the sounds of the marshall used in the studio.

What effect did chris use for plug-in baby?

this was done with a boss octave pedal an envelope filter and a fuzz pedal.

What effect did chris use for hysteria?

Chris's sound is achieved by playing through 2 big muffs.

How effect did chris use for TIRO?

From bass guitar magazine issue 18 interview with chris (kindly provided by amj)

How did you get the bass sound on that track(TIRO)?

It's a bit of a cheat really!

Your secret is safe with me..
We tried for ages to get the right bass sound. Some of the things we tried were quite ridiculous. We tried flangers, acoustic basses, dubbing with phasers, you name it, but it still wasn't happening. One day Matt was fooling around with a JP 8000 synth and started getting this portamento vibe going (mimes track intro). So we recorded that and I put down a horrendously subby bassline using the pedulla and when we put them together it made a weird, buzzy,disgusting kinda noise and that's what we used.

What do you do about that live?
I play the line over the top of a synth backing track.

What settings does matt have for his fuzz factory??

For songs like New Born and Bliss its best to set the Stab all the way, Drive no higher than 12:00, hardly any Comp and if you really can't stand a bit of hiss use the Gate.
For CE its best to have lots of Fuzz, this is a setting I like to use for CE and Muscle Museum Stab - 5:00 Drive - 5:00 Comp - 7:00 Gate - Far enough to get rid of the hissing.

thanks to haze015 for these settings.

What settings does matt have for his line6 dl4??

a common setting of matts is known to be: (o' clock scale)
model: multihead model
delay time 1 o'clock
repeats 2 o'clock
tweak 2 o'clock
tweez about 3 o'clock
mix 1 o'clock

thanks to daniel for these.
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