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Claudia O. 17-08-2015 11:57 AM

Q & A game

One asks a question, and the next one answers it and asks a new question and so on..who wants to play?

Let's start...

What is your favourite song of all time (not only Muse)?

JimmyCake 17-08-2015 12:10 PM

Radiohead - Paranoid Android

Q: What's your favourite lyric/line of all time?

Destroya 17-08-2015 12:25 PM

A) All cows shit and angels too. (Little Hospitals - Biffy Clyro)

Q) Best gig you've been to?

L. 17-08-2015 01:54 PM

Sorry game threads are not allowed on this board.

They take space and not promote any kind of conversation plus they most of the time get take over by spam so we decided to do without them.

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