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Silversurfer 12-02-2017 10:06 AM

Muse - Verified Fan & Ticketmaster
Once I heard Muse was going to be in my area I came to the website to get the code they use for getting Pre Sale tickets. Once on the site I noticed they now are going through ticketmaster and a verified fan process. I sign up and when finished it says it is first come first serve on how long you have been a Muse fan (assuming though the website) and you will get a text with your code.

Well the Pre-Sale starts and I have not received a text, so I figure I didnt make the cut. Four hours later I get a text with the verification code. I was able to go in and get tickets which made me happy of having not to deal with ticketmaster on the date of general public.

Did anyone else have this issue? I hope that going forward the code will come before the presale not after in the future.

james90 12-02-2017 10:12 AM

No I got mine two hours before the presale started. I know some people got theirs as early as 7am, and others got theirs in the afternoon. It probably depends on when you registered on the main website, but I don't know if everyone that registered eventually got a code.

SerpentSatellite 12-02-2017 10:58 AM

I'd registered for the website quite early, and I got my code at 1pm CST. A friend who registered the prior Monday got theirs an hour earlier.
There's definitely a few other people around here that registered for .mu before me that got them last, too, so I don't really know what happened with the whole "legacy" thing.

plastic passion 12-02-2017 12:13 PM

I don't know if I registered on the forums and the main page at the same time. Is it different? It would of been pretty close and I've been on here since 2004. I signed up for the verified fan but did not get a code until 1:15 so I did not get tickets I wanted for WPB so I caved and got VIP for Tampa since no code was needed. Oh well.

SerpentSatellite 12-02-2017 10:22 PM

Yeah, the mailing list and forum sign ups count different. I didn't sign up for the forum until way later, but I remember being signed up for the mailing list when BH&R was around.

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