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JessicaSarahS 06-02-2016 02:34 PM

Message board Q&A with Muse! (Questions Only Thread)
Message board Q&A with Muse!

Do you have a question youíve always wanted to ask Muse, but havenít had the opportunity to do so? Well, now is your chance! Muse would like to answer questions from you-- the members of the Official Muse Message Board! We will be collecting questions here and submitting them to the band. You may send general inquiries about the Q&A itself to the moderators or to the Q&A Discussion Thread. Now for some rules and guidelines before the fun stuff:
  • To ensure we are able to review each and every submission, please post only questions directed to the band in this thread. Discussion and off topic posts will be deleted without warning.
  • Feel free to discuss the Q&A, questions that you enjoy, and any other inquiries in the Q&A Discussion Thread. Q&A discussion will also help us narrow down entries that everyone would like answered and that will rank that entry higher in our submission list.
  • Usernames will not be included when the entries are given to the band.
  • All questions will be moderated and possibly edited.
  • One question per thread post (multi-part questions are acceptable) and a maximum of two questions per user.
  • Please do not post duplicates. Read what others have posted and avoid similar entries. Duplicate entries will be condensed and/or deleted. Take your time to develop a good one!
  • If you do repost a duplicate question after yours was deleted, a warning/infraction may result.
  • If your post gets deleted, you may submit another with a different topic.
  • Do not ask when Muse will be visiting your country/city/town/house. They will get there when they do.
  • Keep it clean and classy. Rude and abrasive questions, inquiries about the band memberís personal and romantic lives, marriage proposals, or anything Pornogenic Thread-ish will be deleted.
  • Please don't be too disappointed if your question goes unanswered! It is highly unlikely that the band will be able to post an answer to each and every question.

Submissions will be accepted until February 13th. Have fun!

JamesWS 06-02-2016 02:42 PM

Have they considered collaborating with any other artist before, or have they ever been approached by another artist wishing to collaborate?

MusersAdvocate 06-02-2016 02:48 PM

When writing new music for an album, do you ever think about exploring specific types of genres, or do you let the creative process take you wherever it takes you?

martimn98 06-02-2016 02:53 PM

Are you planning anything special for Black Holes' 10th anniversary?

FrenchPluginBaby 06-02-2016 03:08 PM

Are you guys planning to do any festivals this summer ? :rolleyes:

xXDemiXx 06-02-2016 03:12 PM

Favorite bands
Which are your top 3 favorite bands? Which ones inspired you when you were younger? Are there any ones you used to love but now you hate? :D:p

Destroya 06-02-2016 03:21 PM

Will the upcoming UK tour feature any deep cuts similar to the Psycho tour of last year?

gdsolorzano 06-02-2016 03:26 PM

Older Songs
When you pull out an older song to perform on tour, like Sunburn from the 2nd Law tour, or Bliss from the current tour (or Citizen Erased! Thank you for that in Dallas!), do you have sheet music to refresh your memories? If not, how do you get a song like that ready for the stage?

GUMI 06-02-2016 03:26 PM

(For Matt) What's your favorite Manson guitar out of the ones you've played and what's the one you've had the most fun with?
(For the band) Are there any possibilities that you guys play any of the more "obscure" Showbiz tracks (eg. Escape and Showbiz) at any time in one of your next gigs?

gdsolorzano 06-02-2016 03:43 PM

Animals is written with 5 beats per measure as far as I can tell. What were your thoughts going into that? Was it deliberate, or did the beat pattern just lend itself to being written that way? SO CURIOUS. :D

wendywordsmithy 06-02-2016 03:46 PM

Tour Flag
1 Attachment(s)
I recently brought the tour flag around North America. What a great experience as I got to meet hundreds of fans as they signed it. Many fans asked me, and I'm curious too, what do you do with the flag now that you have it? Is there a big store room full of the objects and gifts fans have given you?

jonisdead 06-02-2016 04:03 PM

There's been much recent buzz about what fans call the 'US Tour Syndrome'. Setlists here tend to be notably shorter and more centered around singles that charted, with a de-emphasis on fan-favorite, deep cuts from pre-2009 albums. Do you have any plans to challenge this perception?

Racket 06-02-2016 04:04 PM

Do any of you plan on spending a bit of time playing in Morgan's hole?

Alexander DeLarge 06-02-2016 04:29 PM

#1 Any plans to do a big venue + small venue tour in order to play to both of your audiences (the pop crowd and the hardcore rock crowds) in the United States?

MartianSpaghettiRider 06-02-2016 04:30 PM

You've claimed you're going to make a lot of experimentations again with the next album, so... Have you ever considered, by chance, of heading towards a "spacier" sound, like Hyper Chondriac Music?

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