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  1. muselee321
    06-06-2018 07:03 PM
    IT WAS SO BAD! It was perhaps the most underwhelming and boring Supernatural season finale; it looked bad with the terrible wire-fight choreography, and I'm not sure if you saw it but there was also a terribly cheesy freeze-frame zooming into Dean's face at the very end to finish the episode off. And as you said, season 5 was rendered totally pointless with how "world-ending" the fight between Michael and Lucifer was. And it was entirely predictable that Michael would obviously not stick to the deal with Dean and he'd be the new big-bad for next season. Ugh, it was all terrible.

    Hmmm nothing this season can come close to that season 4 hacking one I showed you last time. There weren't really any scenes that stood out. It was more just storyline and dialogue choices that didn't work.
  2. muselee321
    25-05-2018 06:09 AM
    I watched a bit of Legends when it was first out but never caught up, but on reddit I keep seeing people saying stuff like what you said about it being so enjoyably bonkers! I've just starting going through season 1 again so I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone's talking about . Yeah Arrow last season was better thanks to Adrian Chase. But with him no longer the villain and Felicity still being her usual whiny, selfish, Mary Sue, screen-hogging self it's back to mediocre. There was one episode with Chase in it (as a hallucination) and it was one of the best of the season.

    Get your ticket!
  3. muselee321
    13-05-2018 03:56 AM
    Yeah, I would agree , there has indeed been a fair bit of filler and the plot's pretty easily summarized. I take it you're probably not up to date on Flash and Arrow? Flash had great promise early this season but it's gone downhill quite a bit. And Arrow is... well...


    I managed to rope a friend into going with me . Yeah I have no idea what to expect, like are people going to be singing along with the songs? Or watching it basically like you would any movie? I mean, I imagine pretty big Muse fans would be the only ones who would go to something like this, so who knows, it's a unique audience... I'd be interested to see if there are differences in the crowds between your theatre and mine! Hopefully neither of us get cringey dancing.
  4. muselee321
    05-05-2018 04:46 AM
    May the 4th be with you.

    Yeah, they've got a lot of content! Listened to a few of the songs off Automata and like what I hear so far. Haven't heard that one yet, will check it out.

    Ahh, nice! That sounds like a good way to catch up. There are still some not-great episodes so you've saved yourself a bit of time . How far back have you had to catch up on?

    Heard lots of good stuff about it from friends. I've been spoiled about some stuff already but ahh well, as is expected.

    Nice ! That's a nicely-timed birthday present! I'm thinking of going as well since there's also one in my city (although, my brother is away that night so I'd be going alone ). Figure seeing Muse on the big screen nearby is a rare opportunity and could be pretty cool.
  5. muselee321
    30-04-2018 06:00 AM
    Oh, I know Between the Buried and Me! Found them a few years ago. Parallax II: Future Sequence is a great album. I haven't listened to several of their other albums though so I'll definitely start with Automata. Thanks for the recommendation!

    Guess you can never quite escape the Supernatural fandom, eh :P. Season 13 has been such an improvement, seriously. Here's hoping they can carry this momentum into season 14... goodness...

    Heh, thanks. We had to come in again on Monday for more marking but we got it all done eventually. I'm all done now! Been taking a break for the last week .

    Nice!! Hope you enjoyed it! It looks great.
  6. muselee321
    19-04-2018 09:12 PM
    Yeah nothing really has jumped out at me so far. Though to be fair I've been in a bit of music rut and haven't really tried to look for new music. Any bands you could recommend?

    It was surprisingly dark! I think my favourite part was when the gang were having a meltdown. "We've been stopping real estate developers when we could've been hunting Dracula? Are you kidding me? My life is meaningless!"

    Best of luck on them! I just finished mine yesterday. Feel alright about it. Can't quite relax yet though, I'm invigilating and marking a first year physics for engineering course tomorrow. Almost 800 students and only 10 TA's . But then, freedom
  7. muselee321
    12-04-2018 07:23 PM
    Yeah, that was my thought as well. I actually really love it now. It's so catchy.

    I was gonna ask if you tuned in for Scoobynatural . It was fantastic! All it could have used was Dean eating Scooby Snacks.

    School terms probably winding down for you, do you have finals?
  8. muselee321
    16-03-2018 10:03 PM
    Well, Shape of Water won a well deserved best picture oscar! I may have been listening to the soundtrack a lot... it's so well done.

    You make a good point about Arkangel, there was a lot of potential that they really missed out on. They kind of touched on it when she was a young girl but ignored it when she was a teen.

    I think Metalhead is too lowly rated by most. I liked the dogs too! Kinda cool how they were based on the Boston Dynamics robots.

    USS Callister was so well received and topped so many people's lists I might do a rewatch to see if my opinion changes.

    Thoughts on Thought Contagion?
  9. muselee321
    17-02-2018 08:17 PM
    Expectations are a powerful thing :P

    Ahh, heard of some of those. It's a good list! Shape of Water was interesting. It was a really beautifully shot film. I'm still trying to figure out some of the symbolism though, like with the colours, I feel like there's definitely something to be said about the use of green and red. Green = toeing the company line and societal expectations, red = passion and individuality? Not sure how I feel about it overall though; I didn't really like the ending but I don't think it could have ended any other way given it's kind of an adult fairy tale.

    I watched Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and that was really well done. Been trying to see more of the Oscar nominated movies before the awards with my mom so we're going to try and see Lady Bird soon.

    Okay, Black Mirror!

    1. Black Museum: definitely my favourite. The ending took me by surprise and it was pretty satisfying. I liked the format of how they showed the mini-stories throughout the episode but still tied them all together to make a compelling story. The guy who played Haynes was picked perfectly.

    I don't know how to order Arkangel, Metalhead, and Crocodile (2-4):

    Arkangel: this was one of those episodes where right from when they introduce the technology you can already guess the "bad" aspects that will happen and predict the ending, but at the same time it's technology that does seem like it could be invented in the future. I liked the parallel of the mother losing her daughter at the start, because she wasn't paying enough attention, vs. losing her daughter at the end, because she was paying too much attention.

    Metalhead: When I watched this one I initially had no idea what to think about it. I don't think I really "got" it . But I talked to my brother and I think it grew on me. I think I'm used to Black Mirror episodes being used to show technology usually in social applications, whereas the robot dogs were assumedly some military tech gone wrong? So tonally it seemed pretty different. And on the surface you might think it's stupid for these people to risk their lives just to make the last moments of a dying child more comfortable, but I think what they were going for was showing the purely cold and calculated nature of the tech vs. the depths of human emotion and compassion. I liked the episode a lot more by thinking about it this way.

    Crocodile: okay, the guinea pig at the end being used as a witness when the technology was already shown to be pretty shaky even when used on humans was kinda stupid. But otherwise I really liked this episode. It was kind of like Shut Up and Dance where the whole episode just keeps going downhill and even when you think it's done being dark it just gets even darker.

    5. USS Callister: this one was a bit of a let down for me. I felt the design of the game was really poor and it was just because of that that the characters were able to beat him the way they did. I would have thought he (as the game's designer and player) would have way more control over what happens in-game than he actually did. It had the potential to be a really good episode though.

    6. Hang the DJ: I think San Junipero was a way better take on romance and the light aspect of technology. Sometimes the reveal of "this is all a computer simulation!" is kinda cool but here it felt more like a disappointment because the whole purpose of the simulation was just for some dating app.
  10. muselee321
    26-01-2018 05:49 AM
    Maaan I typed up a whole reply a while ago but it must not have gone through! I only just found out. Sorry!

    Heh, the good thing about the topless scene is all the memes that came out of it it.

    It was mainly a lot of little things that bothered me and really added up. I didn't like a lot of comedy, and a lot of things felt forced and cheap. Like how BB-8 was used for comic relief every time he was on screen, and saved the heroes like 5 times. Hux was reduced to a silly comic villain and they started him with a way too drawn out prank call scene, which also was at the start of the movie and set the movie off to a weird tone. Rose was a pretty terrible character and Canto Bight was executed really poorly. (however, I disagree with the criticism that Canto Bight was a total waste of time and didn't amount to anything. At least it showed that the good guys can actually fail and plans don't always work out.) The flying Leia was really silly. Was not a fan of the porgs at all.

    There were also some sloppily directed scenes, like when Finn and Rose are being held down and surrounded by stormtroopers, with Phasma right in front of them just about to kill them. Then after the hyperdrive through the ship, Finn and Rose are all alone and the Phasma enters from the other end of the room with an organized group of stormtroopers behind her?

    Also didn't like that the majority of the conflict of the movie was just a slow-mo starship race and I really think there must have been SOMETHING the first order could have done to get even the slightest bit closer to be able to fire on them? It felt very boring and hard to believe.

    That being said, there were a lot of cool scenes and I already mention how much I liked how they did Kylo Ren. It wasn't a bad movie. I liked it a lot more than Rogue One. And I totally admit that part of my dislike of if is because of expectations. I had enormously huge expectations going into it and it was really disappointing. Meanwhile Justice League was an objectively worse movie, but I enjoyed it more because it was at least better than my extremely low expectations :P

    Hmm, well I recognize Logan, The Shape of Water, IT, and... the movie with the guy with all the split personalities? Other than that, no idea! What are the others? (I'm hopefully seeing The Shape of Water on Saturday, by the way!)

    I've seen all up to and including Hang the DJ. I liked Crocodile (other than how the ending happened) and Arkangel, but not so much Hang the DJ and USS Callister. I realize that ordering is probably opposite than most people's list... and I've heard Metalhead is apparently the worst episode but my brother said he thinks it'll be my favourite :P

    Turns out my brother got me a new D&D dice set. (My old one gives me notoriously bad rolls ). Yeah Hot Fuzz went over really well!

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