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  1. Erica-Jane
    12-01-2009 03:49 AM

    no no, that was very informative, thanks wow grade 0...that sounds funny when you say it over here

    many different kinds? like do you have specific high schools if you want to study maths or english or science? i really have no idea

  2. Erica-Jane
    10-01-2009 10:40 PM
    that wouldn't be so bad

    awww cool

    yes, please check radiohead out...don't believe all the crap about radiohead and muse fighting it out and stuff...radiohead in my books is just as good as muse and they are quite different bands plus jonny is hot

    only 9th grade? i thought you were older oh wow, we don't have to decide what high school to go to after that because we are already IN high school in 9th grade. so who will make that decision for you?

    personally, i think you sound old enough to at least make some decisions about what you want at the school

  3. Erica-Jane
    09-01-2009 09:40 PM
    awww everyone says that...it IS nice though yeah i want to meet muse and radiohead

    i know! but a lot of adults are really immature these days in a stupid kind of way as well...being a kid lets you get away with a lot of stuff as well

    i just finished high school and i'm going into university this year what about you?

  4. Erica-Jane
    08-01-2009 08:58 PM
    me either

    of course you do! who says you have to behave like an adult allll the time? i'm finding it hard and i'm 17

    i live in australia...it's beautiful here, but i feel like we are distant from the rest of the world sometimes

  5. Erica-Jane
    07-01-2009 10:51 PM
    hey anna

    oh man, some of their interviews are hilarious! and now when i am reading the quote thread, i remember the things they have said and i just wonder how crazy these three guys really are

    i prefer cold over hot it's almost too hot here rain is depressing though, so i guess it's debatable

    awwww snow i have only seen snow once in my life

  6. itzmoe
    07-01-2009 05:36 PM
    Thanks for the birthday wish! I can't wait for my Muse-themed birthday party next week. I post pictures/video of it later. I also suggested Muse-relatied costumes for my guests to wear and Spiderman is one of them And you play pianio too? Awesome Thanks again and have a great day!
  7. Erica-Jane
    06-01-2009 10:56 PM
    of course!

    yeah cutie cute lol hilarious at times...that costume is rather tight

    awwww well for someone who has never been there, it looks exciting i bet you guys have nice weather

    oh, i'm Erica btw
  8. Erica-Jane
    04-01-2009 09:45 PM
    yeah, spiderdom is a persona of dom that i have always found rather cute i take it you would rather watch dom than matt?

    you are from denmark, yeah? i would love to visit there someday
  9. Erica-Jane
    04-01-2009 12:43 AM
    you have an awesome username

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