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  1. darkshineskitty
    19-11-2010 11:11 AM
    BA conjoint degree requirements
    3 One BA major subject or two BA major subjects (minor not included)

    Notes for BSc Conjoint component only:
    f. If completing a double major, First major/specialization must include 60 points at Stage III, Second major/specialization must include 45 points at Stage III as outlined in the BSc major/specialization Schedule. Students must meet the requirements for each major/specialization separately,
    e.g. no double counting
  2. darkshineskitty
    19-11-2010 09:58 AM
    Ahah well that's good. But you were the one who did the revising!
    I don't even remember doing unfamiliar prose and poetry. But yeah, bullet points are better than nothing.

    Cool! English is quite good at uni, but some of the papers are a bit iffy. I think if you don't know what you're interested in when you're enrolling, you'll quickly get an idea. For example I really didn't like a global literature paper that I took, but loved a contemporary literature one. It has a nice wide spread of subjects so there's plenty to choose from. Yeah you should tell her! It will probably make her day. What about your BA major?
  3. darkshineskitty
    19-11-2010 03:13 AM
    Wow, good thing we talked a bit about setting then! I hope I helped you a bit. I'm sure you'll pass- honestly I barely ever studied for NCEA and did fine. With the amount of revision you did I'm sure you'll definitely pass! Sounds like you picked some good examples too.
    Ah Shakespeare. I always wrote horrible Shakespeare essays, or just didn't do them at all. But its a difficult topic, and markers often give leeway for that sort of thing. As long as you got the main points out there I'm sure its okay.

    Are you planning to continue media studies or English after high school?
  4. darkshineskitty
    18-11-2010 10:49 AM
    Ah yeah that's good- putting 'I' is generally not a good idea. I think they tell you all that in class anyway though. Haha well see, it works because its so memorable!
    Yeah I mostly skipped out Shakespeare essays in exams in high school haha. I just wasn't feeling it. NCEA was easy like that. It's not really my cup of tea. The comedies are alright to do in class but the tragedies are just difficult.
  5. darkshineskitty
    18-11-2010 10:33 AM
    Ah yeah, haha good call. Being a film student has honed my ability to pick apart films to microscopic levels, mostly to just fill the word count!
    Always good to give an opinion! I don't remember if in high school you're supposed to preclude it with 'one might argue' or 'the audience might see', instead of 'I think'? Since not everyone always thinks the same. And of course don't forget to provide examples. Are they still teaching SEX at school... Statement, Explanation, eXample? :P
    I dug up an old website I used extensively when studying that film- its an absolutely BRILLIANT site and I recommend having a look and reading up on some of the stuff there because it will definitely give you some good examples http://www.adamabrams.com/hc/

    Oh I haven't heard of that. And I haven't read Othello. English major fail :P
  6. darkshineskitty
    18-11-2010 10:09 AM
    Well, you could talk about the setting in terms of being in Christchurch, and the time it was set in. It was really an unprecedented event in New Zealand at the time- and a lot of that was because basically there was the whole 'this could never happen here' mentality going on. I mean the tagline for the film itself is "The true story of a crime that shocked a nation". Also you could talk about the social setting of the girl's school- its formality (with the choir and assembly), or the way Pauline becomes isolated because of her health. Plus you could contrast the 4th World with the real setting of Christchurch- what does it have that the real location doesn't? Comparing the gardens of Elam to the 4th World is a good one for that type of question. Also, you might have learnt this in class but when they were filming they were originally going to use the original, real-life location on the track in the tea room gardens, but apparently they got a weird sort of vibe from there and opted to move a few metres down the track instead. An interesting fact to put in somewhere. As for theme, well there's reality vs fantasy, friendship and obsession, madness (a good one), conformity/conservatism, loneliness, sexuality/sex, dreams, escape, coming-of-age (the 'teenager' was only invented in the 1950s in the US, so it took a while to filter down to NZ)- plenty!
    Haha yeah there's heaps to talk about for that one, because that's basically the crux of the film's content and of the two character's relationships.

    What's your novel again? And what Shakespeare did you do?
  7. darkshineskitty
    18-11-2010 09:58 AM
    That's okay I like discussing things!
    The ship scene and the bath scenes are great examples of symbols, or symbolic moments. Another example of a symbol in the film would be the pink gemstone. That is something that reoccurs through the movie, and is given meaning. The ship is a symbol in the sense that it represents the idea of escape, and of freedom. The bath scene is similar- like you said, it contrasts the two characters. There's a great part where Pauline looks very dishevelled and dark in the bath, while Pauline relaxes, and the colour scheme goes very blue. That really shows how their friendship and plans are venturing into darker places.
  8. darkshineskitty
    18-11-2010 09:50 AM
    Yeah, that's right. Pauline takes on Charles' role, and Juliet takes on Deborah's (they say it like Dee-bore-ah, for some reason). Remember the scene where Juliet 'gives birth' to the pillow?
    Sorry, what do you mean "you can't write an essay on setting and/or theme for Heavenly Creatures too, right?"?
    Hmm, not that I recall. Maybe the use of sound? That's quite notable at the start and end of the film, where you hear screaming and yelling. Also the sound effects used.
    Also maybe consider the role of music- particularly Mario Lanza and the Donkey Serenade. That probably won't come up in the exam but its a good example to remember if you can chuck it in somewhere. Don't forget the fantasy scenes too- they're good for discussion on reality vs fantasy, or if you're going to be talking about the 4th World. Unfortunately I can't remember what the question was the year that I studied it!
  9. Me Rug I Sty
    18-11-2010 08:50 AM
    Me Rug I Sty
    ...erm. We do a whole paper on it. It should really be broken up into two or three
    there should be stuff about meisosis and meitosis. Not too worried about it either way...
    Hoorah! I'm about to pass out
  10. Me Rug I Sty
    18-11-2010 08:30 AM
    Me Rug I Sty
    Good luck with english tomorrow

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