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  1. Queen of the Muse Board
    25-01-2013 10:35 PM
    Queen of the Muse Board
    yes! I don't have a fence to climb but I think the wall will be quite a challenge too
  2. Queen of the Muse Board
    25-01-2013 10:24 PM
    Queen of the Muse Board
    I wanted to get a little sleeper sofa anyway so peeps can stay over
  3. Queen of the Muse Board
    25-01-2013 06:48 PM
    Queen of the Muse Board
    well that's a bit rubbish! You can have my little sofa so I can get a new one.
  4. Queen of the Muse Board
    25-01-2013 05:30 PM
    Queen of the Muse Board
    That's why you put the pants on the bottom of the pile, silly! Will you sleep on the floor until someone brings you a bed?
  5. Queen of the Muse Board
    25-01-2013 05:05 PM
    Queen of the Muse Board
    Why would you even need a bed!
  6. Queen of the Muse Board
    24-01-2013 07:44 PM
    Queen of the Muse Board
    Hm yes, I know that should make sense and I see it but numbers just make my brain hurt
    Well I reckon that's because it's easier to start with simple waves instead of moving straight on to the complex waves. At Glasgow they did the same, wish I'd paid more attention though..

    HA But I'm afraid grammar isn't really my cup of tea either so I don't really want to bore you with it. Basically (as far as I remember..), SFG is about the grammar in a social context and looks for the differences in meaning in 'james kissed janet' and 'janet was kissed by james'. And in generative grammar it's been made a bit more mathematical like: S (sentence) --> NP (noun phrase) + VP (verb phrase); NP--> (Det) +A + N and makes you draw lovely trees /
    You and your constellations

    Aw no . I suppose with your degree not even playing some tunes will help you relax. New house though, yay! I shall hop over swiftly after my exam! Unless your plan was to use me as your decoration slave and make me put up all your Muse posters whilst making you tea.

    You have some serious talent for making sure you are doing the most possible work :/ Downside of being a hardworking keen bean I suppose, I hope it'll pay off and they take into consideration that you have an actual client unlike the rest!
    Yesss, lego party!

    I just want to play a song with chords
  7. Queen of the Muse Board
    24-01-2013 09:01 AM
    Queen of the Muse Board
    I would buuuut it's all in Dutch I see some stuff about sinus waves, complex waves, intensity levels, sound pressure level and

    ⇨ Sin α = ut / Ap
    ⇨ Ut = Sin α . Ap
    α = ω . t
    ⇨ Ut = Sin (ω . t) . Ap
    ω = 2π/T
    ⇨ Ut = Sin (2π/T . t) . Ap
    T = 1/f
    ⇨ Ut = Sin (2πf.t) . Ap

    Yeah silly me for freaking out. I'd told myself not to do that It was on systemic function grammar, generative grammar, and terrible things about determiners and other word classes. I was fine with the Chomsky grammar acquisition bit (muse have gotten an A1 for that bit since I still managed to barely pass overall for that module) but then I turned the page and freaked out. Probably cause my exam before hadn't gone too well.

    Being lazy is very relaxing though Ohh a client as well. Gosh, sounds so professional! I'm sure it'll go well! Are the extras your friends or some poor first years you've bullied into taking part?
    Ohh I see! Well don't complain and take the easy mark! Ah lego. It's probably what I'd end up doing if I had a lot of boys for therapy (or girls inb4 stereotyping), build all the castle during therapy But then I don't think I want to work with kids so no castle building for me

    I should probably have mentioned that before.. it's where my noobiness comes out to play Hmm I don't know, I'm kidnapping the guitar dad bought ages ago cause he wanted to learn and it's still at my parents'. I'll have a look when I'm home next time!
    What. And I just got excited over the colours
  8. Queen of the Muse Board
    23-01-2013 07:39 PM
    Queen of the Muse Board
    Oh god I just had a look at the documents in our dropbox and Acoustics is full of formulas and calculations. It looks horrible
    Ha I have actually. Panic attack during one of my exams once and left 2/3 essay questions blank. I thought uni was going to kick me out for being rubbish, poor professor had to calm me down

    Ahh relaxing.. so jealous, but I suppose you deserve it after that crazy assignment. Making that music video doesn't sound as fun as I had thought. Is your team not completely useless or will it basically be you doing all the things and then helping all the other groups as well?

    Go you! Sounds a bit like it's their own fault for not finding it as easy as you? And doesn't it count at all? That's a bit rubbish, would be good to have an easy grade for once.

    Dude.. you must made it even more complicated. I thought it was just a case of nylon v steel strings (it has a nylon strings atm, well, a couple anyway). Right, gauge, noted. And I do like pretty! But if you received some that had rusted does that mean they were steel strings? I swear saxophones aren't as complicated

    I hope the strings also come with a 'tom is my hero' complimentary t-shirt or I'll be severely disappointed!

    ps. I'm not that thick
  9. Queen of the Muse Board
    23-01-2013 06:59 PM
    Queen of the Muse Board
    I'm terrible at physics stuff though! But we'll see, I suppose she managed so I should be able too :/
    Um I don't actually know when I'll get my results. It might be the first week of February, massive do not want. Hope I at least passed some otherwise I'll be having a similar party in September

    You're actually a terrible person to be angry at, too nice all the time Did you do anything fun? Very good! Have you got anymore deadlines soon or is just keeping up with all the stuff now?

    Oh and I'm looking for guitar strings (acoustic) but there are so many brands. Do you think it would matter much or should I just close my eyes and pick one?
  10. Queen of the Muse Board
    23-01-2013 04:13 PM
    Queen of the Muse Board
    Hmm I'm a bit scared of it! I remember brother's girlfriend (who did SLT too yo) always having him to explain stuff cause it was hard. Could also have been a sneaky way to get him round for sexy times, idk.

    stupid messaging feature I was getting all angry at you for not replying and every thing

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