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  1. Miss T
    12-12-2009 07:02 PM
    Miss T
    And whoa, that was some motherfuckin' long post!
  2. Miss T
    12-12-2009 07:02 PM
    Miss T
    Nooo, you completely misunderstood me I didn't mean that it would give a green light for all speculation and comments etc. (Oh, and now when I read through my last post I noticed that I had missed out some words or wrote wrong ones Anyway, forget my last post, it was rubbish and I wrote the opposite in some places That's what long workdays do to you!)

    Ok, let me try again, in short sentences so that I wouldn't confuse myself
    Speculating about anyone's private life - not acceptable.
    Mentioning it in random threads and producing a shitload of replies la "wonder what happened" and "is he ok?" - not acceptable, at least for me. But people think differently, maybe for some it seems "logical"?
    Giving a link or smth to an interview where Matt himself clearly says something about his private life - allowed, because it's just giving a link to a media source. Endless comments about that one sentence/paragraph - just weird and a bit stupid. I won't participate, but I can't tell others to shut up either, freedom of speech etc.

    This probably wasn't still quite clear, but anyway, I don't like reading those comments and I will not participate, but I'm not the "posting police" either - but I might turn into one when I feel that someone is clearly stepping over the lines and being inappropriate.

    You know, in the last few weeks I've talked to you and some other boardies a lot more than to any of my dear old friends. I feel so tied down, I don't want to communicate with anyone who knows me too much, because they expect me to be someone who i'm clearly not, because I have changed.

    At the moment, I really feel like I would rather move to London for a year or two and share a flat with some PDTers than get a master's degree in something random here in Estonia. I still have a year and a half to go, then I have my bachelor's degree and I'm out, exploring the world on my own. Until then, I'll continue living at my parents so I can save money for my escape-trips

    Yup, Matt is really sexy in some of the pics, but he still seems too... hm, how should I say it. Boyish? I can appreciate his cuteness, but my taste in men is just different
  3. Miss T
    12-12-2009 06:35 PM
    Miss T
    I didn't mean that if it was official, I'd go around celebrating or posting long rants about it Just that until Matt decides to say something about it (and if he does it, which I doubt), I wouldn't mind other people mentioning it etc, because then it would have been up to Matt to reveal it. But speculation about this is just stepping in his private life without invitation. If you get what I was trying to say here.

    We can feel together that we need some esccape then I realized that I'm not that hyper about going to Paris and London because I'm going to see Muse (though that is definitely a big part of why I'm happy and hyper ), but mostly it's because I'm going without anyone who already knows me in real life and I feel free. I can do whatever on those trips, because those people haven't seen me, they don't really know me (apart from board perving and my huge "travel tips" e-mails ) and they don't have some expectations for me that have developed over the years. But there's still something in common and we all understand those Muse- and board jokes. Freedom and good company and an escape from everyone who knows me for too long

    And no, I'm not converted Lovely pics and all, but he's still just a ridiculously talented guy who doesn't give me an urge to perv
  4. Miss T
    12-12-2009 06:18 PM
    Miss T
    I just read some posts about it... But I really don't want to speculate, so I won't post anything on that topic unless it's "officially announced" or smth. Private life.

    I'l feeling a bit down. Someone joked yesterday that thinking is depressing and I understand that now. I thought too much today and came to the conclusion that I don't feel good in Estonia and I really should move somewhere else. I love my family and friends and country, but I always feel like someone else is trying to tell me what to do (in a very subtle way) and I don't even have the chnce to find out who I really am. Maybe I need to leave for a year or so and then return.

    Ugh, and I really shouldn't use you as someone to dump this stuff on, sorry 'bout that.

    Soooo, you were supposed to be converting me
  5. Miss T
    12-12-2009 05:31 AM
    Miss T
    I choose "perv" and that is corrent
    I love his musical talent, his crazyness on stage, his funny interviews etc, but the fact that he is engaged kills all my pervy thoughts even before they manage to develop, so no Matt-perving from me
  6. Anita_Muser
    12-12-2009 03:38 AM
    hello..., are you going to a gig? or
    you've come to muse concert ?
  7. Miss T
    11-12-2009 10:09 PM
    Miss T
    I like him, but I don't fancy him For the latter, he'd have to be single
  8. Miss T
    11-12-2009 09:36 PM
    Miss T
    Pft, I shall never be converted You know how my mind-blocking works
  9. Miss T
    11-12-2009 09:16 PM
    Miss T
    Shouldn't you spam me with Dom-pics?
  10. Miss T
    10-12-2009 07:55 PM
    Miss T
    You have a weird faimily

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