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  1. MisfitSpazz01
    28-04-2010 05:12 AM
    How about you pay for me to come up there, and then I'll buy you some non-soup dinner!

    Hmmm - we have different ideas about love. I also sort-of agree, and sort-of disagree about people. I know there are superficial people, who put on acts for different people. But, I also think there are plenty of people who are always themselves regardless of who they're around. For instance, I really don't think I'm a different person around different people. I think that's the reason why I don't get along with people from all walks of life. I will do things like try not to swear as often as norml around my parents out of respect for their religion, but respect for people I care about is a huge part of who I am, so I don't think that is acting any differently than I normally would act. I also think core personalities remain the same no matter what - even with the superficial people. Anyhow, I act the same everywhere, and it doesn't serve me well - I actually wish I could be a buttkisser, because it would serve me better at work.

    All that said, I also think it's possible to love what you know of someone, and that part of love is sort of just jumping in, and just deciding to love everything about someone, or at least deal with it. But that's part of my loyalty thing.

    There are arguments for and against the universe being physical or nonphysical (or metaphysical). So maybe we should just blend God and the universe into one, and start worshiping space. Frankly, though, I just prefer not to worship anything. Woot for laziness!

    YOU MUST EAT A CUPCAKE! Or a pie, or a cake, or an eclair, or something! Come on! It's your birthday! Celebrate good times, come on!

    Don't give up on Qatar if you'd like to go. You might also look into going to Dubai.

    I got new medication for my shoulder today! Woot! And some for sleeping. I didn't want anything addictive, or that would make me walk around and talk to people without realizing it. He said the sleep medication he was giving me wouldn't do anything like that, but might give me cotton mouth. Whatevs - I can drink water, just as long as I get a good night's sleep, I'll be ok. And the pain medicine is in patch form, and it helps a bit with the sensitivity of my shoulder, and with my neck a bit (but the interior pain is still there). I'm wondering whether or not I could get medicinal marijuana if I move back to CA - I hear that it helps with nerve pain. I don't know if I'd want it, because I really am not into drugs, but at the same time, I'm really, really sick of being in pain every single second of the day.

    YAY for being debt free! If I settle my lawsuit this year, I might be debt free too. Of course, spending that money on debt is depressing, but being debt-free is not depressing, so maybe it'll cancel itself out, and I'll just be ___________.

    Write me back, foo!
  2. MisfitSpazz01
    23-04-2010 06:08 PM
    This will just be a short letter - I'm proctoring another 4 hour exam (two hours into it).

    This is disheatening.

    I was friends with Shane when we were teenagers. I feel horrible for Sarah - she's only able to visit with Shane (her bf) and Josh for a few minutes each day - otherwise, she's in solitary.

    40 job applications isn't enough around here. It is in CA, and probably in Canada - but in Utah, I might get one person writing me back. Jobs around here literally get hundreds of resumes for one job, and I know of people who just start deleting after the first 50, w/o even reading them.

    Why do you try to isolate yourself?

    I'm sorry to hear about your dad.

    Just got a request to stop typing.

  3. MisfitSpazz01
    21-04-2010 07:09 PM
    I ended up applying mostly to jobs around here (around 40 of them, between UT and the Bay Area, CA). I'll start applying to Canadian jobs this week. Is there any chance the type of job I'm after would provide relocation costs? Otherwise, I'd have to take out a loan - I doubt any bank would allow that. D'oh! No no, I'll figure it out. Canada would be nice, especially Alberta or BC (still close to home, but I'm assuming much friendlier, cleaner, and more naturey).

    You hit it on the nose - America is just capitalistic, and healthcare is viewed not as a right, but as a way for corporations to make bank. However, at this point it's just shameful that we don't have a universal healthcare system. To be so powerful a nation and not look after our own just makes us look really stupid, I think. Thankfully, Obama seems to be sorting it out (ableit slowly).

    How can you not believe in love? What? Take that back! Ok, but seriously - why not? Well, I guess it all depends on what your definition of love is. My definition of love is loyalty first and foremost, then compatability, friendship, and sexual attraction (although I think that can wane in and out). I guess I should say I believe in loyalty above all else - and the person I'll "love" will be the person I'm most loyal to (who is hopefully most loyal to me as well). Honestly, I wish arranged marriages were more the norm, cuz I'd be totally up for that! Like I said, as long as the two involved in the relationship determine to be loyal to one another above all and anyone else, then the relationship will work.

    I have a very strong view of loyalty (as you can tell), and my own definition of it as well, and I'm extremely strict about it. I even have grades of loyalty - every relationship of mine is catagorized in my head (sort of like filing cabinets, but they're floating heads, one on top of the other), and I know instantly who I would chose above another, and who I would fling on a fucking fire if it meant helping someone else out. Those I have 100% loyalty to have heads floating beside one another, and because they have loyalty towards me as well, I know there would be no conflict in not having to chose one over the other - and if it really came down to it, I would create a situational loyalty number, explaining why I sided with one over the other, and I know they would understand (there's only two people I'm 100% loyal to, so it's not really a big deal). Then there are people who are higher than the loyalty scale (I think of them as existing on another plane), and those consist of two people - Miranda, and a friend of mine who passed away (I'm still not over that and often mistakingly refer to her as present tense).

    Hmm..ok, got a bit carried away writing about my loyalty thing. :embarrassed:

    Well, I'm glad you were saving the two children from the sex ring! Have you seen Taken lately, or something? (I loved that movie! Every year a movie should be made of Liam Neeson kicking ass!)

    I think Mormons believe God is a physical being - at least that's what I learned. So I guess that's different than the spirit being, in which case Jesus wouldn't have an orientation. Although, I do think he shagged a few ladies. Why wouldn't he? He relied on them for food and shelter (Mary - not a whore - was a wealthy woman who often paid for his shelter and food, and they spent so much time together, I'm thinking he probably ate a little more than just her food). There were a lot of prophets at that time, many claiming to be the son of god - I wonder if Jesus would be totally shocked if he came back to life and realized what an effect he had on the world. Of course, that's with the assumption that he's not the son of god, otherwise, I'm guessing he already knows of his effect.

    Have a cupcake at least! Your birthday is on the 30th, right? Nine more days, special friend! Than you enter the big two three. Not that big, actually...

    Are the Canadiens the same as the Canucks (as far as hockey teams go)? Because I saw those green men the other day, and thought it was absolutely hilarious!

    I can't stand reality TV like The Hills, or those rehab shows. But I do like Project Runway a lot, and I also like "Shear Genius." It's just so ridiculous. There was one I watched last year about dog groomers competing to win a dog grooming mobile truck and $100,000.00. It was seriously hilarious how serious they were about cutting a dog's hair. I'm not even that serious about cutting my own hair. The cattiness is fantastic!

    This week is suckage for me. I have about 8 dollars in my wallet, and ten in the bank, and I've got to make that last until Friday. That's only two days, I realize, but it's only enough to really buy food for one night. So tonight M has a frozen pizza with her name on it, and I've got a small bowl of soup. Plus, I'll have to get some more gas tomorrow. Ugg. So it'll be soup for two nights. When I get my paycheck on Friday, I'm heading to Target and buying whatever their cheapest frozen meals are, and living off those from now on. On the plus side, I should lose weight. On the minus side, losing weight through starvation and cardboard meals is not good.

    Ok - this letter is long enough. I hope your week is going well! And next time, I'll try to be a little more cheerful in my letter.

    PS - There there, don't cry over Qatar. What if you hated living there anyhow? Have you been looking for higher paying jobs around Canada?
  4. MisfitSpazz01
    20-04-2010 10:52 PM
    *taps foot impatiently*

    Ahemm....Where's my letter back, buddy?!?!
  5. MisfitSpazz01
    16-04-2010 04:01 AM
    I have looked at that job website you sent me, I've refreshed my resume a bit, and I'll be applying this weekend! I've already applied for a few other jobs here in SLC as well. I haven't heard back, and I probably won't (the job climate is rough here), but I'm just going to keep trying. My current job isn't bad, and I'm totally trained now (I can't believe I've had it for over two months now), but it pays like crap and they keep changing things around. Now they're hiring a second assistant for the pre-nursing (I'm the assistant for nursing), and we have to share an office. I know that sounds snotty, but it just REALLY bugs me.

    You can have any x-files like dream I have. I don't want them. I want love, sex, and happy dreams only. Nothing creepy. I'm way too paranoid and imaginative to have bad, creepy, or weird dreams!

    There are really uneducated stupid people in the US (as there are everywhere). I think the Republicans got used to having whatever they wanted under George W. Bush, and now they're just acting like little brats because we have a Democratic President (and a black one at that!). I can't believe some of the crazy bipartisan politics going on right now. We need healthcare - in a country like the US, it's shameful that we haven't had universal healthcare.

    Ha - planned summer lovin'? Good for you! I thought you only had sex with people you loved? Maybe I got that wrong. Either way, your summer sounds like it'll be fun.

    That's a good sign that the people from Qatar are calling your boss! But if you move to Qatar, you and I could never meet! At least not for like, three years! That's ok - in three years maybe I'll be slimmer.

    "Our" Lord and Saviour? Hmmm.... Why couldn't he have been gay? Ok, ok - let's compromise: he was bi! (Besides, are you sure that was a beard, and not just errant pubes from the 12 disciples?)

    I think banana bread/muffins/cake - whatever - would taste best with a cream cheese frosting. Then again, cream cheese frosting is my favorite frosting on anything! Now I'm hungry for banana bread and yummy, yummy cream cheese frosting! Ohhh - what about a banana and chocolate swirled cake with cream cheese frosting?

    I'm glad your days have been relaxing. Hopefully your weekend is, as well. My week is still a big fucking blah. Ugg. I hope that it gets better. I really, really hope that next week is at least average. This whole week has just been crappy.

    I can hate life if I want to! I do what I want!

    Alright, alright. I'm going to finish watching Project Runway, shower, then get in bed. Tomorrow is Friday, and that is something to look forward to! This week is already looking up!

    Have a great weekend! *kisses*
  6. MisfitSpazz01
    13-04-2010 08:28 PM
    PS - Are too (d2).
  7. MisfitSpazz01
    13-04-2010 08:26 PM
    Today has been rotten.

    Do you know anyone who's hiring? Seriously?

    I still have my job (no threat there), but I'm also still paid bad, and I desperately need money.


    Anyhow - bad dreams last night - I worked at some testing facility, and some chick kept coming by to see if we had "samples of all DNA from the 1930's" - then everyone left, but I stayed behind to secure the building, and then the locks were all damaged, and there was no way to shut everything off, and I knew she was coming back to kill me. lol - just weird. Then I woke up (she looked like Michelle Trachtenberg, or however you spell that last name).

    Healthcare should be free. People in the US say Canadian healthcare is bad, only because they're Republicans and they don't want healthcare here - it's scare tactics and fear mongering. Like when they said the Obama healthcare had squadruns that would kill your grandparents for being too old. Seriously - so lame. And unfortunently, a lot of dumb people believe it.

    Being rich doesn't make up for being a doughy asshole. But whatever. I have standards. I shouldn't have standards - then I could go find some rich fuck who would be willing to pay for everything. Damn me and my morals!

    You wouldn't dissapoint anyone. But I do get what you mean. I type a lot, and I talk to myself a lot, but I don't talk out loud that much (unless I really get to know someone and I'm comfortable around them). I also just do quiet things like watch tv and movies, read books, go on the internet, or sleep. lol - so I'm about as much fun as watching paint dry. But I still have had some good experiences meeting people from online. It just depends, I guess. Sometimes you hit it off with someone, and sometimes you don't.

    Is Qatar still in the mix? I thought they never called? Are there more jobs that you've applied for?

    I never liked vampires until the Twilight series. I hated them, in fact. I'm convinced they don't really exist, but I'm also dead scared of them, which then convinces me they must be real, otherwise there wouldn't be anything to be scared of. D'oh!

    I have fantasies way too much. I shouldn't - then I could perhaps stop hoping things turn out better, and just get used to the way things are. That would work better for my life. I'm 30 and I can tell that absolutely nothing better is on the horizon than what I've already got.

    If man was created in "his" image, then Jesus was at least a little gay.

    I'm sorry to hear about your dad.

    I haven't had banana cake, but I imagine it's close to banana bread, which is nummy! You should get the pie recipe from your mom, so you can make it whenever you want.

    Ok - time for me to go work some more, and hate life some more, and all that good stuff.
  8. MisfitSpazz01
    13-04-2010 03:10 AM
    Oh - here's M.

    Also, here's one I did of a gay Jesus:

    And here's one of me and M from 2005:
  9. MisfitSpazz01
    13-04-2010 02:21 AM
    I've seen you - you're photogenic. You're just harder on yourself than anyone else is on you.

    The culteral aspect is nice! You might like an assless horizon! Give assless a chance! Honestly though, I've never seen assless chaps in SF. In the normal shopping district and tourist districts (outside of Haight/Ashbury) there just isn't that stuff. Maybe some drag queens every now and then. And once some guy pissed off the top of a building and the businessmen just kept walking like it was nothing (I ducked under an eave) - but that stuff hardly ever happens. Whatever - you're going to CA - so just deal with it! Forced vacation!

    I have no idea how much health insurance will cost yet. There's like, a four stage process - the first one, which has been implemented, is that no health insurance can deny coverage for pre-existing conditions, health insurance can't keep someone from signing up due to pre-existing conditions, and health insurance has to allow children to stay on parent's insurance up to the age of 23. These are all good things! I can't believe there are assholes out there who are pissed at this stuff. I can guarantee you - anyone who has been dumped from their insurance because they got cancer isn't against Obamacare! It's the selfish bastards who have no problem getting health insurance, that don't care whether or not their neighbor can get health insurance.

    Hmmm - well, Shrek was more for adults, and it was a little more sassy. It wasn't really for kids under the age of 13 or 14 (in my opinion). Monsters Inc. was good for younger kids, so in that way, How to Train Your Dragon is similar. This is a kid's movie - there aren't language issues or adult jokes. Also, the dragons were really cool to look at - sort of the perfect mix of scary and cute. Really, you should check it out.

    Capone wasn't sexy. And he probably had gonorrhea because of the prison sex. From what I remember, Capone looked very, very doughy.

    I don't know how people meet others either. That's why I haven't been on a date in forever. Actually - come to think of it - most of my dates in the last umm...15 years :embarassed: has been guys that I met online. Most of them were local though, or at least close enough. I'm just not outgoing, and I look like a slob, and I'm a bit of a recluse. So no man-lovin' for me.

    Native American vampires - I can't give away my fantasies - too embarassing. But basically, kinda like Twilight vampires (yes, I'm a twihard), but Native American, and sticking to a more traditional native life. And then there are a looootttttt of very yummy fantasies afterward (actually, not sex, believe it or not - just all the tension and flirting and stuff, that leads up to that). I usually fall asleep thinking about it. And that is enough of that!

    What kind of fantasies do you usually have?

    I haven't read Nicholas Nickleby, but I should. I need to just create a list of classic novels and read whatever is on the list that I haven't already. You know - strive to be well-read and all that. I read Lolita already, although I don't remember a huge amount. Eventually, a lot of books tend to blend together. I also imagine the stories so well, that sometimes I think a book I read was really a movie I watched, until I realize that they never made that book into a movie. But I haven't really read anything good in awhile (I don't consider the Twilight books to be "good"), and I think my mind starts to atrophy a bit if I don't read.

    A shampoo massage would be very nice! M tries to pretend that she can't wash her hair correctly so I'll shampoo her hair for her! And I am a tremendous baker and cooker! So I'll make you yummy things. What's your favorite kind of cake or pie?

    Goodnight for real! I hope you're dreaming sweetly!
  10. MisfitSpazz01
    12-04-2010 07:26 PM
    I agree - lets trade portions of each other's lives. I'll get your paycheck, and in exchange, I'll make and ship you cakes. Deal? Deal!

    Healthcare isn't going to harm the country. I'm an Obama supporter and a Democrat, and those fools at the party were pissing me off.

    You should start typing up fake news stories about how homosexuality and mental retardation have striking brain pattern similarities. Just kidding, of course.

    SF may be the "gay capital" of the world, or whatever, but not 4 out of every 5 people are gay. If you go to the Haight/Ashbury area (I've only been there once) you do see more flamboyant people. I mostly go to the awesome museums, sight-seeing, to the opera/theatre, and shopping. Those places aren't flamboyant. And there aren't guys walking around in assless chaps everywhere.

    The dragon movie really was cute. It wasn't amazing, but the dragons were adorable, and it was good storytelling, and as far as animated kids movies go, it's my favorite since the first Shrek.

    I would have raped Capone. Just because.

    Give me pictures, and I will wash your hair and give you a shampoo massage. I will also mix you up some vodka shampoo, which makes hair shiny and soft. In addition, I will bake you multiple cakes and pies. In exchange, I require photos, stomach rubbing (when I've got cramps), and a ticket to Labrador, because the cakes and pies aren't being cooked in my tiny kitchen!

    I wish I was in your timezone! I've got 3 1/2 hours left of work. But I've got five things crossed off my to-do list, and I can work on one thing for the rest of the day, so at least today won't be hectic. Seriously - I need to find me that rich husband though. Just sitting around, being fat and lazy, is apparently not enough to attract the rich dudes. Who'd have thunk it?

    Sweet dreams! I have been dreaming of native american vampires lately. It's like Edward Cullen met sexy manliness and they had a baby, which became my handsome non-sparkly warrior husband! Woot!

    What book are you reading now? Have any good recommendations?

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