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  1. orgiinofsymmetry
    26-08-2008 09:01 PM
    I didn't mean it really
  2. orgiinofsymmetry
    26-08-2008 09:00 PM
  3. Mistress
    26-08-2008 08:10 PM
    V Festival kicked ass cheers. By the way, if you want any new album art ideas, please check my profile. Much love x
  4. Nimpo46
    22-08-2008 09:24 PM
    Matt, when you go to football matches do you sing with the rest of the crowd?

    Can you sing me a Fulham song one day thanks
  5. compulsiveobsession
    22-08-2008 06:14 AM
    Matthew, I know you must get about 5 trillion messages on various websites daily, and that it is physically impossible to reply to everyone, and that it would be utterly childish to expect you to reply to this. But I still feel the need to tell you that I am a huge fan (what a cliche term, eh?) and that I believe I may be clinically addicted to your music. I honestly have difficulty convincing myself to listen to anything else, and Muse songs never get old to me. It could be considered unhealthy. I wish you, Chris, and Dom would come to Texas. You do have a fan base in the United States, you know! I am not just another crazed fan who just wants to miraculously meet you and have kinky sex and make you magically forget about your fiancee, you have more than enough of those. (Not that I haven't thought about shagging you into the wee hours of the morning... ) I truly respect you as an artist, I think you have a ridiculous amount of talent for one man, and it would make my life to meet you and have a conversation, if I could catch my breath long enough to form a sentence. You are amazing Mr. Bellamy, but don't be a conceited bastard (since you must hear that all the time), because that would ruin my image of you!


    (P.S. I basically had to rewrite this when my Internet browser decided to close by itself, so unfortunately it's not nearly as eloquent as it was the first time. )
  6. ceciliaportelli
    20-08-2008 09:41 PM
    Hi Matt, do you ever use this message board at all ?
    I doubt it ..!
    .. great gig at V Fest, Stafford last Sun..

    Regards from Malta
  7. xtinax
    16-08-2008 05:35 PM
    Hi, I travelled from the North East of England to Dublin with my sons to watch at Marlay Park. My sons are massive fans and practice yr riffs on their guitars all the time. I love the haarp dvd and didnt expect the show to be as good, but the atmosphere was great! I have to admit it was an absolutely brilliant show. Am hoping to catch you again next year. Love the glitter guitar too! Thanks for makin ma boyz year!
  8. kmy_bellamy
    08-08-2008 01:08 AM
    thanks for come too chile!
  9. Dina F.K.K.
    22-07-2008 05:46 AM
    Dina F.K.K.
    Hello Matt! How are you today? I just wanted to say you are amazing and thanks for making great music. I love all your songs so much. Take care. Dina
  10. julit0
    01-07-2008 06:04 PM
    Gm. I see, you never answer. And had never been in Siberia. What's the people!

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