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  1. Erica-Jane
    01-07-2010 08:37 AM
    No one can be truly certain of anything, can they?
    I'm straight for now, believe me Would you love me any less if I wasn't?

    We can be evil together!

    I hope not, I know this sounds shallow but I'd rather remember him in his younger days. It would be a bit spooky if in ten years time we were talking like this about MATT

    I know

    I still don't think Matt is cuddly, he's still too thin in my book. But yeah, better than he used to be. He looked so breakable back then
    Wait, is that the one with that bloody silver shirt you're talking about?
    So do I, or at least a few years older so I could catch up on one or two eras. I feel so behind in EVERYTHING.

    And I like how you are!

    OMG WHEN YOU SAY THAT SWEATY GIG ARE YOU talking about one with a striped shirt? Because if you are, that was the catchphrase pic when I was in PMT last year. It was soooo hot...and I really shouldn't be talking like this
    Yes, she loveds him in hullabaloo shirtless, I'll defs have to warn her. I'm placing those first ten pics in her LB tomorrow

    I don't really talk to guys on here anymore, there was one guy a year older than me that I used to talk to about Radiohead and all that and I got a tiny crush on him which I realised was completely stupid because I only knew him online...and then he just went away.

    You must be lovely too, are we betting our Muse cds on this?

    Okay, that's a little dramatic. I don't know what he's done to make you feel that way, but if you're basing it off looks alone, you shouldn't. He can be a very sweet and funny guy. Radiohead is my fave band after all, but I got into them (thanks to) after Muse. I don't think they're better than Muse, and I don't think Muse are better than them.
    They are on either side of the fence to me: they are very different if you look beneath the surface. I think me and my best friend are a rare breed: we love them both, though of course her fave band is Muse. hm.
    If I was talking like that about Matt, I guess you wouldn't be talking to me. But I don't take offence easily, I can handle your opinion. I just want to make sure you're making a fully informed decision

    Oh yay, someone likes my humour after all!

    Yes yes yes, when and not if, and of course the next time they play here you will of course be able to make their show. I know I will if I love this year's one.

    Yeah, I did...I realise random things all the time. Aren't you at least a bit glad that I realised three years ago that Matt was better worth my affections than Dom?

    I think I said a naughty word, I dunno...do you not notice Matt doing it too? I bet he doesn't even notice now, the rude boy!

    It would be beyond epic for me especially!
    You cheeky thing! Dammit and you may just succeed...ever since I asked you for that sig, were you planning this all along?

    You so didn't have to do that for me!
    I love it, why oh why can't I put both in there...I swear, I will be putting that in after the December gig. I really will.
    You are so amazing!!!!!

    Right, now I have to do something for you once I actually think of something...I can't give you Matt in person, and you own more pics than I do, so...
  2. Erica-Jane
    30-06-2010 07:41 AM
    Oh wow!! *huggles*
    Well, when I said boys and girls, some people might jump to conclusions. I'm 99.9% sure I'm straight

    You're a nice type! For your sake I hope you have many beautiful children and a beautiful husband, and karma comes back around to haunt her and when you drive past in your beautiful car you'll see her walking down the street with a whole lot more weight on her than she does now .
    That was terribly evil of me to write. oh well

    Ah, then perhaps it's better you don't. I thought Matt's dad was a cutie back in the day though! Is that okay for me to say?

    Oh wow, I never thought I would meet someone who was fussy about their food too It's okay, I hope people don't tease you about it like they do me. like it's the worst thing in the world to be. which it's not.
    OMG yum! I had a mint slice version of that once, it was so rich but my sister shared it with me so I didn't feel too sick afterwards.
    As would I I prefer the term "cuddly" though. He's a bit better now than he used to be 10 years ago

    I need educating now, do I? Can you make me like Micro Cuts and all the rest of the Muse songs I don't like?

    Well save them for later then, I'll be needing 'em
    My best friend will not know what's hit her

    Of course you are, I knew that pretty much straight away about you. and I love it Oh gosh, I really need to stop telling people that I love them when I don't even know them in person...

    What's the problem with saying Thom Yorke is cute? Have you got something against him? It's okay, I've heard it all, he's not stereotypically a handsome man, and I wasn't attracted to him from the get go, but he's lovely
    Don't bloody die just because I said that!

    I thought that would be yours. But even Matt has faults...I shall list them here.

    As you can see from the list, Matt is not a perfect man.

    Jesus, seeing Muse 3 times!!! Jealoussssss....but I'm just glad I'm seeing them at all. Okay, defs taking pics for you if I can!

    Yep, that's Matt Smith aka Dr Who. Realised a couple of days ago that I actually fancy him!
    No no, we had a deal: we got tix, I'd have that sig for 6 months lol.

    I thought I would warn you in case you were annoyed that I had just gone ahead and swore again. I think I swore in this PM too. I apologise.
    Can't wait for her to say the usual "oh that's nice, Matt's nice there" but hopefully we'll see some drool.
    Falling in love with Matt was soooo not part of my plan

  3. Erica-Jane
    29-06-2010 05:15 AM
    You asked me to promise, and I'm very serious about the promises I keep.

    *hugs* Boy it sure is cold today, I'd like to cuddle up with all my boys and girls (I'm not bisexual, I meant my crushes and my friends ) and have lots of hot chocolate *sigh*

    it is a song, but no, I didn't write it lol. It's Take Me Out by FF
    Yes, of course it is. I was just being so stupid about it before.
    OMG IT'S SLAP HER WITH A WET FISH GIRL! Damn, however, apparently it's common for people with a high metabolism who were really thin when they were younger to suddenly put on a whole lot of weight when they are older.
    This probs isn't the best example, but have you seen pictures of Matt's father that are more recent? I saw one in a thread last year or something and I hardly recognised the man. don't ask me where they managed to find a picture of him, that's a bit creepy
    I think she doesn't want to lie to me and she wants to build up my self-esteem, so the two things conflict and she just wants to be silent and vague about it so I don't get pissed at her.
    But you won't...because you love Matt
    Far out I reckon I eat processed food all the time, dammit! No wait, we have a real chicken in the fridge I think, I should have had that for lunch instead of toast. oh well.
    a freddo Sorry, but hun you should not feel about that. Matt eats them all the time. True fact.

    Not really, but I bet he does eat lots of chocolate cake. would he even know what a freddo is?

    Yes, another sign of a true and worthy fan! Well I've known Bowie all my life, and I've known Muse for nearly 3 years coming up to August. I guess I'm an idiot then.

    I hope you didn't use really sexy ones, because what are we going to do when I ask you for 10 really sexy ones? OH there's another PM here, I'll have a look at that in a sec.

    My best friend needs help to fall in love with anything, 'cept for actual bands and such. yes, I know she fancies the pants off Matt, she's just forgotten how to. I wish I could neuter myself like she can lol.

    I'm not actually a fan of anything "truly", there is a not a band or solo artist that I adore in every way. But I'm MORE of a fan of Bowie than Muse, if you want to measure it that way.

    As if you could ever be blonde. I'm probably going to have a lot of blonde moments on here...
    I love how we need to find me a man, I'm probably not going to marry Dom or anything...if I could find someone with the music talent of Matt, the charm of Bowie, the cuteness of Thom Yorke, the pretty face of Nick McCarthy, the sexy singing voice of Alex Kapranos, and the French accent of Manu (from My Kitchen Rules, if you're drawing a blank)...and he has red hair, then I'm set.

    At least you get hotels when you do your Muse gig holiday, I guess. eurgh camping - never doing it ever again!

    YES YES YES YES I will
    we're sitting a bit far back though, I didn't get the front of the side section like I wanted to.
    Oh, if I do them extra quick, when are you leaving on your hols? I'll have them up probs on the Monday (6 Dec) if you want a sneak peek of the gig...

    He is, I used to have him back as my av back when I first joined here, then I realised I needed other things, and now he's in my sig for the next six months, courtesy of you!

    OKAY 2nd PM *does contain swearing*:
    holy shit! Those are so freakin' hot
    Errr I mean, they'll do for my bestie, she'll love them!
    I'll probs be rolling them out onto her LB on the weekend, I'll let you know what she thinks...
    I have to be careful here, because I know what'll happen: I'll end up falling in love with him instead/as well
  4. Erica-Jane
    28-06-2010 01:53 AM
    I swear on Bowie's life that I would do that!

    There are creepy peoples and then there are peoples who are dedicated. I think you're on a particular side

    But you can speak a little, which is more than I can
    It's a deal...it's an acronym for a song that I've been typing out for so long...and i struggle to type the word "must" out these days, obvs.
    I KNOW I HATE THEM LIKE THAT that's why I don't want to buy skinnies. No, I wanted them in this particular colour. We'll see what happens later on anyways.
    I know, I allow myself treats and I'm not planning to skip meals or anything. It's going to be healthier from here on in!
    Of course, it's nice to know I have you here...I could never talk about this with my best friend, she just...doesn't have any interest or is really vague about it. she was there when I tried on the pants, and she didn't say they looked good on me or anything. but she didn't say they looked bad, so that's a good thing i guess.
    Yes, but do you have to love them every day? Matt I can understand, but scales aren't a cute, pale, dark-haired man with the bluest eyes EVER.
    I bet you've been having far less junk than I have.

    I'm a funny girl full stop, it's not just with Muse that I dislike random things...but in all honesty, I'd always pick Bowie over Muse

    But there are heaps more guys out there, imagine if all the people in the world only existed in your store That would be...odd.

    You can actually start right now if you want, when you have time...
    my best friend needs to get back into Matt (like she asked me could i help her fall in love with him again) 'cept that I think she already does still love him, it's just too deeply rooted in that clever and uni-loving brain of hers
    Anyway, it's not like we're starting with a beginner.
    I need 10 decent Matt pics (not the sexiest or the cutest, we don't want to give her the whole tub of ice cream and expect her to finish it) just decent. Like you'd want to see these pics your wall everyday or something. Just 10 to begin with, and THANK-YOU SO MUCH FOR DOING THIS.

    Oh shit, I forgot where you lived...I thought it was Victoria, but for some reason I decided on NSW. this is terrible
    I think it would! I'll bet my Muse collection all over again, even though you don't want me to lol.

    Yeah, see, you are a true fan. I'm one of those weird people who has standout songs and disses more than she appreciates.

    I <3 your names, they'll be the ones who have to write on the cards at birthdays and Xmas

    Don't worry, one day I'll probs say something or post on here in a foul mood and then end up apologising to you the next day, even when you haven't done anything wrong.

    Hm, I have heard of parents being strict with TV programs...I don't really dislike anything about how I was brought up, I don't think TV ruined my education or the way I view the world.


    I can't wait to find out support either, my mum reckons (NOW she's interested in it, she didn't bloody care before lol) it'll be someone I don't want, like Jet lol.
    Yeah well when I found out they were coming, I had a fit because I looked at the date and thought we were going to be away for it. I calmed down when I realised we got back the day before, so all is well.
    I <3 going to the beach! That's our type of hols, but since my father left we haven't been on any so this year is quite exciting.

    Your av is fine, I'll get used to the changing nature of it. Just like Matt changes I guess. I came in rather late to that party though.
    It's a real person, I explained it in the other PM I sent you I think...
    I really love her hair and makeup in it, I normally put things that I love in my av, depending on my mood. she may disappear before the end of the month lol.
    OF COURSE IT DOES as if you'd have Matt in your av if you hated him!

  5. Erica-Jane
    27-06-2010 11:46 AM
    I'd get him to freakin' call you too if I could get my hands on him...

    what the hell do you mean?

    Oh dammit, I wish I knew French...

    OH YES, better than my childish and odd names If I end up saying TMO from time to time, just assume I meant TAM
    Ice cream!

    Okay, I had a bit of a bad day today...oh wait, I don't know whether I told you this yet, but I went to JayJays on Tuesday and couldn't fit into a size 14. size 16 felt like I was pouring myself into them: ridiculously big around my waist (because my tummy is reasonably flat and my waist is nonexistent) but so tight around my legs.
    I have come to a decision that I don't want to lose weight like I thought I did, and I'm already overtired with having to exercise early every morning. So I've decided to go on a tiny diet instead, keep up the fluids, and see how I'm going in a month or so. If I decide by then that I still want the pants, I have plenty of time to pick up the exercise again and at least my diet will be more sensible. I feel kinda disappointed that I'm giving it up, but if I hate those pants and pour myself into them for a night, I won't ever wear them again and it will be pointless.
    But still be my buddy! This is not the end of the road! Tell me how you're going with the whole scales vs you thing, because I hope you've been slowly putting them away more...

    OMG lol I told you so! But it's good for your skin and kidneys, so try and keep it up!

    Heroes I grew up on, like so many other classic Bowie hits. and then I heard Invincible, and dear God, I tried so hard with it but no luck. Heroes is a beautiful beautiful beautiful song, I'd get it played at my wedding but its themes don't exactly match what a wedding is all about. Invincible to me is really weak, in both tune and lyrics (kinda like NSC) and it will take a lot of work for me to learn to tolerate it.

    LOL yes he probs did, but some people never forget
    I can't explain it, I've never been like this with any of my other guys: If I like someone right away, I either go off them completely after a while or stick with them like glue. My feelings for Matt come and go...OH OH OH and that help I mentioned a while ago that I need from you will be coming in a week or so...I'll explain more later...

    well, for next semester I just study business subjects. then I apply to QTAC (do you guys have VTAC? Wait, you're in NSW...I forget what yours is called...) at the end of the year, and apply to join a creative + professional writing course. when I get into that, I'll be doing 2 business subjects + 2 creative/professional writing subjects per semester. it's a little messy right now, but I hope it all sorts itself out. so much for changing your mind at uni being easy!

    UD is my 2nd fave Muse song. I think there's something wrong with me since Sunburn is my absolute fave Awwww hun *extra big huggles*

    Yeah, I'm trying not to give him that nickname, but the other kids might pick up on it later on...I've been dissuaded by my family anyhow.

    And she was probably damn right! I can be a cow, seriously, when you get on the wrong side of me, or something really pisses me off...you haven't done anything wrong, so I'm still an angel on here.

    You get that done and I'm going to go and get a tattoo too...I have something in mind.

    I was 13/14 when I first wanted to watch it. I dunno, the way I've been brought up...it wasn't just the painting scene

    Yes! that's the only way! I'll have to go to England myself to find myself a cute redhead too...

    You are so well-read and popular on here then, I'd enjoy it! I know, I'm going away for a week in December, just before the Brisbane gig...I can imagine everyone will be exploding, I'm glad my best friend is also on these boards, she can just update me via text if anything major happens.

    I can stand mine for 25 days or so and then I can't wait to change it...but I like things to be routine and familiar to me. Makes me sound a bit boring, but i don't care. Avs can say a lot of stuffs about a person.

  6. Erica-Jane
    25-06-2010 11:48 PM
    I'm back! It would be a lot cooler if I could get Bells to announce that, but anyways...

    You can be a drama queen with me and Matt then

    No way! Most dedicated fan who has an abundant and well-sourced collection I think is the award for you.

    Oh well, each girl to her own

    Now all I can think about is that random ninja thingy you Sydney people have going on.
    Yes I just emailed it! Whoops, did I say the board? Jeez, i need to find another name for the other board...storyboard? I dunno
    I would never post any of my work here either, not in that gallery section...I think it needs to be read by other writers first

    You need dairy for strong bones and healthy teeth!
    Well, I'm learning my lesson about drinking increased amounts of water: the loo and I are becoming great buddies!
    I'm not going to get it just for him! My friend and I couldn't find it when we were in the city on Tuesday, but we found another issue from a week back that had an ad in it about the issue and now we're stuck.
    I hate Invincible BECAUSE it sounds so much like Heroes! I think it's a rip off! But if you're not a Bowie fan, you wouldn't notice it. eurgh. Guiding Light is so much better
    Matt should apologise for it but he's probs already forgotten it. Don't worry, I got over it too and I <3 Matt once more but not right now...I told you, it's an on and off relationship.

    I don't know that song, but we can stop talking about dreams if you want

    Stop putting it in caps, you silly girl! I'll stop making a big fuss when you call it school... Yes I have. I've already started to make the changes to my course, it's a matter of waiting to see if they are approved. I feel better about it all, saves 5 years of stress for me.

    Now I'm thinking of Undisclosed Desires when I read "get all our heart desires". You are so sweet! *huggles*

    Of course I could! "No darling, Sarah is a name for boys AND girls, don't listen to the kids at school!". Oh wow what a lovely name for a girl!
    Wel I'm glad you like those names, my family are a bit funny about it.
    Actually, the other boy was going to be Hardesty Matthew, but I figured his first name might get shortened to something rude.

    I'm a bit rude like that, but they were! Awww you are so lovely, you would get a shock to see how bitchy I am in real life. don't judge a girl by her posts!
    You can keep saying it if you want! Or put it on a sign or something...

    Yes I did...my mum finally let me watch it a couple of years ago, and I thought it would be sad (even though by then I'd heard enough to know what happens) and instead it was funny. Sorry if I offended you, but I guess I was just too old for it when I finally got to see it.

    But that's a good thing, you don't want to be stuck with some dickhead. Why can't all men be like Matt...

    No, hun, I'm like seriously behind in all that stuff. I'm behind in everything. If Matt dyed his hair today, I wouldn't know until next week if there was a twitpic.
    Okay, this is getting all silly now. I don't think you should waste time worrying about it *huggles*

    And stuff it through the open window of her car!

    I saw that, and I don't understand why you do it...I change my av at the first of every month, same as my undertitle, and it's fine. For me that is.
  7. Erica-Jane
    23-06-2010 09:58 AM
    Right, I've managed to pop onto the computer for a few more minutes...

    *hugs* You are just too cute! Aw please don't be all dramatic for my sake!

    I know exactly what you mean about being helpless in having so many pics. I know you bloody well do! You should win fan of the year or something

    I know, I've been trying to look for obvious similarities between the two...but not much yet. I do <3 Naboo though.

    This is half a diary now, the other half secret talks
    Yes, I was wondering the best way that I could privately show you a possible story that I'm working on...before I go and post it in the "other fiction" section of the board.

    I know, it's so difficult to remind yourself that you need water during the cold months! Then I just end up buddying up with the toilet lol.
    OMG I NEED THAT MAGAZINE not just for the Bowie. That's so sweet how you thought of me!
    However, no. I was not amused one little bit by that joke. it went too far. and I was in love with Matt at the time, so it kinda broke my heart and perfect image that I had of Matt.

    Dreams are fun!

    I've only done law for a semester actually, yeah I'm glad I didn't wait a couple of years or else my mum would have blown the roof (even though most of the payments I'm going to make for uni are my own money).
    Then may we both be lucky and get what we want!

    No, defs not. I meant like Apple *coughcough* and Banana and Pear and Watermelon and stuff...
    My "established" names for my children are: Tristan William (boy), Piper Jayne (girl), Ziggy Coralanne (girl) and unsure about the last boy. Hm. May not even have 4 kids Do you have any names for your kids?

    *outing the spoiler since it's not personal no mores*
    Ouch, I've only really ever had schoolgirl crushes on guys and they both let me down. Wankers.
    Muse songs really are powerful, you can say that again!

    Hm, I can tolerate him but he doesn't make my heart skip any beats. Maybe when he was younger, like in Romeo + Juliet. I was laughing too much through Titanic to really pay attention

    Yes, dammit Matt you British gentleman you!
    No, politeness is always best. so is stealth and deception when you want to hit her with a wet fish

  8. Erica-Jane
    21-06-2010 01:29 AM
    Before I say anything, you needn't apologise for being "late" in replies coz I totally understand what it's like to be busy. Oh, and I'll be M.I.A. until the weekend too, just letting you know.

    and here I go again, and I don't have a mouse atm so it's fingers on the pad at all times...

    I think I'll be coming back to the PMT as the gig gets closer, if i can wait that long!
    Oh, it won't be for a while, and of course I don't expect you to help...WOW THAT IS A LOT OF MUSE AND THAT IS SO AWESOME AND I AM SO JEALOUS, I DON'T EVEN HAVE THAT MANY PICS OF FF AND I LOVE THEM TO DEATH
    But yeah, you'll defs be able to help me. that is not obsessive, that is actually astoundingly cute!

    I actually had a good look at his "shrimp" eyes when I first heard those jokes...I think they're cute. I wanna meet them one day!

    OMG YES my sister had to imitate it for weeks on end after she saw it the first time
    I might take you up on it later on, you never know But seriously, cannot be you! Oh, when I come back on here, I have a question for you...
    I just read your next part this morning, I went all predictable-soap-operaish at the end of it, I'm thinking the worse already! Prove me wrong dammit!

    Tomorrow will be the end of the first week of getting fit for me! I've done two things so far: drank more water (hard to do when it's winter and all) and become best friends with the exercise bike. next step is to cut down the junk in my diet Let's hope the good behaviour lasts for the next few months...
    I did a harder level for longer this morning, I've been noticing that I can stand it more. But seriously, i thought I'd done something weird to my legs when I got off the bike that morning...

    Of course Matt could be the father to your kids! I hope he actually wants kids and all that...
    The right person = Matt. He's got everything I know I'm looking for...wait no he doesn't. i haven't forgiven him for pronouncing Bowie's name wrong five times over and making a big joke out of it

    I knooooooooow, a girl can dream though

    You cheeky thing! It's good now that I'm on hols, don't really want to go back with all this time on my hands...probs going to drop out of law though, and do a writing degree in its place.

    Of course! I'll run out of 70 names, trust me. Would have to include the names of all my fave band members, prolly all my fave board members, my best friend, my grandparents and my mother and my sister and a few other celebs that I love...and then probs fave book characters, fave movie characters, a few months of the year, fave authors, fave types of food...

    awww hun, I'd love to hug you right about now! Maybe some day I'll randomly run into you somewhere...
    Of course, you wouldn't want the circumstances that come with such a big love. Yeah, I was a bit silly and naiive when I started listening to Muse, barely sixteen and all...I didn't really connect or understand what Matt was singing about, I liked the tunes more...now when I'm older, I can understand it more. Once I've fallen in and out of love of course it will be even easier to understand.

    My sister ruined the ending of that for me! It sounded a bit silly...oooo you like Leo?

    Matt in a punchup with a girl, that's a great image...kind of simpering and sickly nice to you? Man, just whack her with a wet fish or something, you have a deli there?

    It was! And I hope yours was too, though you probably had to work with Miss Sweetcakes
  9. Erica-Jane
    17-06-2010 01:23 AM
    I'm going to try not replying in word again...
    EDIT: i did it!

    I think the flash shouldn't have been on...he's so pale like me poor thing. at least he doesn't get red eye all the time

    I think i'm going to need to go back to the PMT in November or something...you're making me go all gooey over Matt again...
    HEY that reminds me, you can help me with something in a couple of weeks if you want to...do you save lots of pics of Matt?

    Noel is such a laugh, but so is Julian...the short shorts he insists on wearing particularly in the third series...

    I bought my sister both of their live dvds, when it's crude I can't exactly skip it so God only knows what shit she retains from it...that thing at the beginning of I think the first one, where Julian does that weird drama thing with the pie oh that was classic. I knew the show was going to be great from then on.

    Oh yeah that would be !
    OMG I could never do that. I'm so shit at writing, and I'd keep stuffing it up by laughing or going off on a tangent. I'd only drag you down. Seriously, you keep writing and I'll keep reading. it's the pwoper thing to do

    If you're not really thin (which I have the sneaking suspicion you are but I don't want to argue with you) then you're probably just cuddly. better than being a rake.

    I love shopping, you get to exercise and buy stuffs. Today is the third day I've been on the bike in the morning. I exercised to Muse yesterday. Screwed up the muscles in my thighs for ten minutes after because I thought it would a good idea to pedal harder when the crescendo of Unatural Selection hit. i was wrong. there's another tip for you

    Maybe he wants to be a father or something? I dunno, it's rude to ask what he sees in her...there are so many beautiful women out there who have led a good life, he could have his choice...maybe this is a short-term thing, and next month it'll be someone else.
    I would want everyone in the band to have a family in the next ten years though. it saddens me when people express wishes not to settle down and have kids

    I've decided I want a Scottish redheaded boyfriend now

    You are so clever hun

    I don't look different, I look like an anglo-saxon But apparently redheads make up 2% of the world and that's fading fast. I need to have 70 kids or something lol.

    seriously hun, it's fine! I got over it, it was just such a huge shock when I was 17 and coping with senior...
    My parents sound just like yours, they were the "least likely to split" couple in my family. Then my father just had one of those weird crises and decided he needed to leave to become a better person. my mum still blames herself, and nothing i can do can change her mind.
    I don't want him to come back - if they did reconcile, I'd move out for good. He's become a very very very bad person. I don't need that kind of shit in my life.
    keep talking about your family, it's good to have a balance on here! We can't all be sad sacks

    when I first heard Escape I was like "oh that's such a sad song" but I didn't really connect with it. and now I do. Muse was the only band I had at that time that got me through the first month or so, so they are very special to me.

    and at least you have some Muse...it's a bit creepy at night though, when the lights from the main road are shining on my posters through the glass door...Yes, I've seen Paranormal Activity, couldn't really sleep peacefully for a week.

    OMG that evil girl! Get out of Sarah's dreams you freak!
    Maybe Matt will come and bash her up or something?

    I know! I saw and I kinda hinted at something in my PM to you...
  10. Erica-Jane
    16-06-2010 01:35 PM
    It's okay, there's no hurry!
    I'll chat to you soon!

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