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  1. muselee321
    09-09-2016 09:33 PM
    ME TOO

    That's interesting. I think I would like that more than the last season. Tsk tsk, another show on your list!

    To be fair this really hasn't been the best year for movies. A lot of disappointments I think. Have you not seen BVS yet? What did you think of Man of Steel?

    Yes! I'm glad you haven't been spoiled. It's definitely part of some emotional moments and I'm glad I didn't know about it before seeing the movie. I'm glad to hear school seems to be going well! Laid back teachers are great. I've got one really laid back teacher, and this one really, really excitable, passionate Russian prof for a physics class that already feels pretty overwhelming. Ahh well. I'll also be a teaching assistant for some low level physics so that should be fun. My brother was telling me about an astronomy course he's in for arts students, and they had to answer a multiple choice question about how many stars were in the Solar System. Most people answered "an uncountable amount" . Oh and apparently the Earth takes 24 hours to go around the Sun, not a year.

    I'm in the exact same situation. I played Pokemon Go for a few days and then got bored and uninstalled it. If it didn't have Pokemon aspect it wouldn't be nearly as popular, which kind of tells you how good a game it really is. There isn't any interesting combat or pokemon training, leveling, and evolving aspect either. Nice! I've been going back to play through Omega Ruby.

    ... Thank you?
  2. muselee321
    07-09-2016 04:15 AM
    It's been so long since Black Mirror I had forgotten about it! And it looks like there will be 6 episodes next season!

    Yeah, it'll be delicate bringing her back, and they can't drag it out too long because I think it's pretty clear she'll be back. That's true about the investigation. Maybe they found some way to hide them. Either way I'm interested in what their fates were. That's an interesting theory about Will! I'd definitely like to see more of the Upside Down than we did in season 1. I'm betting the Sheriff will turn on his government deal at some point.

    Your list must be getting really long now!

    Oh it was very cheesy . Bones got a lot more screen time. They focused a lot more on emphasizing the relationships between Kirk, Spock, and Bones like in the original series, and I really appreciated they did that! They also did something for Leonard during the movie that I won't spoil.

    How has school been so far? You're now about a week into classes, right? My first day back is tomorrow.
  3. muselee321
    01-09-2016 07:33 PM
    Definitely wouldn't mind him replacing her. Thanks . The CW Superman definitely looks awkward in that photo, but I think it was just a weird photo. He looks alright in set photos. Yeah I'm not sure if I'll be getting to Legends anytime soon. Ahh well, there are lots of great shows to look forward to this fall and I'm eager to have them back.

    Stranger Things definitely got better in the second half. I still wouldn't say I loved it in the end but it was enough for me to want to watch the second season.

    Dustin was the most likeable of the trio for sure. He was probably my favourite character as well. I'm sure we'll see Eleven again considering the sheriff left the Eggo waffles in the forest. I wonder what the government agency has in store for later because of their deal. And what about other psychic kids, like assumedly numbers One to Ten? Well, Barb was not much more than monster fodder. I wonder why Will isn't telling anyone about throwing up those worms (and why the hospital didn't pick it up when they would have checked him over, though that's probably more of a nit-pick than something to do with the plot). Is it just that he doesn't want to worry his mom, or is the worm taking over his mind in some way?

    That's awesome!

    I finally got around to watching the new Star Trek movie (my brother wanted to me to wait to watch it together). Went with my dad too and we all loved it. It was messy at parts, and like the other two movies, most of it was non-stop action with some kind of ridiculous solutions to problems - but it had a some really nostalgic and emotional moments that made it a fitting 50th anniversary movie. I agree with a lot of reviewers in that it felt more like classic Trek than the other movies. It focused on the characters and their relationships more, and them working together after being abandoned on an alien world. It was sad seeing Anton Yelchin on screen though, and the movie was dedicated to him as well as in memory of Leonard Nimoy.
  4. muselee321
    27-08-2016 02:02 AM
    Heh, Curtis is super useful; one episode he even filled in for her and it was one of the more tolerable ones to watch! I know, you'd think the League would be able to hold their own pretty well - and Dahrk himself was supposed to be one of the greatest and more feared fighters which makes it even worse. Yep, totally swept under a rug! She's shaken for a few minutes, goes through a 20-second pep talk and then is completely back to normal after killing all those people. And that's pretty much the last it gets mentioned. Oh definitely I'll be watching season 5. Not because I think it'll get better - more to see just how bad it can get . I don't have high hopes, and this pretty much sums it up (what's next for each DC show on the CW):

    I never started watching Legends of Tomorrow and I heard it was pretty meh. I think Captain Cold is a great character though, so I'd even watch it just for him.

    Ahh I see what you're saying, that's a good point! I wonder how many the show has already angered. I'd imagine quite a few already.

    I see what you mean. I can't see AMC being able to get away with a lot of that. I can see why the comic is considered especially controversial!

    Yeah, I did stick with it to the end to see it through. I think the second half of the season is stronger than the first half since they move closer to the actual mystery/sci-fi and everyone is eventually on the same page (finally). ... I had no idea Barb had a fanbase. I looked it up just now and wow, she's really become a sensation... I don't understand it at all. She was pretty boring and really only served as a plot device instead of a well-developed character.

    I also heard that they did a pretty good job at least. Definitely sounds like it deserved its bad reviews!
  5. muselee321
    21-08-2016 08:03 PM
    Very appropriate reaction.

    Yeah I liked Felicity in the first two seasons but now she's such a hypocritical never-wrong Mary Sue that has completely taken over the show - it's such a shame. Oliver never goes as close to full Green Arrow as we would hope - instead Felicity and her "hacking" always save the day. The fight choreography has really become so bad... have you seen this from the season 4 finale? You'd hope they would put in some effort but nope... it gets especially bad at 2:00. And remember that this is THE final showdown between Oliver and the big bad of all of season 4 - you'd think it would be memorable (in a good way).

    NUKES. YES . Several plot points involved nuking the whole world... at one point a whole city was nuked (Felicity diverted a nuke that was going to hit a major city to hit a smaller city instead), and she's way more devastated that her mom lied to her than the deaths of 10,000 people. The season finale was such a letdown though. Dahrk, the big bad, gets his power from deaths, and the city getting nuked gives him the power of 10,000 souls on top of the immense power he already had. In the show you see he's unstoppable, powerful, etc, but in the finale Oliver is able to channel that same kind of magic but with "hope" instead of deaths and that leads to Dahrk and Oliver just fist-fighting at the end. Really terrifying

    ... I'll stop now

    Yes! It really was . Jesse being able to send someone to Hell by just telling them to really makes me wonder what the extent of his power is. He was able to get the girl in the coma to open her eyes, but what if he'd said "be cured"? Can he tell someone "go to Jamaica" and they'll be teleported to Jamaica? Yeah I'd grown attached to Emily too and it seemed she was becoming more incorporated with the group as a good ally at least. I think the "God" scene fit really well with the rest of the show. You would think it would be a bit corny but then I think it actually works well with the humour, so I thought it was good. Huh, I should check out what Quincannon gets up to in the comics then... I'm trying to think of what he might do that was more disturbing. For me the weirdest parts were when he was listening to the cows being slaughtered over the radio...

    Right? I totally understand what you mean by underwhelmed. Again I wasn't really blown away by the show. The teenage romance, yeah, and also just the extremely stereotypical suburban family that seems to show up everywhere - brother and sister who fight and tell secrets out loud at the dinner table, over-protective and nosy mom, couldn't-care-less/listen-to-your-mother dad... it just seems so familiar. The sketchy government agency with secret experiments? Seen that a hundred times before. And so many more very familiar tropes. Agree about the "Should I stay" scene - as I might have mentioned earlier I really think that the 80's music feels forced. A lot of people have praised the soundtrack but I just thought it often doesn't fit or is overused, and it's like they have an 80's song just for the sake of it to make it more nostalgic.

    Sounds like the reviews were pretty accurate then. I might not see it then and just wait for it to be on DVD(/streaming). I was going to see it with some friends but we never got around to it because we were all so "meh" about it with the reviews. It sounds really disappointing!
  6. muselee321
    17-08-2016 04:29 AM
    Oh by all means - I'm all ears! Arrow is really a joke now, I completely agree with your problems with it . Yeah Slade Wilson was perfectly cast and initially he was a great villain but they seriously messed up his character - and what makes it even more sad is that Manu Bennett was actually a fan of the DC comics and he's said in interviews how disappointed he was in what Arrow did. Yeah Arrow mistreated Laurel a lot so I'm glad she's at least getting some respect on Flash - and her canary cry looks even better than ever. Season 3 was bad but nowhere as bad as Season 4, especially with where they took Felicity's character. My goodness Felicity is horrible now... The show might as well be called "Felicity and Friends". And don't get me started on the writing and plot points they introduced. This has got to be one of the best scenes:

    Ahh I see. I can imagine a lot of great 80's wigs already. That's a perfect disguise! They won't ever see me coming!

    Aaaand as of tonight I'm all caught up!
    Yeah episode 6 was a great episode overall - it started to finally bring some of the characters up to speed on everything. Naw you're not alone, I find the other two more interesting as well, though Jesse is still intriguing and I'm sure we'll get more of his backstory revealed. I was really not expecting Emily to feed Miles to Cas but the more I think about it it's as surprising as you would think. And I was really not expecting the whole town to blow up at the end! Overall the season felt like a prequel/setup so I think next season will be maybe more fast-paced - I'm looking forward to it! The whole Carlos thing has been put to rest so the story can focus on the singular goal of being on a road trip to find God, while being hunted by this mysterious cowboy from Hell... and it seems like his guns kill even angels? Should be good.

    Oh and Quincannon is a huge creep. That is a disturbing guy right there. Sad what happened to his family though - I guess that's what sent him on his way to the character we see now.

    I think it will - as bad as the movies have been, people are still going out to watch them. Maybe if both Justice League and Wonder Woman flop they'll cancel it. Oh have fun! Let me know how it goes. I'll probably be seeing it pretty soon as well. I still haven't seen Deadpool
  7. muselee321
    15-08-2016 01:28 AM
    Yeah that's fair!

    Or Arrow. Not sure if you've been watching it but it's really, really bad now. They use the words hope, light, and darkness every few lines! . Yeah I was wondering about what the Men of Letters were up to, like during the Apocalypse, and why we've never heard of them until now. I agree about Lucifer, he's been used so much already and with such great people to play him earlier I'm afraid this Lucifer in the next season will be disappointing.

    It really was! I'm looking forward to the full length version when the DVD is out.

    Looking forward to seeing those wigs. Is it based in a certain time-period? Maybe I should. The Supernatural crew already recognize me. I'm enjoying Preacher! I'm up to episode 5 now. I meant to watch more but a video game tournament has been on the past week so I've been watching that instead all day. I'll be interested to discuss the season finale with you then! Cassidy is great, and I love how his nickname is Cas here too. The angels are pretty funny in their awkwardness. Since they were introduced I really thought they were the bad guys but it seems they have a good reason for being there... still kind of mysterious though, so I'm looking forward to seeing what their true intentions are since apparently Heaven doesn't know/want them on Earth.

    That's true, I did hear that the reception to BvS's darkness made SS lighter than intended, so I can see something similar happen to Justice League and Wonder Woman. At least Ben Affleck will be directing the next Batman solo film and he's a good filmmaker, and I liked his Batman a lot more than I was expecting... though that's not going to be for a few years.

    Oh Japan! I'm not sure who I would "cheer" for in that matchup.
  8. muselee321
    06-08-2016 03:38 AM
    Oh definitely the lights will be off . I've never a been an anime person and I've never been interested in reading manga, but Death Note is an exception. Add it to the list of shows you should watch! . I'm also happy about it being on Netflix.

    I almost got a bit teary when Dean and Bobby saw each other! It really was an amazing and emotional episode. Yeah I'm glad they brought Kevin in one last time; it was a much more fitting way to say goodbye to him than when we last saw him. I think it was clear that God really stepped back from any meddling with Earth/Heaven/etc even in the case of the Apocalypse... that he was "done" with being God and just wanted to let everything happen naturally. He helped the Winchesters along a little but didn't want to interfere more than that. That became his philosophy that he's followed for thousands of years.

    The season finale got mixed reviews, and a lot of people definitely share your feelings on it. I can see how it could be considered a let-down, but I actually found it really refreshing! My take is that... the whole season, Amara was shown as more misunderstood than evil so I was glad they didn't kill her in the end and there was time for her to explain where she was coming from. In the end it was family that won the day, and family has been at the heart of Supernatural since day 1. They don't always have to kill the "big bad" to wrap up the story. And I'm glad they're scaling it back with the Men of Letters chapter being the next main storyline. I've always wondered how they'd top bringing God into the mix but they showed that they don't have to keep topping themselves every year. I didn't really think of Sam getting shot as a cliffhanger as much as a way of introducing this new MoL chapter as no-nonsense. I'm completely confident Sam wasn't shot dead since they made a huge point of telling the audience that a Winchester death from now on is really the end (through the introduction of Billie).

    I agree about Lucifer, though I'm not sure how viable it would be to have Mark Pellegrino or Misha back as Lucifer storyline-wise as much as I'd like to see them play Lucifer again (they need a "live" vessel for Lucifer so Mark wouldn't work, and they need Cas to be Cas again too so Misha wouldn't work). It'll be definitely be weird seeing him in a completely new body and I can't imagine anyone can top what we've already seen. I hope he has a purpose too and isn't just in the show for the sake of having Lucifer as a character... hopefully they don't waste his character!

    That line was great. I watched the gag reels shown at SDCC this year and Jensen kept tripping over that one line with hilarious consequences

    Yay! I'm sure you'll like it. There are 4 seasons out now, each with 10 episodes so it really is a quick watch. The next season has been confirmed to be the last. That's high praise for The Americans! I'll add it to my list. I've been binge-watching a lot of shows recently so I'm reaching the end of my to-do list pretty soon. I just finished all of Lucifer and it was fantastic. Really a lot of fun. I was surprised it didn't get that great reviews critically but it seems that average watchers think highly of it. They cast the perfect guy to play Lucifer and I'll definitely try to track them down filming when I'm back home . I've moved on to Preacher now and finished episode 1. Definitely going to keep watching and at this rate I'll be done in a couple days.

    I didn't realize it but you're absolutely right about that! . I wonder how much of what made it bad was studio interference and how much was that it was just a bad movie... probably a bit of both. Too bad, too. DC movies just can't seem to succeed.
  9. muselee321
    02-08-2016 03:26 AM
    Exactly, it was just horrible . Duly noted; I'd still like to check it out, though probably when it's on DVD. By the way, not sure if you watched/read the Death Note anime/manga but Netflix is doing a live action adaption - and I just found out today the director was also behind Blair Witch. I'm even more interested in seeing both of them now. Willem Dafoe was just cast in it, too.

    Alright, I hope you enjoy Stranger Things! I just binge-watched Bojack Horseman; it took the first half of season 1 to grow on me but by the end I really fell in love with the show. Next in my queue is Lucifer, which I'm planning on starting tomorrow, and then Preacher. Vancouver's not called Hollywood North for nothing!

    I cannot recommend Orphan Black enough. It's one of my favourite shows and feels like a really fast watch because its extremely fast-paced. It doesn't drag out storylines for the sake of cheap drama, and it has multiple plot twists every episode... it's intense and refreshing! And yes, Tatiana Maslany does an absolutely incredible job. It's such a shame she hasn't won any major awards for her performances. She was just nominated for her second Emmy and I'm rooting for her!
  10. muselee321
    27-07-2016 06:59 AM
    That's a good question!

    It really was. I guessed Anton Yelchin's character at least would survive since he was the most known actor of them (though after his hand almost got chopped off I started doubting that), but I was really hoping more of them would survive.

    Yes! I'm really looking forward to it! I was worried it would be like the last sequel which was horrible... but I'm so relieved to see such positive reviews.

    My friends didn't think there were many cliches so I was probably just really nitpicky. For sure it does a good job as a homage - there are lot of small details that make the 80's nostalgia particularly strong, even the font of the title cards (very Stephen King, who is a big fan of the show). I'm going to check out Preacher; I like the sound of it a lot! I also want to check out Lucifer. Filmed in Vancouver and a spinoff from the Sandman comics which I loved. Hmm I'm only in season 2 of the Office so I haven't gotten to know the less important characters all that well, but I like Jim a lot so far. Sometimes though I have to take a break from watching it because it can be physically painful watching Michael be so mean . Apparently he gets humanized a bit later in the series. What about Orphan Black - have you been watching that?

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