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  1. muselee321
    13-11-2015 08:49 AM
    That's fair. Yeah readings for classes are extremely time-consuming . Heh, yeah, the Mars stuff was a lot more enjoyable. I was surprised about the swearing too! Unfortunately sci-fi gets ignored so often except for things like special effects and sound-mixing. However I'm really glad to see space movies reaching broader audiences, through movies like Interstellar and The Martian. I'm hoping it'll somehow ignite some more interest in space studies as a whole! (says the possibly biased astrophysics student, but yeah )

    Ahh, that's too bad. And wow, I didn't know about the South America prices. Muse tickets for the concert I'm going to were about $90 after taxes for the most expensive option, which is $70 in USD (yes our dollar sucks right now )

    Thanks. Being at the barrier will be painful, but worth it. Nice! Glad you got those tickets. For big movies like the new Star Wars and the last Harry Potter movie I like to go to my local theatre for opening night. Not the best quality theatre but it has a great community atmosphere. Unfortunately tickets aren't on sale there until December 11th... hopefully I get in line early enough to get on. I'll also have been waiting in line for the Muse concert the day before for like 12 hours

    Have you been caught up on Gotham? I think this season has been a huge improvement on the last one.
  2. muselee321
    21-10-2015 06:33 PM
    You definitely should. Not sure if you've read the book, but it sounds really good too. I understood some of the science, but only some . My thesis supervisor who's been a consultant for a lot of sci-fi shows said it was pretty good science. How was Sicario? It's gotten great reviews, and I like Emily Blunt a lot. I'm planning on seeing it when I can.

    Damn, sorry to hear about the bad timing. Have you made a decision yet?

    Just bought tickets for the Vancouver concert this morning during presale. Thank goodness it doesn't conflict badly with finals for me, though some of the others I'm going with (at the moment) aren't so lucky. I'm curious to see how the setup is in the centre of the arena now, instead of on the traditional stage at the front.

    Your dogs qualify

    That's awesome!
  3. muselee321
    01-10-2015 06:09 PM
    I was given a pre-screening pass for the Martian and saw it last night. It was fantastic. It had a great level of laughs through the whole thing without making it overpowered, had good science and was really tense at some points (not predictable). I'd see it again!

    Darn :\ might still be worth it though, who knows when they'll be back!

    Yeah Reading is awesome value for all the bands you could see. Yeah the camping is a bit iffy, I think. When I walked by the grounds on the way to the stages there were beer bottles and party cups everywhere - and I mean EVERYWHERE. It's a very loud, young crowd. That being said, I've heard some areas are better than others. The different camping areas are different colours, and one of them (I think the white-camp) was meant for families, so that one is meant to be a lot quieter.

    Oh man, the more I listen to The Globalist the more I love it. It's become my favourite song on the album. Also, guilitly I actually love Revolt
  4. muselee321
    08-09-2015 05:42 AM
    Unfortunately no, it was a bit too expensive to get there by bus and I didn't have a car. Oh well! The amusement park in Vancouver here is open a little longer so maybe I'll just have to settle with that instead haha. That's a big list of movies, a lot of which I haven't heard of. I'll look them up. Glad you've got a lot to look forward to!

    I think you're right; it makes sense and it really is strange to announce dates so late if they really are going to be here within the next few months.

    My 2011 experience at Reading was a lot of fun, though I wasn't one of the weekend campers so I can't comment about that experience (it would definitely be interesting though!). It's a neat atmosphere and has so many great bands playing, your bound to find out some new music!
  5. muselee321
    30-08-2015 03:07 PM
    I enjoyed all the previous ones, so I'm sure I'll like it. Thanks! Having a nice time so far, very relaxing. Might try to get to the old Six Flags park that's about 2 hours out of Amsterdam; been a long time since I've been on big roller coasters . Ehh, well JW was just as you said, a decent mindless summer film. To be honest I'm getting a bit tired of seeing Chris Pratt. Only movies I'm looking forward to now for the the rest of the year are The Martian and of course Star Wars.

    Ahh yeah, those are so bad

    Same, I'm still surprised they haven't made any announcements yet, not even anything past some extremely vague comments here and there! I heard about the UK tour too. I really wonder where they will fit in the US tour, and if it'll be extensive (i.e. come to Vancouver ). Revolt? Interesting choice.
  6. muselee321
    18-08-2015 10:56 PM
    Haha yeah my family isn't big on musicals either, so thankfully there aren't any cast recordings on repeat or anything

    Wow, that's great praise then! I should definitely see it when I'm back home (in my last week living in London, by the way... then it's off to Amsterdam until September). So glad you enjoyed it! Aww I wish Maggie Q was in it too, definitely hope she'll return. Oh man, I'd love to see them making fun of the heels! It was really so stupid

    That just reminds me of silly things in shows and movies in general, like zooming in on crappy security footage and getting impossible resolutions. Some things you just really have to shake your head at!

    Apparently Muse will be touring the US sometime later this year, so maybe the tour will start around December and continue into 2016? I hope they announce it soon...
  7. muselee321
    02-08-2015 02:15 AM
    Haven't played with Sergeant! I'll look out for him when I play Fallout 3. Definitely sounds like it makes for an interesting playthrough

    Haven't seen a concert yet, but I did see Phantom of the Opera at the West End, which was fantastic. Last time I'd seen it was when it toured Vancouver 9 years ago. I haven't seen many musicals I've liked but that one is definitely an exception.

    So glad to hear that! Haha sounds like an interesting summer. Let me know the movie is; I hope you like it!
  8. muselee321
    25-07-2015 06:17 PM
    I think I got Eugene but haven't used it because my Guns score is so low! Same with grenades, haven't ever gotten that good at them. Maybe on my next playthrough...

    Yeah, I like Arcade Gannon, he's pretty funny! And ED-E is really useful. I'm not playing on a hard difficulty so even if they die they come back . I'd go through them so fast if I was on a harder difficulty


    Yeah, I did . Ahh no, I've looked up bands playing here but I didn't see any that I was interested in. It might be worth it to go somewhere just for the experience because London/England has such a great music scene. Honestly, I haven't been sightseeing a lot; probably should though. I think I'll see Stonehenge next weekend!

    How's your summer going so far?
  9. muselee321
    29-06-2015 07:51 AM
    I'll keep working on it . Yeah I really like the big guns. The Tesla Cannon is super satisfying to use and SO strong. Yeah I've been looking at all the news updates and speculations, it's exciting!

    Finally heard the album now! I did enjoy the Globalist, not my favourite though. Drones is definitely a weird closer. I can tell what they were going for with it but it wasn't my thing. Yes, Revolt is pretty hated here . It does sound a lot like that "I've got soul but I'm not a soldier" part in the Killers song All These Things I've Done.

    California was pretty nice! Very hot though. I was able to get a day in San Francisco which was a LOT cooler than Mountain View. Got to see Fisherman's Wharf, and then Golden Gate bridge, Alcatraz... not close up, but from the wharf. Other than that I was at the SETI institute for a bit and later got to see NASA Ames. Pretty cool! Now I'm in London for the next two months.
  10. muselee321
    12-06-2015 05:50 AM
    Yeah speech is great. I'm the total opposite about computer hacking vs. lockpicking - I ALWAYS mess up the lockpicking, even the super easy ones, and enjoy computer hacking so much more . I've been thinking of what kind of character to build next. Might go for a stealthy sniper.

    Oh most definitely, the more puns the better! Ahh no I haven't yet, still waiting on the album to arrive and I can't find it on youtube. I could download it but I feel weird about doing that with hotel internet haha. I did hear all the other songs though - Drones was very strange, I was not expecting it. Not sure what I think about it yet. I did really like Revolt though! I think Drones and Aftermath are my least favourite so far. Once I hear the Globalist and the whole album through a few times though I'll have a better idea.

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