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  1. muselee321
    15-08-2016 01:28 AM
    Yeah that's fair!

    Or Arrow. Not sure if you've been watching it but it's really, really bad now. They use the words hope, light, and darkness every few lines! . Yeah I was wondering about what the Men of Letters were up to, like during the Apocalypse, and why we've never heard of them until now. I agree about Lucifer, he's been used so much already and with such great people to play him earlier I'm afraid this Lucifer in the next season will be disappointing.

    It really was! I'm looking forward to the full length version when the DVD is out.

    Looking forward to seeing those wigs. Is it based in a certain time-period? Maybe I should. The Supernatural crew already recognize me. I'm enjoying Preacher! I'm up to episode 5 now. I meant to watch more but a video game tournament has been on the past week so I've been watching that instead all day. I'll be interested to discuss the season finale with you then! Cassidy is great, and I love how his nickname is Cas here too. The angels are pretty funny in their awkwardness. Since they were introduced I really thought they were the bad guys but it seems they have a good reason for being there... still kind of mysterious though, so I'm looking forward to seeing what their true intentions are since apparently Heaven doesn't know/want them on Earth.

    That's true, I did hear that the reception to BvS's darkness made SS lighter than intended, so I can see something similar happen to Justice League and Wonder Woman. At least Ben Affleck will be directing the next Batman solo film and he's a good filmmaker, and I liked his Batman a lot more than I was expecting... though that's not going to be for a few years.

    Oh Japan! I'm not sure who I would "cheer" for in that matchup.
  2. muselee321
    06-08-2016 03:38 AM
    Oh definitely the lights will be off . I've never a been an anime person and I've never been interested in reading manga, but Death Note is an exception. Add it to the list of shows you should watch! . I'm also happy about it being on Netflix.

    I almost got a bit teary when Dean and Bobby saw each other! It really was an amazing and emotional episode. Yeah I'm glad they brought Kevin in one last time; it was a much more fitting way to say goodbye to him than when we last saw him. I think it was clear that God really stepped back from any meddling with Earth/Heaven/etc even in the case of the Apocalypse... that he was "done" with being God and just wanted to let everything happen naturally. He helped the Winchesters along a little but didn't want to interfere more than that. That became his philosophy that he's followed for thousands of years.

    The season finale got mixed reviews, and a lot of people definitely share your feelings on it. I can see how it could be considered a let-down, but I actually found it really refreshing! My take is that... the whole season, Amara was shown as more misunderstood than evil so I was glad they didn't kill her in the end and there was time for her to explain where she was coming from. In the end it was family that won the day, and family has been at the heart of Supernatural since day 1. They don't always have to kill the "big bad" to wrap up the story. And I'm glad they're scaling it back with the Men of Letters chapter being the next main storyline. I've always wondered how they'd top bringing God into the mix but they showed that they don't have to keep topping themselves every year. I didn't really think of Sam getting shot as a cliffhanger as much as a way of introducing this new MoL chapter as no-nonsense. I'm completely confident Sam wasn't shot dead since they made a huge point of telling the audience that a Winchester death from now on is really the end (through the introduction of Billie).

    I agree about Lucifer, though I'm not sure how viable it would be to have Mark Pellegrino or Misha back as Lucifer storyline-wise as much as I'd like to see them play Lucifer again (they need a "live" vessel for Lucifer so Mark wouldn't work, and they need Cas to be Cas again too so Misha wouldn't work). It'll be definitely be weird seeing him in a completely new body and I can't imagine anyone can top what we've already seen. I hope he has a purpose too and isn't just in the show for the sake of having Lucifer as a character... hopefully they don't waste his character!

    That line was great. I watched the gag reels shown at SDCC this year and Jensen kept tripping over that one line with hilarious consequences

    Yay! I'm sure you'll like it. There are 4 seasons out now, each with 10 episodes so it really is a quick watch. The next season has been confirmed to be the last. That's high praise for The Americans! I'll add it to my list. I've been binge-watching a lot of shows recently so I'm reaching the end of my to-do list pretty soon. I just finished all of Lucifer and it was fantastic. Really a lot of fun. I was surprised it didn't get that great reviews critically but it seems that average watchers think highly of it. They cast the perfect guy to play Lucifer and I'll definitely try to track them down filming when I'm back home . I've moved on to Preacher now and finished episode 1. Definitely going to keep watching and at this rate I'll be done in a couple days.

    I didn't realize it but you're absolutely right about that! . I wonder how much of what made it bad was studio interference and how much was that it was just a bad movie... probably a bit of both. Too bad, too. DC movies just can't seem to succeed.
  3. muselee321
    02-08-2016 03:26 AM
    Exactly, it was just horrible . Duly noted; I'd still like to check it out, though probably when it's on DVD. By the way, not sure if you watched/read the Death Note anime/manga but Netflix is doing a live action adaption - and I just found out today the director was also behind Blair Witch. I'm even more interested in seeing both of them now. Willem Dafoe was just cast in it, too.

    Alright, I hope you enjoy Stranger Things! I just binge-watched Bojack Horseman; it took the first half of season 1 to grow on me but by the end I really fell in love with the show. Next in my queue is Lucifer, which I'm planning on starting tomorrow, and then Preacher. Vancouver's not called Hollywood North for nothing!

    I cannot recommend Orphan Black enough. It's one of my favourite shows and feels like a really fast watch because its extremely fast-paced. It doesn't drag out storylines for the sake of cheap drama, and it has multiple plot twists every episode... it's intense and refreshing! And yes, Tatiana Maslany does an absolutely incredible job. It's such a shame she hasn't won any major awards for her performances. She was just nominated for her second Emmy and I'm rooting for her!
  4. muselee321
    27-07-2016 06:59 AM
    That's a good question!

    It really was. I guessed Anton Yelchin's character at least would survive since he was the most known actor of them (though after his hand almost got chopped off I started doubting that), but I was really hoping more of them would survive.

    Yes! I'm really looking forward to it! I was worried it would be like the last sequel which was horrible... but I'm so relieved to see such positive reviews.

    My friends didn't think there were many cliches so I was probably just really nitpicky. For sure it does a good job as a homage - there are lot of small details that make the 80's nostalgia particularly strong, even the font of the title cards (very Stephen King, who is a big fan of the show). I'm going to check out Preacher; I like the sound of it a lot! I also want to check out Lucifer. Filmed in Vancouver and a spinoff from the Sandman comics which I loved. Hmm I'm only in season 2 of the Office so I haven't gotten to know the less important characters all that well, but I like Jim a lot so far. Sometimes though I have to take a break from watching it because it can be physically painful watching Michael be so mean . Apparently he gets humanized a bit later in the series. What about Orphan Black - have you been watching that?
  5. muselee321
    24-07-2016 05:54 AM
    OH MY GOODNESS the bees are the worst. The WORST. I know this isn't CGI but it never gets old for how bad it is:

    Heh, I can see that. Yeah the hard punk really fit the tone well. The whole movie felt really gritty and that contributed.
    The stomach slice was really unexpected! I agree, I was not expecting Reece's death either. I was relieved that he was going to have a chance and that he'd found the window open... but then the stabbing took me completely by surprise. It almost pains you when you watch it. I didn't recognize any of the music but I thought the music went perfectly with the mood.

    I know, I know . I just felt that it was all too familiar and not original enough. On the one hand I know it's supposed to be a nod to the 80's and feels like a mish-mash of a lot of references, but I wish it wasn't so familiar. A lot of the situations and characters were cliche and predictable. To be fair, it did take common cliches and pleasantly change them when you didn't expect it, but it just didn't feel like enough to me.
    I've heard of Preacher! I've seen ads for it but haven't watched it. I'm slowly going through The Office right now. I always caught clips and episodes on TV but never sat down to watch it from episode 1.
  6. muselee321
    23-07-2016 03:57 AM
    Oh that's interesting, I didn't know that! Yeah I remember the banshee... . I wish they used more physical makeup instead of CGI all the time. Nice! I'm so happy to hear you're looking forward to it!

    You're not alone; I don't think tanukis are well known outside of Japan. I only knew about them because of the Zootopia easter egg myself! Alright. I'm curious what could be going on in this scene you're talking about... I'm definitely going to check it out. Maybe even tonight!

    Edit: Just finished watching Green Room. Super intense and definitely not holding back on the brutality. It was really well done.
    Which shot was the most gory for you? There were a lot of contenders... I think when the dog was biting at the singer's throat was the worst...

    I thought Stranger Things was entertaining and it's decent horror. I wasn't as taken with it as most people though. Everyone I've talked to about it has gushed about how amazing it is so definitely don't just take my word for it. I can see why people love it but maybe it wasn't for me. It was good to see Winona Ryder! She's been a supporting actress in a lot but it was nice to see her in a bigger role.
  7. muselee321
    22-07-2016 04:57 AM
    Sounds good!

    Yeah the CGI wasn't always the best. I'm always curious what their budget is and how they distribute everything. I always thought they got rid of a lot of classic rock in favour of better CGI but maybe not... or maybe they're just getting lazy! When is school starting up for you? Or if you're in school right now how far into it are you? How's it going?

    I guess we'll find out tomorrow! I heard great things about Zootopia. One thing I heard is that depending on where you see the movie, the newscaster changes. So in the North America it's the moose Peter Moosebridge (and actually voiced by the Canadian newscaster Peter Mansbridge), in china it's a panda, in Japan it's a tanuki, etc - it's a cool touch. Right? That's what I'm thinking . I'm really bad at staying up to date with lesser known movies so I should really start to do more digging. Sounds like I should definitely watch it!

    That's fair! And at least it's only 8 episodes so it's not a huge time commitment. I find if I'm in the mood to binge a show I can, but it only happens in spurts and usually I'm really slow.
  8. muselee321
    20-07-2016 06:09 AM
    I'll keep it in mind then, maybe for a Hallowe'en movie. OVER 100 DEGREES? ... wowzers yeah I wouldn't be able to last in that heat! I take back what I said earlier, 82 F is just fine thank you very much...

    "Fight the fairies! Fight the fairies, Sam!" . One of the best Soulless Sam episodes I think. I hope you're enjoying season 11! Yeah Casifer is pretty great, character-wise and name-wise.

    Naw just that 60 years is a pretty long time, making the Grey Cup almost twice as old.

    I think the Tuesday night movie plan next week is to see Star Trek. When it actually gets released in a couple days, I'll be interested to hear what the general public thinks. We saw Finding Dory today which was great. I'd love to pop on the Blair Witch project and say it's just a good 'ol documentary or something. There's one guy who doesn't come to movie night but is a horror fan and I've been trying to recruit him. You're right about it being a great year for horror! Horror can be so delicate to get right... good horror is hard to come by because it's so easy to make it gimmicky, cliche, or just plain ridiculous. I really want to see Green Room not just for the horror but also because of Patrick Stewart... I always think Jean-Luc Picard when I see him. I take it it was good? And have you watched Stranger Things?
  9. muselee321
    19-07-2016 12:43 AM
    I haven't seen Hocus Pocus, but heard it was pretty bad! Yeah, he's done a lot of work with Guillermo Del Toro. Seriously?! I feel like I'm melting!

    Yeah, Weekend at Bobby's was fantastic. I always like The Man Who Would Be King from that season, too. The Bobby/Rufus episode is a real treat! I had no idea it was coming before I watched it and it was such a nice surprise. Almost teared up a bit at the very end of it. Well, I can always find the actual Impala on the filming set (and I have in the past) so I figured I wasn't missing out on too much. I liked Metatron a lot more in this season than previous ones, so maybe you'll grow to like him more. Excuses, excuses!

    Yeah, pretty big differences actually. Of course I'm biased but I like the Canadian version (CFL) a lot more; it's a lot more fast-paced and games are generally much higher scoring. "Only" 60 years . I will give you that football is way, way more popular in America though. Especially college football.

    Good point about the director, I had actually forgotten it wasn't J. J. Abrams this time. I just looked at the early reviews for the movie and they look pretty good. I'm optimistic!
    Lights Out has gotten great reviews. I'd like to see it but I know none of the people I work with would want to. There's a half-price movie night every Tuesday so us summer research students go and pick a movie together. I'm the only one okay with horror though.
  10. muselee321
    16-07-2016 03:58 AM
    Darn, that's far from it then! Haha, I considered even driving just south of the border and picking it up there... I've heard there are post offices that do that for Canadians wanting to order US-shipping-only stuff. Doug Jones, cool! Not a name that's heard often but he's really been in a lot. Sorry to hear about his panel, that sucks. As a Vancouverite I definitely don't experience really hot summers, but the rest of Canada at the same latitude generally does... you in California might not think this is out of the ordinary but I'm dying in 28 C (82 F) here . I just want my clouds and rain back.

    Season 6 did give us The French Mistake which is still one of my all time favourite Supernatural episodes. The season wasn't my favourite but I feel it's not nearly as bad as so many people think. Baby is considered a standout episode of season 11! Probably another of my favourites. There was an Impala at the comicon too, on display and you could pay to take a picture of it. It was much to shiny though . Ahh okay, yeah the Chuck spoiler was what I was most curious about if you knew. The episode it's revealed in was really well done. As you should be!

    Thanks! Really excited about the coming year. American football. Well, the Canadian variant (I know, I know, but there are key differences between Canadian and American football ). Obviously hockey is way more popular here, but the small percent of us that are fans love our little league. And hey, the Grey Cup is way older than the Super Bowl

    The first trailer had me really worried with the way it was shown - all explosions, motorcycle racing, rock music... not that I have anything against any of that of course but it didn't feel like Star Trek. The second trailer was a lot better though. I'm excited that Simon Pegg co-wrote it, so overall I'm looking forward to it, albeit cautiously.

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