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Myth Busted!

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  1. muselee321
    13-09-2011 04:55 AM
    I'd love to, but when I have more time to watch each concert in full. Yeah I heard that. I'm sure he did lose that pedal, and he's such a perfectionist that he wouldn't do the song without it . As fans though I don't think we really care, we just want to hear the song! I'm sure people have asked him.

    It is!

    Yes I hope so. I know I'll go at least once in my life.

    You're right, I guess it wouldn't hurt . Okay, I'll try.
    . I hope if you win you wouldn't have to pay for getting it shipped to you, though...

    I hadn't even realized it was the 45th anniversary . I think you should watch some episodes! (of course ). Give them a try . I think Original is the best, and then Next Generation (after a few seasons). If you are going to start watching some episodes then don't start with Enterprise, even though it's the prequel - it's not the best.
    Star Trek is awesome! /nonbiased
  2. DancingShoes
    11-09-2011 11:35 AM
    Thanks for the birthday wishes
  3. anasthesia bellamy
    10-09-2011 11:00 PM
    anasthesia bellamy
    thank you
  4. muselee321
    10-09-2011 07:33 AM
    HAARP, even just visually, was fantastic! Not the best. I haven't watched all of those gigs so I can't say which I like more. I'd love those anyways! I'm pretty sure those are never going to played though... I'd love for Showbiz to finish a set, or for them to play Muscle Museum, but again those are probably never going to see the light of day again. (Dom did say he'd like to see MM though!)

    So true to Mythbusters style

    That really is a shame . I'm happy for you that you'll finally go! Even though it does cost money, of course, it'll be so worth it . I wish I could go.

    I think so.

    Yep. You're welcome! That's something I would do, but I have no confidence in such abilities
    Good luck!
  5. muselee321
    09-09-2011 08:20 PM
    It's hard to top Wembley, I think. Yeah I know... I'm 99% sure they won't ever close a set with it, but I'd still love them too! Muse always ignore the results! Instead they play Feeling Good and Guiding Light

    Ahh, I see, I didn't check. I know!

    . Aww, that sucks for you! Why did they have to do that

    I think, especially after seeing the last Harry Potter movie, that the colours are quite duller in 3D for some reason, I like the 2D version way more

    But you're so good at those captions! I never post there, just lurk , and I think yours are awesome. Honestly! Will you try for it, then?
  6. muselee321
    08-09-2011 01:34 AM
    Fine, fine then I'd say CoD, since Knights has really been done. I can think of ones that I'd love them to finish a concert with more though, totally unrealistic ones, like Showbiz, I think that would be amazing.

    It probably was a newer episode then. I'm not actually sure when since it just happened to be on TV.The whole episode (I think) is actually on youtube
    Then I think I could handle it!

    I know it's not, I'm a very proud Trekkie - it's just that I just realized that it must be pretty (really) obvious

    I'd forgotten that they did that , yeah it is pretty stupid of them. I blame Avatar too, I probably mentioned it a while ago when I saw it but I wasn't too impressed; too much hype about it. Plus 3D films are more expensive! I'll have to see it then

    I thought you would've

    Yes. And it was delicious.
  7. xbroken_ideals
    07-09-2011 06:37 AM
    Thank you
  8. muselee321
    07-09-2011 05:34 AM
    I guess the purpose behind the anniversary show would kinda be ruined if they mixed up the order... I don't know if I'd rather hear it in a good (but mixed up) order or in the original (but awkward) order because of the meaning of the concert. I still haven't seen Knights live, so I would love to at least see it once! Hmm though I've never seen CoD live either ... Oh that's what I meant the extended version. I thought the extended version was the orginal

    Yes, that sums it him up perfectly! I loved the episode when they dressed up as each other and had to act the part as well! Jamie was so awkward trying to act as Adam , and Adam found it so hard to stay still...
    I could last . (I hope). As long as Tory didn't have pranks to do with a lot of pain; the things he does to himself ...

    Yes, I've seen that . You know, I do actually live in my parent's basement. And I know a bit of Klingon... and seriously considered buying a Klingon phrase book I saw in a second-hand store... and I'm not kidding. Wow

    I feel the same . Like my N64, I don't think I'll ever sell that! I loved that! Can't say what my favourite battle was, I'd have to watch the movies again. Years ago when I watched them as a kid I remember thinking the Battle of Hoth was my favourite battle for some reason (though not a space battle of course). Yes I can see that happening! I actually prefer 2D over 3D, to be honest (going by the few movies I've seen in 3D). I haven't seen it yet! Wow, is there a different take on everything

    Not really; maybe I'l look some up sometime, but I'm in no rush. Their songs didn't really speak to me. Take your time, there's no rush!

    I'm surprised! Only the Eh one, really? Aren't we all really polite lumberjacks who live in igloos and are obsessed over hockey and maple syrup? Taking it to extremes, of course
    Not just root beer, but root beer float
  9. Riveon
    06-09-2011 12:13 PM
    Thank you!
    06-09-2011 07:33 AM
    Thank`s,sun ) and good luck for you!

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