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  1. muselee321
    12-10-2011 06:50 AM
    Just watched it too looks awesome!
    Wondering though why Mark Ruffalo is the Hulk, and not Edwards Norton or Eric Bana. I'm not disappointed or anything, just curious.

    I'm glad it wasn't serious.

    It's an awful feeling . I've done it twice, and both times either on the day or days after the concert. I'm sure Muse will be back when they do the next album tour, and it makes sense if it is 2013. They would be playing new songs though! But if you don't like their new songs, then...

    Ahh well! Exaclty . I have no idea! Seriously, it's one of the most famous Star Trek lines, but it was never said!
    Yes I'd love a huge space battle, preferably an epic one . Klingons do have really good ships.

    I'm delusional? You liked pumpkin pie last year
  2. Spinelli
    10-10-2011 03:12 PM
    what a smart idea
    only problem was that i couldn't leave the house yesterday evening because i had to stay with my little sister
  3. muselee321
    10-10-2011 10:26 AM
    I'll try
    That's good to hear! I hadn't heard about it not being the direct prequel until a little while ago. I'll still see it, of course!

    Oh no, I hope it wasn't serious
    Yes, there's next year!

    That's exciting!
    That's good to know. I keep checking their website every now and then to make sure I'm not missing a gig like I missed Muse last year and yes I STILL think about it

    I can understand that. If I wasn't a ST fan then I wouldn't have liked it as much, I think.
    Simon Pegg makes everything better . I hope he has a bigger part in the next movie! And maybe Kirk will actually say the "Beam me up, Scotty" line that he's never actually said in the series or a movie
    Yeah, he was. There wasn't really a great space ship battle, hope that happens next film as well!

    Of course you're jealous
  4. Spinelli
    09-10-2011 08:59 PM
    yeah, i'm fine, too. a bit bored though atm...
  5. muselee321
    09-10-2011 08:13 PM
    As always

    I haven't done that yet, but would like to one of these days
    Yes! I really want to see what it looks like. Hopefully it won't be like how the Thing trailer is coming across. Except apparently it's no longer the prequel to Alien, just a separate sci-fi movie now

    Have fun! You're probably there right now

    That's okay. That's right! Is it already just a week away? I really wish I was going to see them.
    And it started with one of my favourite songs!

    I know, it's a really important one! .

    Exactly. It gets me every time I watch it but then it gets stuck in my head
    I hope you like it! I would love to hear your honest opinion of it.

    It's Thanksgiving here in Canada, so lots of turkey and pumpkin pie tonight
  6. muselee321
    07-10-2011 08:45 AM
    Exactly . That's the good thing about a late exam. I do it too

    I think you'll have a lot of fun! Your eyes will probably be a bit sore though. Are you going to be buying tickets for all three or... going from movie to movie immediately
    Oh yeah! It'll be awesome to see everyone in the same movie . Liked what I saw already at the end of Captain America.

    Aha, that's what the break between terms is for

    I guess it is for a very specific group of people. I'd have an impossible time finding someone to go with me.

    Thanks to you! I haven't heard too many songs, but of the ones I've heard I think Your Betrayal and Bittersweet Memories. New songs, I know - I haven't heard their much older stuff yet. What about you?

    My thoughts exactly. At least that's what I've heard what happened, but it kinda makes sense because if you look at the guy when he opens the door in the first webisode, he looks like different in the others. I know! They were pretty creepy when they appeared there. He should've done a lot of things.

    Ahh, William Shatner

    I dare you to watch the whole thing:

    I'm actually at a loss for words about it.
  7. Meep
    07-10-2011 07:42 AM
  8. dead-duck
    07-10-2011 12:53 AM
    Why thank you
  9. Spinelli
    05-10-2011 11:54 AM
    yeah, it was, thanks didn't have a huge party or anything but it was still fun
    how are you?
  10. muselee321
    05-10-2011 08:35 AM
    Not right before, but during the day I do, so I have a few hours before the exam.
    I'm definitely going to buy it, I just need to find where to other than the internet.

    Three movies! I think that's awesome! Will you get popcorn for all of them?

    I was surprised how quickly I got through Being Human, so I'll probably start Supernatural soon. I was just worried since I'm, what, seven seasons behind?

    Yep! Will you be going with anyone to your zombie walk?

    That's unfortunate.

    I only happen to know they're releasing a new album from reading it on the internet. I didn't even know they were "back" from anything ... I only know a few songs!
    I'm really in Bullet For My Valentine right now though, liking a lot of their stuff

    I just looked it up today! Me too. Apparently the actor who was supposed to be the ex was sick when they were filming, so they got a food caterer to act his part instead. His acting could've been better, I agree. His character should've killed the zombie kids when he had the chance. I loved the axe into the stepmom's head. I noticed they weren't quite the same!

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