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  1. muselee321
    29-09-2011 07:41 AM
    I'm sorry I'm not mean to you anymore

    It had been years since I'd seen Dawn of the Dead.
    Oh jeez yes . Completely! It does depend on the movie/show. We'll never know. You hadn't shown me it. I think he dies at the end , and help is just coming. Aww all this talk of zombies makes me want We're Alive to come back even more!
    Yes! I bet they'd have an awesome haunted house/fright night thing going on

    If you think about it, it's not very dignified - the Death Star being degraded to a pumpkin! I think Vader would be better since people would recognize him more. Though then there's less room for error... ahh, decisions, decisions!
    You're right! And Sam's alarm clock thing kept going off
    I didn't really get it either, why she seemed like such an important part of Kirk's life but was never mentioned before . I think so too. It also pretty much gives you the storyline for the next movie...
    I haven't heard about that! It's probably not happening here, or I would be very disappointed in myself.
    Yes, they were

    I... watched the entire first season in two nights. So yes, I really like it. I noticed a lot of pokes towards a certain Twilight series . The werewolf, Josh, is my favourite! I think we're really alike in our awkward and nerdy ways .
    I've seen a bit of Nikita, which is good, but have never heard of Raising Hope - what's it about?

    They're everywhere
  2. muselee321
    29-09-2011 02:46 AM
    I can't be mean anymore!

    How long is a long while to you when it comes to that movie? . Down With the Sickness is the only one I really know by name - don't listen to them much, except for that song.
    Zombies are such a mystery. I wonder if something like them will ever happen in real life. I was thinking if they stayed at the mall, assuming they had a decent food supply, they could've waited out the zombies somehow... zombies are so crazy about eating live humans, so I wonder if it's because they just can't help it if they see one, or if they need to eat to "survive". If it was the latter then the group in the mall might've been able to wait out the zombies. Ahh, I don't know! The plan has many flaws in it still . I don't know about that! That's so cool . I'd love to go too! Actually I've never been to Universal Studios
    Thanks! Yeah I really should watch more of those when Hallowe'en comes around!

    He'd be so recognizable
    I'm thinking of doing Jabba, Vader, Bobba Fett, or even try to find a really spherical pumpkin and carve the entire pumpkin into the Death Star. It'll take a while but it'll be worth it! (I hope, it might be really bad )
    Unfortunate! Ouch. I don't think Q's ever done that.
    Yeah it certainly wasn't my favourite part of the story. Although I bet the writers needed him in the movie because he plays an important part in the third movie, so I can see why there was so much of him in the second. Actually I don't ever remember the woman in the original series, I think she was just introduced in the second movie all of a sudden! Were you surprised? It was really well done. Not too young, sometime in high school, maybe 14?
    Oh I don't know why but I do it a lot . Can't wait for the next movie
    . So... 30 second spoofs for twenty minutes

    I just started getting into a TV show that's kinda horror related; you might know about it - Being Human? The North American version. I love it .
    Side note: it's produced by an entertainment company in Montreal called Muse
  3. Miss Blee
    26-09-2011 10:46 PM
    Miss Blee
    Thank you for the birthday wishes, sorry I only just saw it! x
  4. Zolic
    26-09-2011 05:57 PM
  5. muselee321
    26-09-2011 08:44 AM
    I don't get the random the loud sound and the "Fantastic" at the end though

    You'd blow up all our hard work? . Well I guess if we sent one upon you that's understandable

    It really is, I never tire of watching it. Always like the song Down with the Sickness as well, so that's a plus when I'm watching the movie! Andy was great . Well at least he was killed eventually, so he at least got to die - everyone else has to live as zombies for the rest of their lives. If they have "lives", that is . I knew it was a bad idea to go to that island... Aww really? That's unfortunate. I haven't seen any more trailers, sucks it has bad CGI.
    I'll make sure to watch that one
    Mine too! Great . I've got a few decorations to put up, and I always carve a pumpkin. Last year I did... Spock! For not-obvious reasons, of course. Maybe this year I'll do a Star Wars character.
    I don't know who the Trickster is, but the description is certainly right.
    Wow, you did?! I'm glad you liked it! I hope you're not just being nice in saying you did . Yeah the Ceti eels, pretty brutal. I cringed too. I cried the first time I saw the movie, when he died, not going to lie.
    KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! Shatner's so dramatic . Weird how Khan and Kirk (similar names, too, yeah?) never meet face to face in the movie.
    I don't blame you . I think it's cool how he's in there! Random, yes, but a good easter egg
    I guess it was more out of surprise than pain. Do you ever get that, when something happens to you and you say "Ow!" but it doesn't actually hurt? I do that all the time . He does! I think so too . In the Star Trek movie, right when Quinto's Spock beams down to planet Vulcan (it's in the first trailer too, at about 1:09/1:10), I think he looks just like Leonard Nimoy too. Quinto was the perfect choice
  6. muselee321
    25-09-2011 09:12 AM
    I like a lot of the acoustics, especially Shine and Sing for Absolution. And I think Plug in Baby sounds Spanish

    Then Grant and I would send a BattleBot after you guys

    Watched the Dawn of the Dead remake again tonight
    I'll have to look them up then! I certainly will
    Halloween is actually coming up pretty soon
    Yes, I agree that they should be more fierce.
    That's Q for you! He does that. He's usually in my favourite episodes
    Yes, I'm really happy about that! He does action really well. You should! And anyways, a comforting thought is that JJ Abrams is a Star Wars fan, so you won't completely feel like you're abandoning your love for Star Wars . Also, not sure if I mentioned this before, but R2-D2 is floating around amongst the debris at one point in the movie - keep your eyes open for him! I'll give you a hint as to when he appears, if you want. He's hard to find and I only know because I've seen the movie a few million times
    Spock is . Random fact: in the scene where Spock pinches Kirk (around 1:22)... that was the very first neck pinch Spock ever did. Leonard Nimoy made it up on the spot, and decided to do it to Shatner, so in that scene Shatner's not acting, it's real pain! (why do I know that )
  7. muselee321
    23-09-2011 07:56 AM
    ... even Overdue! Not, say, Hate This And I'll Love You, though.

    You're welcome!
    Okay, okay, I'll do one one of these days!

    Ahh, but Grant likes Star Trek. He would sooner side with me, and he wouldn't listen to you

    Star Trek certainly has been around for a long time! I haven't seen recent episodes of the Simpsons, but I'll take your word for it. I'd love more movies, but no more series. There's enough material out there already.
    They might sign on to more! *very very hopeful*
    Yes! As I said, they're really fun to read
    I don't actually like their look with the masks... if they do choose Klingons as the enemy I hope they are done away with. It's very un-Star Trek - I've never heard of/seen them in masks. He did, over two years ago . Of course you can ask me! You know I love talking about Star Trek . Don't worry about it .
    They wouldn't really mess up the film series, but they'd mess up Star Trek as a whole, if that makes sense.The Borg and the Federation aren't even supposed to know about each other until over a hundred years after the 2009 Star Trek movie was set (the movie was set in the 2250's or 2260's, and the Borg are supposed to appear in the 2360's). Also, the only reason they found out about the Federation was because a multidimensional entity named Q messed around with the space-time continuum, and he doesn't appear until way later as well (besides, they wouldn't bring him back into the movie because the actor looks quite a bit older, but he's the only one who could play Q. He's an awesome character). I know that yes, these new movies are based in an "alternate reality", but introducing the Borg would be a bit of stretch. Lastly, if the Federation was to find out about the Borg a hundred years earlier than they should have, then lots of the plot behind later Star Trek TV series wouldn't matter any more.
    That's good because you guessed correctly, another long reply from me
    There probably would be! I wouldn't use it though, I'd rather age naturally.
  8. Cydoniababy
    22-09-2011 09:49 AM
  9. Tintin
    22-09-2011 09:31 AM
  10. muselee321
    22-09-2011 07:41 AM
    I wouldn't mind if (almost) any Showbiz song came back.

    Yes, congrats to them! Good job to you though, still, I really liked it

    As you might have noticed I never got around to making one...

    I'd stop talking to you.

    It... wasn't . By then the creators had also ran out of story ideas, so the episodes had barely any uniqueness about them, and lacked feeling, and... yeah I didn't like it
    You guessed right! Well as long as it still makes sense that they're making them, if that makes sense... if they have to turn to a whole new cast then that would be too much, or if they end up looking really repetitive, stuff like that, then they wouldn't be Star Trek to me.
    I loved reading the comments, all the Trekkies arguing amongst themselves . I think Klingons. They were a pretty big part of the original series as villains, and Romulans have already been done, so if Star Trek 2 is to channel more original series then I think Klingons are the best choice. Not Khan because that would seem too much like it's copying the first Star Trek II, and Khan has been already dealt with twice. Plus only Ricardo Monatlban could play him, and he's since passed away. Some people were mentioning the Borg, but it would awful for that to happen since it would mess up the later series too much.
    Not sure if you knew what you were getting into by asking me that, sorry I kinda rambled
    Oh jeez, yes we both are so weird to think!

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