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  1. Spinelli
    05-10-2011 10:54 AM
    yeah, it was, thanks didn't have a huge party or anything but it was still fun
    how are you?
  2. muselee321
    05-10-2011 07:35 AM
    Not right before, but during the day I do, so I have a few hours before the exam.
    I'm definitely going to buy it, I just need to find where to other than the internet.

    Three movies! I think that's awesome! Will you get popcorn for all of them?

    I was surprised how quickly I got through Being Human, so I'll probably start Supernatural soon. I was just worried since I'm, what, seven seasons behind?

    Yep! Will you be going with anyone to your zombie walk?

    That's unfortunate.

    I only happen to know they're releasing a new album from reading it on the internet. I didn't even know they were "back" from anything ... I only know a few songs!
    I'm really in Bullet For My Valentine right now though, liking a lot of their stuff

    I just looked it up today! Me too. Apparently the actor who was supposed to be the ex was sick when they were filming, so they got a food caterer to act his part instead. His acting could've been better, I agree. His character should've killed the zombie kids when he had the chance. I loved the axe into the stepmom's head. I noticed they weren't quite the same!
  3. muselee321
    04-10-2011 07:27 AM
    I know I shouldn't. Vast majority don't, but there are always a few every now and then... ahh well
    I'm pretty sure I can! I know . You spend the whole do worried about it, and can't get it over with early
    Certainly do! There are a lot of pages.
    It'll be really interesting, I think! I hope you'll be able to buy it by itself, if you're not interested in the comic.

    We'll see! Hopefully sooner than later.
    I've seen no movies in IMAX yet either! I can't wait for both movies . Actually there are a lot of good movies coming out soonish

    Oh, that's pretty late! I'm sure it was worth it though, I know you really like Supernatural

    Looks like there's one every year. Next one is August 18th, 2012. I'm sure I can plan my year to accommodate that date! Yes, it was
    You'd probably get blood all over it too!

    Thank you! I'll watch it when I have more time.
    No bass? Was it just bad recording quality? That's too bad. That's good

    New album out in just over a week! They probably played new songs then.
  4. Musegirl13
    03-10-2011 10:42 PM
  5. Spinelli
    03-10-2011 06:09 PM
    aw, thank you
  6. muselee321
    03-10-2011 04:30 AM
    It certainly is. I know their whole point is to get people angry and annoyed... it works on me
    Ahh of course!
    Oops, I got the week wrong... I will be able watch it! Anyways, my physics exam is at 6:30pm, I think, maybe later
    I didn't know they had Hellboy! I saw a lot of Pokemon though
    All I know is that it's called "Orchid" and that an accompanying soundtrack will be sold with it, I'm guessing by Morello too

    I don't know if the writers know enough of the little details of Star Trek to think of putting her in, though... I don't know! It would be interesting.
    Aww no! Although it means you're off the hook - if it was playing near you, then you'd have to watch it

    Yep! It's nice to get into a series really early in its life.

    I'm sure you'll have so much fun! I've never been to one... the one this year for me was when I was in Scotland.
    . That sucks . It would be funny to see a zombie civilly taking a picture though

    I didn't know! I hope it's not over! I'm heading to youtube right now

    ... I'm back. I must've missed it. How were they?
  7. muselee321
    02-10-2011 05:23 AM
    Oh yes, as always . If any trollers feel the need to be heard, they need only head to youtube. If only. Some people can be real jerks. I hope you meet him one day . Him too! Gah, I know, I know. Next time, if it happens again! I think I have my physics midterm exam at the same time as the show so I'll have to record it this year again
    Hellboy this time . Speaking of comics and Comic Con, I bet Tom Morello will make an appearance there one of these days , given that the first issue to his comic book is coming out this month! I can't wait to read it

    Nah, I'll be supporting a local store, so I'll just find out when I get there
    Exactly. According to The Wrath of Khan, Kirk and Carol Marcus knew each other in the early 2260's, which should be right around the time setting of the next movie...
    No Star Trek for me. I hope you can find it. That's my guess too.
    Yep! They were all good . The finale ends on a bit of cliffhanger as well. Luckily the second season hasn't started yet (should premiere some time in January), so it won't take long to catch up to everything, if you want to .

    You. Are. SO LUCKY!
    Have fun . I'm sure you are! Tell me how it goes
  8. muselee321
    01-10-2011 07:22 AM
    You can learn so much from reading comments . He'd be a great person to meet! With luck he'll be at comic con one day and you can see him there . Having a long list isn't bad - you have a bigger chance of meeting someone on it. Still feels far to me. Exactly! At least you got see the encore. I just taped it while Hallowe'en was going on so I watched most of it later. Yay!

    Oh! I just need the pumpkin, but I don't remember how much they are...
    Maybe she'll be brought up in a future ST movie. He probably does.
    He did the fourth one too! I just looked it up - It'll be playing for the next week, and there aren't any theatres playing it here.
    It's called "Mirror, Mirror", from season 2
    Just learnt a new Klingon phrase - translated into English it means "your mother has a smooth forehead". It's a really awful insult

    I will!
    ...was a bad influence overall. He wanted Josh to embrace his "gift" and stop rejecting it as a curse. He also wanted him to form a "pack" with him to fight and hate the vampires (there's a lot of vampire vs. werewolf rivalry/hatred), and to distrust Aidan (Josh's vampire friend). Josh hated all of what Ray was saying, and one night when his wolf part took over and he beat up some vampires, he felt awful about it... so when he told Ray to leave, stuff happened and Ray told him that he was the one who made him a werewolf in the first place. "That didn't go well" is an understatement.

    Seems like it
  9. muselee321
    30-09-2011 08:24 AM

    Poor guy . I didn't notice that , that's cool! One more thing about Dawn of the Dead, it's nice how they got some of the original's actors to get cameos in . Aww, winter... fall's only just gotten started! Yes that is very true, at least we have The Walking Dead . As much as it would be cool to have the premiere on Hallowe'en like last year's, I'm glad since I won't have to keep leaving to get the door for the trick-or-treaters . Awesome! I'm going to look that up for Monday!
    I haven't gone through one for a long time... hard to find a good one, I think.

    I think I will try that then. What do you mean, cost more?
    That sound interesting!
    I think so too. There are a lot of Trekkies who have theories about who she is, in terms of the original series. Let's just say that Kirk's a big ladies' man, so there are a lot of possibilities . It's a really important one in the movies timeline. Leonard Nimoy directed it.
    Do you know how long it'll be playing for? That's from a pretty famous episode. As you may have guessed some of the Enterprise crew find themselves in a parallel universe where, yeah Spock has a goatee

    I've gotten no sleep lately because of it but I really couldn't help it. I think... I might even watch all the episodes over again! I was quite pleased every time I heard something . Oh god that was so cringe worthy! Nooo, Josh don't do it! Ray was such a bad influence.
    I thought it was going to be a drama!
  10. muselee321
    29-09-2011 06:41 AM
    I'm sorry I'm not mean to you anymore

    It had been years since I'd seen Dawn of the Dead.
    Oh jeez yes . Completely! It does depend on the movie/show. We'll never know. You hadn't shown me it. I think he dies at the end , and help is just coming. Aww all this talk of zombies makes me want We're Alive to come back even more!
    Yes! I bet they'd have an awesome haunted house/fright night thing going on

    If you think about it, it's not very dignified - the Death Star being degraded to a pumpkin! I think Vader would be better since people would recognize him more. Though then there's less room for error... ahh, decisions, decisions!
    You're right! And Sam's alarm clock thing kept going off
    I didn't really get it either, why she seemed like such an important part of Kirk's life but was never mentioned before . I think so too. It also pretty much gives you the storyline for the next movie...
    I haven't heard about that! It's probably not happening here, or I would be very disappointed in myself.
    Yes, they were

    I... watched the entire first season in two nights. So yes, I really like it. I noticed a lot of pokes towards a certain Twilight series . The werewolf, Josh, is my favourite! I think we're really alike in our awkward and nerdy ways .
    I've seen a bit of Nikita, which is good, but have never heard of Raising Hope - what's it about?

    They're everywhere

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