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Myth Busted!

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  1. muselee321
    16-12-2013 06:08 AM
    Agreed. Apparently someone unexpected will be returning later this season so who knows...

    Yeah me too, I'm just going to do a lot of relaxing and going to family dinners . Ahh I never played that game!
  2. muselee321
    12-12-2013 04:59 AM
    Lucifer back! That would be interesting. I'd love for Gabriel to come back somehow.


    Just finished putting my Christmas tree up. Any plans for the holidays this year?
  3. muselee321
    10-12-2013 04:19 AM
    It was definitely one of their better ones.

    Really going to miss Kevin . Now that he's gone a new prophet should appear - I wonder if Chuck will be back? (*Wishful thinking*)

    Glad Cas got his angel mojo back although I think the way he got it back isn't how angel grace works... ahh well.

    I wasn't too surprised that it wasn't Ezekiel but it was still interesting how it carried out. Damn you Gadreel

    Next episodes look good! I think there will be a lot more mytharc/Cas episodes coming up.

    Thanks . Going to play my first game tomorrow

    Most likely . Hmm..
  4. muselee321
    07-12-2013 04:33 AM
    They're definitely my least favourite writers.

    I've heard good reviews on it! I haven't done any wi-fi battles yet since I don't have a proper complete team. When I'm done mine I'll start by playing against my friend to test it out first . Nice, that's a great selection of games! Yeah Meowth has sentimental value but not so much playable value.

    By the way, nice new Christmas icon . I've gotta think of a new one too.
  5. muselee321
    02-12-2013 10:35 PM
    I really liked the bunker scenes too. Yeah Nora seemed pretty scripted and unrealistic overall.

    I'm really torn on episode 9. Especially since it's the midseason finale I'm excited for it and going by the promo it looks awesome, but it's also written by the least favourite writers by far...

    Yeah I'll be buying more games for sure - thinking about something like Zelda? - but I better not yet, until my finals are over. Yeah I really only know the first 2, at most 3 generations. Those pokemon were pretty prominent in this game though, which was good. To play through the game I had Charizard, Lucario, Greninja, Florges, Magnezone, and Garchomp. I picked the water starter too! I usually pick water, sometimes fire. Right now during my study breaks I'm training new pokemon for a more competitive team. Thinking of having Gengar and Scizor. What pokemon games did you play?

    Thanks! Yeah, our thanksgiving is about mid-October.
  6. muselee321
    28-11-2013 05:52 PM
    Ahh okay!

    Episode 8 wasn't so good. But yes I thought 6 and 7 were very solid.

    Yeah! Also, I went out and bought a 3DS to play Pokemon Y.... Worst decision to make during school . I beat the game in 3 days, over about a day's worth of gameplaying...

    Also, Happy Thanksgiving!
  7. muselee321
    23-11-2013 07:36 PM

    Naw our service provider just sent us one for free.

    6th and 7th episodes were great too!
    Yeah I really want to know what the dog said.

    For the 6th episode: I think Cas was written a LOT better than in 9x03.
    It was really nice seeing Dean so happy; I hope Cas gets back to the bunker soon. Kevin and Sam had good scenes too.
    Interesting to think why Crowley was injecting himself at the end with Kevin's blood. I wonder why? I think either (a) he wants/craves to feel more human, or (b) he's trying to become human enough to escape the traps somehow.
    It was pretty unbelievable that the mom would have just set Cas up like that though; I can't really imagine a mother leaving her baby in the care of someone who they would've known for just a few weeks just because they were a hard worker.

    The 7th episode was good too. It felt like old Supernatural with the creepy MOTW storyline and the pacing was good. I think the guy who played young Dean was great. He didn't look as much like Dean as I imagined to be at 16 but I didn't really care since he acted it out so well. He got all of Dean's mannerisms down perfectly!
    The last scene was pretty heartbreaking. Also John Winchester is horrible.

    Still haven't seen the movie! Ahh I see what you're saying. That's similar to what I've heard about it too.

    That's good! Agh still been so busy with school I haven't gone out for a movie in a while. Hopefully when Finals are over.
  8. mortallatrom
    11-11-2013 05:29 AM
    Have a great 1!
  9. muselee321
    09-11-2013 09:56 PM
    Got one free of charge

    Yeah, agreed. Haha yeah I rewatched it a couple weeks ago and I agree. Didn't really help that I watched it with my dad and he's always vocal while watching a movie if he thinks something is stupid or flawed

    . The fifth episode was great!
    Tons of great comedic moments. Jensen has excellent comedic timing, and Jared played a great straight-man too! I think my favourite scene was when Dean kept fetching the waste paper from the trash . And when he pulled the gun on the Pigeon

    Didn't really like the dog voices though. And I hope Sam finds out about Ezekiel soon because the constant dying/being brought back is getting tiring.

    Haha XD. Ahh that's too bad. Haven't watched Hellraiser yet! I've heard great things about Ender's Game too, and I enjoyed the books. It's been years since I've read it though. Like a decade! I see, I see; well I hope you enjoy Thor 2! Apparently it's better than the first.
  10. muselee321
    06-11-2013 02:06 AM
    Been without internet the past few days since the modem/router died .

    Yeah, I'd say they make a good duo! Benedict is in so many movies. I take it he's very popular right now. He was a great Khan.

    Hmm fourth episode was decent but not great. Haven't watched the fifth episode yet, but I say most of it filming so I pretty know what'll happen.
    What can I say?

    So three people recognized me . Whoa Insidious 2 is like comedy? Was not expecting that! I'd like to see it though. I'm pretty ashamed of myself; I didn't watch a single horror movie this Hallowe'en! Thinking of seeing the Carrie remake.

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