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  1. muselee321
    14-10-2017 04:42 AM
    Nice! Haha I didn't know either. I never watched either show but I have seen clips from Malcolm in the Middle and it seems pretty funny. Now I'm curious what you mean . I haven't actually seen much of Louis CK.

    Well you know where I stand on that . The episodes are short and there are only 37 so it'll be a fast watch! Give it a shot, especially since you watched the movie! Mia was really dislikable but I found Light (when he wasn't around Mia) wasn't that bad. They made him more sympathetic than in the anime.

    I agree with you about L at the end.

    Did you ever end up catching up with Arrow? Just about to sit down and watch the season 6 premiere in a minute. And then Gotham, Supernatural, and Hell's Kitchen tonight too
  2. muselee321
    25-09-2017 06:40 PM
    Haha okay!


    When Light screamed when he met Ryuk, everyone watching laughed out loud, it was so ridiculous. However, we also agreed that we would have done the exact same thing . Light did feel more like a regular teenager than in the anime, and we all actually quite enjoyed that. He felt more like a good guy honestly out trying to do what he thought were good things, being a teenager making some stupid decisions, and as the movie went on, instead of being like original Light getting more and more corrupt, he started realizing how far Mia/Misa was going and tried to stop her. Mia was really the bad guy. And in the anime, Misa was super obsessed with Light and he takes advantage of that and fakes loving her back; in this version it felt almost like a role reversal in that respects, with Mia faking loving him (in my opinion, at least) in order to abuse the Deathnote. He was certainly a different Light but I actually really liked him and thought his character difference worked with the movie. Also the way he plans everything out at the end with the Deathnote was really cool.

    Heh I noticed the Asian guy dancing part too! Yeah I can still understand wanting to do a movie-length, but they only used 1.5 hours; it could easily have been a half hour or even an hour longer and would have been better paced as you said. Lakeith was great as L! Light's dad was well done too, I thought.

    Okay last thought, about the music. One of the people I watched it with had an interesting theory for why the cheesy 80's song played at the end with Mia falling. Not sure if it was entirely serious, but it's basically that Light and Mia's relationship was super fake and blown out of proportion, including the I love you's from Mia in the second half of the movie, so what better song to represent that relationship?

    Do you think L uses the Deathnote on Light at the end?

    Man that's so disappointing . He didn't deserve that at all. People seriously need to chill out about that stuff.
  3. muselee321
    09-09-2017 07:48 AM
    Yeah I was looking for it on Netflix and just assumed I'd find it. The final season of Orphan Black was good, but not as good as the first 1-3 seasons. I still highly recommend it though! I still haven't gotten around to watching Legends! But it did pop up a few times in Flash so I really should, soon

    I would looove for them to play more rarities in NA tours. I'll certainly be interested to see what kind of songs they play in the US soon!

    Thanks ! A good birthday present was finding out today that I passed!!! Well, I hope you have good profs/interesting classes this year at least!

    Oh man... Death Note . To be honest I watched it with a friend who also appreciates the manga/anime and... we didn't hate it. I actually liked a lot about it. We went into it with an open mind and honestly there was some stuff that was really good (... and other stuff that was preeeetty bad). We concluded that with different music choices (which were REALLY bad at some points) we'd give it about 6 or 7/10. I think it was doomed to fail anyways because of the whole "whitewashing" thing... but personally I don't think that should have been a problem. Also people seemed to be expecting a perfect one-to-one adaption but it would have been really hard, if not impossible to fit the story - which is basically a long, drawn out, methodical cat-and-mouse game between two people locked in mental chess - into a movie length, so being disappointed with the fast pace (and resulting required changes to characters and story elements) seems unfair. It would have been better as a tv series, but considering what they had to work with people judge it way too harshly. Anyways, it wasn't great, but it wasn't terrible. /rant
  4. muselee321
    05-09-2017 06:07 AM
    Watched the first couple episode of Preacher season 2 and it's good to be watching it again! I've heard of some of the crazy stuff they've been doing and can't wait to see for myself. And I finally got around to the last season of Orphan Black - which I still highly recommend for you to check out . Yeah me too, if it's not on Netflix I'm much less likely to watch it. Running out of show ideas that are easily accessible but at least the regular shows like Supernatural are coming back soon.

    I'm glad you've re-discovered them! Yeah their Showbiz performance was incredible. It's really aged well and Matt sounded amazing. I can only hope they play it again like that in the future. Europe seems to get the better setlists though.

    I should find out if I passed my qualifying exam by the end of this week. Back to school tomorrow... how are things going for you on the school front?
  5. muselee321
    25-08-2017 03:56 AM
    It's a cool atmosphere at least even if you don't know the lyrics but everyone else around you does. Downfall of Us All is the one I know best too. Aww jeez, that lineup situation sounds no fun, I'm glad you weren't in the sun for longer! Too bad for everyone else

    I keep meaning to try Jessica Jones one of these days. Speaking of shows I keep forgetting Preacher season 2 is out and have that on my to-do list too.

    That's fair (and a good idea for your eyes!), and to be honest it wasn't a big spectacle up here, and I think you would have gotten a similar view as me considering how far we are from Oregon. I did have glasses and took a few peeks, I guess it was kinda cool, but it was nothing compared to what totality would've looked like. I'd like to see that one day!
  6. muselee321
    21-08-2017 06:45 PM
    Great to hear! I didn't realize A Day to Remember was the opener, I like quite a few of their songs. That's too bad , I hope you didn't get too drenched. Did you have floor tickets/were you in the mosh pit?

    Thanks... I need all the luck I can get. I'll have about a week before school after the exams and I'm totally just going to just binge TV shows and play video games . I have managed to watch Westworld though, finally - I just finished it. It was really compelling.

    Did you have a chance to look at the eclipse today?
  7. muselee321
    14-08-2017 05:14 AM
    Yeah that's what I think too. In Supernatural, no-one ever dies anyways. Yeah it seems so! I really like how they dialed the story down a bit and aren't always trying to up themselves with bigger baddies, and it sounds like they are continuing that next season. I've heard they want to make it to episode 300 and I think that would put them in season 14.

    Awesome! And nice , you can never have too much birthday cake. By now you'll have gone to the concert, hope you enjoyed it . I hope you get your chance next time around.

    Sorry I've been so late to respond (well, even slower than normal), been studying for my PhD qualifying exam. It's at the end of August... the end is near...
  8. muselee321
    27-07-2017 04:59 AM
    I have! The teaser picture looks great, perfect style and everything. I'm really hoping something as crazy as that means Gabriel is coming back. Still don't completely believe he's gone forever.

    Ahh and I'm sorry I missed your birthday... Happy belated birthday!!! I hope it was great! And that you enjoyed the A7X concert too!
  9. muselee321
    06-07-2017 05:19 AM
    That's a relief! I hope you're right!

    Sounds just like the show then, from what I've seen and heard. I love how he has a Bat tool for everything! Like shark repellent! Yeah he was such a good fit for the role, and he certainly made the role his own. This is a gem:

    Have fun!
  10. muselee321
    28-06-2017 06:09 AM
    Holy crap that's hot! I hope it will cool down a bit before the middle of summer hits

    Yeah Gotham has got some really obscure villains, and I don't recognize all of them but it's fun to read people's theories nontheless. Heh I've been planning on doing a watch through of the 1960's show! I haven't actually seen all that much of it, just clips here and there on TV, and haven't seen the movie.

    I watched a few more of the videos on the channel and it's definitely given me a new perspective of how bad things can be . This is where I got up to in the Christmas Special... 20 minutes in. And not the worst part:

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