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  1. plug_in_amy
    28-12-2010 06:50 PM
    did you have a good christmas with your grandparents?
    are you ok?

    i was like shit!!! ummmm hide!!! i dont know if it was the same woman..... i hope not
    i hope she was ok too after.....

    phwoar, i know right

    they really should put it up im in need of a good quality bootleg

    i really hope they hurry up and do a new album and go on tour so we can go see them again
    oooh yeah!!! they will stop playing in the middle of the gig and be like you two, come with us backstage
  2. f96pt
    24-12-2010 03:32 PM
  3. f96pt
    22-12-2010 10:32 PM
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
  4. plug_in_amy
    20-12-2010 10:41 AM
    less stress sounds good have you got much planned over the christmas holiday?

    i lobbed a few too but i accidently snapped one in half in my rush to get some on and all the liquid sprayed over this woman behind me ............... she later passed out during exogensis.......

    hmm may have to download that video and watch it again and again......... and again
    its such a good looking back!

    thats what i've done too, but apperantly someone in the lccc gig thread said they recorded a pretty high quality one a few weeks ago but they havent put it up yet

    wow that was pretty close then! and i know maybe next time i go to a gig he'll hear
  5. plug_in_amy
    17-12-2010 08:20 PM
    awww hope your ok, what type of job are you looking for?

    lol we should!! i still have about 40 odd left from manchester!

    i dont know if it was wise, i think it was only a little bit and shes fine ......... i think
    i know! at least there is a video of it though
    and i hate post gig depression too! i have managed to get a bit of a bootleg though and have got videos, buts its just not the same as being there
    so do you think matt heard? where abouts were you in the crowd? i screamed 'I LOVE YOU DOM!' but i dont think he heard
  6. plug_in_amy
    13-12-2010 07:25 PM
    dont worry about it hows work?
    i love bombay bicycle club, i would love to see them live some time

    i wish we had bliss to, i would have died of happiness if they played that though, but CE was just amazing! a balloon came over our heads and it burst and some how my friend managed to swallow a load of confetti :S
    i didnt see dom get unzipped but i heard about it after
    it was so long ago now i was listening to starlight from manchester the other day and got a bit teary, because i missed it so much........... is that weird?
    my favourite moments was matt on our side doing time is running out outro and mk jam and take a bow on the platform ufo thing, they felt so close
  7. plug_in_amy
    05-09-2010 06:50 PM
    i love the killers, white stripes, phoenix, yeah yeah yeahs and bombay bicycle club and lady gaga i great
    and how could i forget my new favourite band Pulled Apart By Horses

    i was on chris's side too, i didnt see you though
    what did you think of the gig? what was your favourite song/moment?
  8. plug_in_amy
    01-09-2010 06:35 PM
    yeah im great
    ah awesome good luck
    im going to see her now, as my friend is going and she can drop me off home instead of catching the train home, so thats really lucky
    i didnt like her at first but her music has grown on me since i saw her performance at glastonbury, what music are you into apart from muse?

    yes sexy glow sticks i hope i have enough time to snap all my glowsticks before muse come on
    what are you going to wear so i can spot you and also to get some idea of what i should wear as i have no idea!
    yes! bliss! its my favourite song so i really hope to hear it and i cant wait to see knights of cydonia either
  9. plug_in_amy
    31-08-2010 01:09 PM
    glad to hear your great
    what is your job?
    i wish she would i really want to go to an ellie goulding concert but she wont let me maybe if i ask my dad really nicely and be really good for a few days they might change their mind
    yes! a few more days to go! i cant wait to meet fellow musers and stuff
    what song are you hoping they will play on saturday
  10. plug_in_amy
    28-08-2010 10:21 AM
    how are you?
    i thought i would reply to you on here as i've been away and lost out on like 30 pages of pdt
    yeah parents are really annoying, my mum doesnt trust me to go out any more as i promised her i wouldnt get drunk at this party but i got completly wasted and we had to go on holiday the next day, she was not impressed
    and yes! manchester next week! ahhhh im so very excited
    by the way well done on your results again


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