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  1. syzygy
    09-02-2012 01:34 AM
    so, it's definitely over between you and S?
    damn. you have such a great way with words! (speaking of which, how's your writing going?)
    and you know what I think it means? she probably knows/thinks somewhere deep inside if you two get together than you won't split apart. I had a coworker who explained this to me: her husband (then best friend) told her that he had feelings for her, and she claimed she didn't feel mutually and that was that. however, he stayed persistent and eventually she realized that she really did like him like that as well. after a while, he got sick and tired of her dragging him around and said something along the lines of "I know how you feel about me and I'm sick of you going out with all of these other guys to prove that you don't. so, if you still want to speak to me, go on a date with me. if you don't, then leave me alone so I can get over you". it took her a month or so to come to her senses, and they eventually started dating and now they're married. when I asked her why it took her so long to commit to him, she said it was because she knew that if they got together, there'd be no going back and she wasn't sure she wanted her "fun, single life to end". although now she's completely happy with her husband and yadda yadda yadda. so, I think that's what she means by that.
    gaah! stop being so perfect already, chezus.
  2. syzygy
    08-02-2012 11:09 PM
    Woooooow. Your life IS fascinating! I mean, I'm sorry it is so, but wooow.
    Question - did S know about K at all? did they know each other or anything?
    I'm happy that K is out of her old relationship, because based on what you were telling me (or what I can remember), he wasn't the best to her.
    after you and K talked about how you two were both in love with each other did you both resolve to remain friends? or are you going to try and do something?
    and I'm so proud of you for telling her your true feelings. it takes a LOT of guts to do that and the fact you did is astounding and awesome. srsly, there needs to be more people like you in the world.
  3. syzygy
    07-02-2012 11:19 PM
    Ugh, me too. I follow her on twitter and she just tweeted "when boys lead you on #assholes" and I lost it I was laughing so hard. I'm a cruel human being.

    Hmm, you told me about how you loved her but she was going out with that one guy who didn't really like you that much. You said that you wanted to tell her how you felt before you left for college. Then we started arguing because you said you were selfish and that was probably the most blasphemous things I've heard in my entire life.
  4. syzygy
    07-02-2012 12:44 AM
    Right?! and the really sad thing is she does it to practically every guy who's interested in her and sees no problem with it. then she complains about being single and how no guys like her...wtf? she puts on this nice girl persona, so the only people who really know how she is don't have anything to do with her anymore, you know? and I wish I could warn this really nice guy who's into her right now, but I can't without totally fucking things up, you know? ugh, I guess I need to stop worrying about it, though.
    and yes, I'd like to think I'm a better person thanks for listening to my rant <3

    oh dears, what happened? or was it just like a collective amount of things blowing up all at once?
  5. syzygy
    06-02-2012 04:03 AM
    honestly, it's a really long, boring story. basically girl I thought was a friend was really a backstabbing liar who fools people into thinking she's really sweet and unique, when she's really just someone who blends into the people she's with. she leads this guy I really like on forever than eats his heart by saying one day she's really into him, the next saying she doesn't like him, the next saying they should hang out and have "benefits", the next telling him to fuck off and running after another guy. again, I thought she was a friend this whole time...lol, I was wrong!
    but things are decent now (not between me and the girl...she can fuck off), it just still blew a whale's penis.

    how are you, though?
  6. syzygy
    05-02-2012 06:25 AM
    I'm quite groovy, actually! but enough about me, srsly my life is boring compared to yours.
    a few months ago I went through some shit that was like a teaspoon of what you went/are going through with your friend and I felt like shit so you are the strongest person I know, and I don't really know you. (was that a run-on sentence, or WHAT?)
    so I wanna know how that's going. unless you don't want to talk about it, which I COMPLETELY understand. just know that dan-dan's here for your beautiful soul <3
  7. syzygy
    04-02-2012 08:20 PM
    I miss you. so much. it hurts. it hurts so much that I miss you.

    how the heck have you been??
    I was going to yell at you for never replying to my message months ago...but then realized it was I who had not replied to you. Oops. I'm sorry!
  8. ChasingDreams
    16-08-2011 10:00 PM
    Cool, great bands! And wow, Coachella, I am more jelly then you can imagine. Have fun! Hopefully, I'll manage to cough up some money for that one..

    There's nothing really on my list besides Fleet Foxes atm, which is still a big if. Fall is going to be pretty busy with college and all
  9. ChasingDreams
    12-08-2011 07:21 AM
    I teared up several times throughout it was really surreal...

    Are you planning on any shows in the fall? All my favorite bands always somehow manage to clutter up early fall
  10. ChasingDreams
    11-08-2011 07:13 AM
    Not bugging! I love music talk!

    Dude. That night..beyond amazing. Bradford Cox is just phenomenal live. At the end he crouched at the stage and we got to stroke his guitar and I touched his arm aoudhajdh mark of respect that no one tried to pull him in even though he was well within reach. They played a lot of Halcyon Digest a couple from Microcastle, and at least one from Cryptograms. He Would Have Laughed was a beautiful closer.

    lkjflakjfdkj I want to relive it again.

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