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  1. Creeper McSexyPants
    15-09-2010 03:16 PM
    Creeper McSexyPants
    On a side note! How'd it go with your video thing? The one you showed us in YMT?
  2. Creeper McSexyPants
    15-09-2010 03:22 AM
    Creeper McSexyPants
    You forgot me? And presumed me dead?

    Ok ok ok, you guys are super rebels! What's your MSN? So I can hook dat shiz up!

    OMG YOU SO ARE! But I'll let you go, but I'm sad that you relate to those songs Explain?

    WHUUU?! Track that ho down! Who knows how much an autographed poster goes for?! Which other bands are on Fueled by Ramen?

    Eh, I never really listened to The Runaways, I was just going on about it And I'll admit, creepin' is actually fun Have you ever been to a school dance?

    I wasn't mocking you! It just seemed funny! What do I know? I'm a fake blonde with plastic tits from the OC! HA! Good 'ol Matt Bel! I stayed 4 hours after the Muse show and they never showed up \
    Oh! Haha yeah! Gorillaz had a secret show the day before their Coachella performance. It was the same stage and setlist as Coachella, except there were 200 people! And I was front row! And Damon and I locked eyes like 10 times, AT LEAST! We all had these passes to get in, and he stayed for an hour after and signed everyone's, what a jewel! Love the guy

    Girl, you make yourself look badass! I envy your car, job and life! OMG ha my car?
    OH man Lady GaGa, so fine! Dance in the Dark can I get a HELL YEAH?!
    Vegetarian? And yeah, my uncle I hardly know works there, so since I have a relative I'm guaranteed a spot Should I? Famous people at Dland? Nah! You been?

  3. Creeper McSexyPants
    12-09-2010 07:39 PM
    Creeper McSexyPants
    Haha she seems like she's in a bad mood all the time, but she's nice You must alert me of the next chat thing, k?!

    You're such a Paramore fangirl!

    Yup, he's a major ass! Unless he lived in like, Beverly Hills or something... Haha what!? She smelled good? That's all you got out of meeting T-Swift? AND WHOA! Yeah, you never know what major record execs will make you do to your music It's all about dat Fueled by Ramen or various other indie labels I have no idea about but keep rambling on to make myself look cool....................:

    Whoa! HEY! Spice Girls were the shit in their prime! And The Go Go Girls! The Runaways! HI HI PUFFY AMI YUMI! COME ON! And whoa hey, I don't do that cyber sex stuff NU UH! onlyifyouwanttough I need to stop creepin'...

    Gel with? That's so Tennessee... Hmm, seems like you put some thought into that, if I met Haley, or anyone, I'd probably freeze. Just say uh, hi, bye. When I met Damon Albarn though, I said I loved his music and he's an inspiration and he said he loved having me as a fan! Then a massive stamped ran me over for his autograph.

    You play guitar and sing, have a car, and kinda have a job. BETTER THAN ME. I have a car, but no license so it doesn't count Oooooooooooh Lady GaGa hell yeah And sex-monster doesn't sound hot, it sounds frightening B&N BABY! There used to be an awesome record store around here, but they tore it down and built a Burger King on it noooooooooo Disneyland haha! I get in free whenever I want hell yeah I guess I'd probably walk around and pick up stray strollers, or maybe a cashier, or idc I'd work at Dland which would make me a BAMF

    OMG! Paramore fan-girl part. 2! I've decided that you must like this band... or else.................

  4. Creeper McSexyPants
    12-09-2010 01:49 AM
    Creeper McSexyPants
    Haha all right I'll stay off your page, jeez!

    Oooh! When do you guys usually have them?

    Hm.... There are many, which album would you review if you could choose?

    Ah, the OC's not as hyped up as the television makes it! Just a bunch of snobby blondes and homeless, unless that's what you consider luxury And whoa you have?! Can't say I'm a fan of Taylor but that's pretty big AND WHAT?! Your parents are mad sick yo! They could probably hook you up with a record deal, yeah? But the whole country thing...... Hmmmmmm..........

    I don't know many all-girl bands, only the Spice Girls and TLC I think... Lesbian innuendo ftw?

    Did she serve you? Were you all, "Hey what's up? You're renovating my house. Let's be friends, oh, and let me meet Haley. I'm totally not being your friend for that reason, swear!" I'd probably end up saying that and screwing up my chances of meeting her What would you say if you got to meet Haley?!

    You're so much better than me, admit it, come on and HOLEE SHIAT! Nice car dude I've been trying to get a job at Barnes & Noble for ages, bastards won't call back though I might be able to work at Disneyland though! Where are you gonna work? OR want to work?

    Oh I'm not good at recommending Albums though! They only have two! I'd download the first, first. Ok, a song... Uhhh.... Here's one from their first album, it's massive.

    And one from their second,

    I hope you like

    Oh, and that girl is the guitarist/vocalist of Blood Red Shoes, and it's all goodinalesbianway
  5. Creeper McSexyPants
    10-09-2010 04:29 AM
    Creeper McSexyPants
    Hey! I was just strolling by your page to say a message was coming, and it just happened to say you were viewing some thread! DAAAAAAMMMMMMMMNNNNNNN, brother can't drop in and say hi?

    MSN? Well, I HAD one, but I deleted it, is it something I should obtain again?

    Funny you say that, because I've already reviewed TR! But now that I look back on it, it was terribly written and ridiculously biased

    Why must everyone ask if I know any famous people?! GRR! I don't, sorry, but I've met famousy people here. I think Will Smith, and Kenan from Kenan and Kel Have you ever met famousy people? So you can be like me and use the smilie AND ALL RIGHT SHEESH, I'll embed next time! Why the fury?

    OH DAMN, that band souns pretty sexy So you'd play rhythm and sing? TALENTED, HEY-O. All-girl band, I dunno why but they're so luzly /sorryifyoureaspicegirlsfanorsomething...

    This girl owns a restaurant AND knows Haley Williams? I grant you permission to become friends with her for any sort of reasons involving greed.

    Don't lecture me on which seasons to start with, I can do what I want Ok maybe I will start watching the 1st season
    You work?! I've been trying to get a job for like, a year, and no luck! What do you do? And you have a car too! You're so much better than me

    Have you heard of the Blood Red Shoes?

    She? she's... wha? enga.........ged........... whu... just................ All right, my real love was Laura-Mary Carter anyway
  6. Creeper McSexyPants
    09-09-2010 10:35 PM
    Creeper McSexyPants
    You're online! Hi! Response coming later! Bye!
  7. Creeper McSexyPants
    08-09-2010 05:09 AM
    Creeper McSexyPants
    OMG! I pitched the idea of reviewing a fall album for the A&E section, and everyone loved it! THANK YOU! Now which album should I review?

    Haha Orange County, y'know, like, The OC? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9cCMr1nYcA

    You post one first
    That's so I really know you'll blow them away though! All girl band? All guy and you?
    You're way too nice to me, but thank you!

    Ah ah ah, I get it! You actually want to be friends with her, right...

    I will, promise! After I finish series 2, 3, and 4
    It's so ridiculous! I watched it at like 2 a.m. on a school night 'cause I couldn't sleep, and I was so blown away, I decided to watch another. That second episode was Midnight, and I couldn't sleep
    Psh, you don't have a job?

    But, but, but.... Lotso! Pink teddy bear! CUTE! C'mon, show some heart!

    WWWWWHHHHHHHHAAAAATTTTTT?!!!!!?!?! Ok, now it's personal. You mess with Bonnie Wright, you mess with me. She looks great in every film, even in PS and CoS, I don't care if that sounds at all pedo, she's just that gorgeous

    I use the phu smily way too much... Sorry, I'm opinionated
  8. Creeper McSexyPants
    07-09-2010 12:34 AM
    Creeper McSexyPants

    Ok, for the school paper, we're supposed to bring in ideas about what to write and what students would want to read, but all I can think about is the Pakistan flood, and we're supposed to have like, 5 stories! HELP!

    OH HELL NAH YOU DIDN'T! California, thank you

    I'll only start filming myself if you do the same. But it may be difficult for me, considering I don't have a spiffy camera, or a drum set for that matter Ahem, I'll be the judge of whether it's lovely or not, and I've decided it is Does this band have a Myspace? I need to make sure your megatalent isn't being wasted on these people if not worthy! Oh yes! Dani's lyrics! Excitement level just went up a notch

    Making friends with her just to meet Haley?! SHALLOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW! Jk, worth it...
    and I'd do the same

    Would you be upset if I told you I haven't watched any Eccleston episodes? And mine would have to be, now don't laugh, The Unicorn and the Wasp! My first episode, the cheesiness and ness of the episode got me hooked!
    And if you're so concerned, why don't you just drive over here and take me yourself?!

    No! Lotso was just damaged, he was neglected, he just wanted love! The baby too! Don't blame him

    Ha, thanks! Ginny's just lookin' way too fine in the background, all scared and shit
    We love to express ourselves?
  9. Creeper McSexyPants
    06-09-2010 12:55 AM
    Creeper McSexyPants
    Stupid communion Sundays, making me eat a cracker and juice while I haven't had breakfast yet... Church is such a tease

    Psh, we're first statewide in basketball and wrestling, so poo on you

    NAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH I'm just tellin' it like it is, homegirl

    Oh haha no, I'd never film myself in a million years I don't have a drum set anyway, I only play on my mates. And I'd imagine your voice is lovely! I NEED TO HEAR IT!! And it's a bit funny, because I love my voice, but everyone else hates it /narcissistic
    Oh no way! Dani's ditties, descants, some other song synonym beginning with a D! I want to hear the one you're most proud of, please!

    Omg not weird at all dude! Just be all, "So you know Haley, I like Haley, let's make this work, yeah?" Super not weird, I can't believe you haven't acted on it yet!

    Haha oh, I didn't realize it went that far What's the best Doctor Who episode according to you? I don't have my license yet, I'm such a noob

    Ok good And yes, Toy Story 3 was so emotional... The scene... where they're being pulled into the incinerator.... and they all hold each other's hands...............

  10. Creeper McSexyPants
    05-09-2010 03:03 AM
    Creeper McSexyPants
    Waste of time the game was, we lost 42 to 7! Shoulda been on here instead, chillin' wit da homies

    Oh girl pleeeeze, I can tell you got what it takes, and I hardly know you! And that band would be lucky to have you play with them

    Haha uhhhhhhhh, I dunno? I mainly just cover songs, I haven't written many. But I would say I play lots of Muse, Radiohead, Bloc Party (which kills me) and etc... WHOA! So you're a natural then? I bet you have a lovely voice, and I'd assume you rip and shred as well! Oh I love the piano! Such a beautiful instrument, I usually just play Moonlight Sonata, the beginning only though And I'd really like to hear/read some of your lyrics sometime, if you're not shy about it

    Would you say you dig Haley?

    OHIKNOW! I barely got into Doctor Who like 6, 7 months ago! Even got my 7 year old sister into it! Though she prefers Matt Smith to my Tennant How long have you been watching? I do have a library, but it's like, 3 miles away, and I'm too lazy to walk/bike there

    Oh great, now I look like a megawimp but... Have you seen Toy Story 3? You must have cried during that?

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    i like long walks on the beach and pino coladas and getting lost in the rain

    remember when we used to be obsessed with muse yeah well this is what i told myself i kept lord why:
    Matt's Hair In 2006
    The lyrics to Resistance
    Muse's VMA performance
    Red streak in Matt's hair during the KOC vid
    The Undisclosed Desires video
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    arctic monkeys, white lies, franz ferdinand, eisley, kasabian, company of thieves, band of horses, the shins, pete & the pirates, anything jack white touches, my homegirl marina, mgmt, radiohead, pink floyd, pixies I guess??
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    ur mom's sex tape lol
    Favourite TV Shows
    it's really sad but i don't like doctor who anymore

    um basically lost
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    all of the ones i've written
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    literally everything it's really embarrassing
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