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  1. Creeper McSexyPants
    30-11-2010 05:50 AM
    Creeper McSexyPants
    Ha, everything is so skewed at the moment. I'll be back to tell you tomorrow.
  2. Creeper McSexyPants
    21-11-2010 04:45 AM
    Creeper McSexyPants
    Still ruthless..
    Haha yeah, the shirts never happened, she made one for herself but none for us. But one of my friends dressed up as Harry and I went as casual Dean Thomas

    Haha, so I've been getting closer with journalism girl, we're texting buddies now and we contemplate life together. She basically confessed I'm a superior version of her boyfriend today, but who knows... At least it's something?
  3. Creeper McSexyPants
    17-11-2010 12:54 AM
    Creeper McSexyPants
    Uh uh! Gale just wanted to kill, he hardly even remembered what he was killing for! But I do love him, but Peeta is just too damn wonderful.
    Ha! I wish, but nah, I'm George and this girl is going to be Fred

    Uh, it was 21 songs, I'll hit you up wit da list later, I'm on zed iPod. Ha, well she asked me to make her one, I didn't just decide to creepily make her one, took me 3 damn days though, I wanted it to be perfect. And she said it was perfection!
    Dawg, I feel ya! Boys are nasty and rude anyway.
  4. Creeper McSexyPants
    16-11-2010 01:22 AM
    Creeper McSexyPants
    Nah! Katniss needs Peeta, the timid artist who shows affection and love, unlike bloodthirsty Gale
    No costume, but my lovely friend is making these shirts for our group, with a different Weasley on every one You?!

    Ha, I guess not. She's coolio though! And yeah, journalism girl is the one I made the CD for. She texted me today and said it was the most she's ever loved an inanimate object Hopefully, but I mean, (no way to not sound sappy here,) if they're meant to be together, I feel terrible for wishing they'd breakup... But who knows... How's Dani's love life?
  5. Creeper McSexyPants
    16-11-2010 12:12 AM
    Creeper McSexyPants
    Haha, yeah a lot of people I know either hated the ending or got bored of the book and quit halfway. Personally, I liked the ending. I mean, Collins left like a million loose ends, but I'm whatevs on that. I've always been Team Peeta anyway (btw I'm totes reading DH right now in preparation for Thursday night )

    Ha! Uh, not much to say. We got partnered up for a poetry project and she's actually really cool, but I don't see it going anywhere. On the other hand, I met this super amazing wonderful girl in my journalism class who I've been talking to everyday, and I really, really like her. Only problem is, she has a boyfriend, and that boyfriend has been her best friend since like kindergarten, soooooo..... Yeah..... There's my little update
  6. Creeper McSexyPants
  7. Neon Leopard
    12-10-2010 01:04 AM
    Neon Leopard
    Awe, thanks so much!
  8. Trilateral_Symmetry_Com'n.
    09-10-2010 12:55 PM
    You posted this in a VM on my page: "So you're saying that MMers criticize Muse? I have not seen one post by a legit MMer that has anything negative toward Muse.
    Mockery and rude humor have a major difference. Grant it, some things in "Lolz" are giggle-worthy, but for the most part...not so much. I try to be as open-minded as I can at all times, so I can see the general direction of where the humor comes from, but I don't find it funny or original."

    Re. the first point: R U serious?!? "Legit" [??] MMers are just as critical of Muse as Banterers, although the latter camp is probably more snarky about it on the whole. Check out any gig thread, where the setlist beef sets in, for ex.

    Re. your second point as to humor, that's how I feel about the Banter forum subculture here. A bit too 4Chan-y for my taste. If you have a jones for spoofing off of Muse, you might want to try the caption thread in Other Muse Topics. The humor there is often very lolzy, only they don't bother with actual text superimpositions. (Their hit-and-miss ratio is probably about the same, though.) Also, their takes are strictly single-panel, so there's none of the annoyingly long storylines, point-by-point pop culture parodies, etc. that sometimes pop up in lolz. Different strokes for different folks...?
  9. Gigapoodle
    09-10-2010 06:44 AM
    Haha alrighty then

    I just feel bad because I've caused some beef in there and people have been all 'Oi take it up with that person don't drag the whole thread down'! And stuff. Ah well, if people enjoy the LOLZ, people enjoy the LOLZ.

    Wow I really got off track just then.
  10. Gigapoodle
    09-10-2010 06:25 AM

    Post it on her page, don't drag the whole thread down

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    i like long walks on the beach and pino coladas and getting lost in the rain

    remember when we used to be obsessed with muse yeah well this is what i told myself i kept lord why:
    Matt's Hair In 2006
    The lyrics to Resistance
    Muse's VMA performance
    Red streak in Matt's hair during the KOC vid
    The Undisclosed Desires video
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    ur mom's sex tape lol
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    it's really sad but i don't like doctor who anymore

    um basically lost
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    all of the ones i've written
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    literally everything it's really embarrassing
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