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  1. Luigi.
    08-02-2018 04:41 AM
    Alright, let's do this.

    The humor did border on the prequels type of humor but it didn't bother me that much. Canto Bright was a tad sloppy in execution but I think that's partly because of the movie's pacing, it never slows down. Leia was unexpected and not in a good way, I'll agree with you there. Maybe it will bother me less on a rewatch.

    It tried to symbolize their impending doom and I wasn't bothered by it. JL>Star Wars?

    Twas Logan, Blade Runner, Shape of Water, Good Time, IT, John Wick, Star Wars, Brawl in Cell Block 99, Raw and Split. What did you think of Shape of Water? I'm going to see I, Tonya this weekend hopefully, after waiting weeks for it to reach my area.

    So have you seen them all yet? I want to discuss them. And that new Cloverfield movie was just...damn.
  2. Luigi.
    01-02-2018 04:19 AM
    No worries, its alright. Haven't had a chance to reply on here, been busy. Will try another night.
  3. Luigi.
    07-01-2018 04:21 AM

    Oh well.

    What didn't you like about TLJ? I am curious. The topless scene caught off guard and I couldn't help chuckling at that moment.
    That would have been extremely cheesy with Ahkbar...they should have done that.

    TLJ also made it into my top 10 of the year and I already posted it on the other forum I frequent. Side note, I am loving it on that other forum, I've found my geeky brethren. I went all fancy on my list again and see if you can guess some of the films. /shameless plug
    Link(Not a virus...maybe)

    Alright, I won't tell you, even though I'm very tempted to do so. I've only seen the first three episodes and contemplating skipping Hang the DJ to go straight into Metalhead tonight. I would much rather some post-apocalytic goodness instead of another romantic episode. Thanks and hopefully you liked your brother's present. Now, that's a classic. Fantastic choice of film.
  4. Luigi.
    29-12-2017 05:55 AM
    You're tempting me to just find the ending of Crisis 4 on youtube.

    Emphasis on "VYE".
    Yeah, they could have just cut out Aquaman and the film wouldn't have been any different. Really though, it wouldn't have been.

    So did ya like the film? I really enjoyed The Last Jedi. It is purely a Rian Johnson film, flaws and all. And I wouldn't change anything at all. Yes, there's some muddled sections of the film but it shows how it is truly Rian's film and not made by a committee. The direction was solid and the cinematography was fantastic. It is surprising and almost cringe inducing how childish some Star Wars fans are acting towards this film. They're acting as if its the worst film ever made, which boggles my mind. And also harrasing others that actually like the film. Not to mention the cringe/facepalm inducing fan petitions that have been cropping up. They really need to grow up.
    Kylo Ren grew on me considerably and he was by far the best thing about the film.
    DAT SCENE with Yoda!

    Black Mirror in a few hours! Happy/Merry Christmas to you and hope it was fun!! I got a Star Wars shirt so I got to wear it while watching The Last Jedi.

    Yeah, thankfully we still have net protections in place. Nevertheless, its necessary to keep an eye out for what happens next. I've never seen Iron Chef. My sister did get me into Chopped which is very entertaining. I also saw a Canadian Masterchef marathon a few months ago.
  5. Luigi.
    23-12-2017 03:16 AM
    You sure seem to know a lot about that for someone who's never done that.

    I don't know, it can't be worse that the Arrow clip you showed me months ago, that was atrocious. Overgirl>Supergirl.

    Well now that I know that, every time that I meet a violist I'm going to pronounce it "vye-oh-la" to annoy them.
    It was strange also how Wonder Woman got so little to do in that film despite having a huge success earlier in the year.

    Don't tell me how you feel about Star Wars yet, I still need to see it. The polarizing reactions are making me so excited. Black Mirror next week!

    I've actually become a bit more optimistic about the situation about the huge opposition the FCC is currently facing. Its becoming more and more likely that net neutrality will remain in place so yay for that.

    I've recently become hooked on The Best Thing That I Ever Ate and Carnival Eats. The first show is about random restaurants that serve fantastic meals and they look so good. I don't know why I watch it since I'm nowhere close to those places. Not to mention that about 90% of the locations featured in that show are in New York. Carnival Eats isn't any better since it features the fattiest and sugary foods you will ever see but they look so good. This is what I get for checking out the Cooking channel.
  6. Luigi.
    15-12-2017 03:59 AM
    Oh boy, now that's quite a selection. Have fun doing that.

    Thanks! You should look up the answers to that test on the web to make it easier. Not that I have ever done that in my life, nope, never once.

    Speaking about The Flash, I missed the first night of the Crisis event and thus I didn't watch the second night. Wish I hadn't forgotten about it but from the clips I've seen on Youtube it looked freaking awesome. The church fight alone was better than Justice League.
    The dialogue between Superman and Lois Lane was shockingly bad. Superman's wonky mouth CGI on the big screen almost justifies this film's existence. I will have to admit that Ezra's Flash did get one chuckle out of me, the only one I had during the entire film. It was when he brought Pet Sematary after Superman was revived. I'm gonna look up how to pronounce viola properly on youtube now.
    Now on to ranting, first of all the CGI was dismal at various points during the film which is surprising since it had a huge budget. Steppy was such a dull villain and thus the film had no stakes and I was bored throughout it. Not to mention that they kept trying to make us worry about a random Russian family and they kept cutting back to them, each time got more tiresome. This film also gave Fantastic Four(2015) competition for the most blatant reshoots. And well, I kinda forgot the rest of my rant since its late but the last thing is that Superman's personality change felt really unearned. He's just as bland as before and it never felt earned and thus felt cheap.

    That's probably the most nitpicky rant I've ever done.

    So are you going to watch it tonight? I'm most excited about the Trek episode and I can't wait.

    Net Neutrality has been overturned. There is still hope in that Congress saves it but yeah its a mess. Its blatant corruption in that FCC overturned it despite people voicing their concerns.
  7. Luigi.
    06-12-2017 04:22 AM
    That's awesome, its always fun having Xmas spirit.:nod: Do you guys pick a theme each year?

    Yeah, but they're not too worrisome this semester actually, which is great. Good luck on your exams!

    First Thor film is decent fun and the second one is pretty dull, except it does liven up when Loki is on screen. Wonder Woman is decent imo. It's got a boring first act, wonderful second act and then an extremely messy third act, which is a shame. Its got a good movie in there, its just stuck in between two weaker acts. I finally saw Justice League the other day and I didn't like it. I actually want to rant about it. Wonder Woman was by far the best thing about it. Its funny to think about how fanboys protested Gal's casting as Wonder Woman back in the day. Superman's lip, and performance in the film, were truly awful. Oh and it made appreciate Grant Gustin as the Flash, he's leagues about Ezra Miller. Oops, I'm ranting already.

    Nope, I'm not going to even try since I already know that they're sold out. I'm planning a late night showing with friends but even the late night ones are sold out. Have fun at the screening! Come in dressed in a Trekkie shirt. Speaking of Trek related stuff, there's new trailers for the new season of Black Mirror and one looks like a Trek spoof. Its so exciting. I'm not letting down my guard down though, I have a feeling that the brightly colored Trek episode is going to be the darkest one of the new season.

    I'm not that optimistic about it though, since the current administration seems to ignoring the concerns from the public. Hopefully it turns out well though.
  8. Luigi.
    03-12-2017 08:24 PM
    Oh yeah, I don't envy him. It did give me horrible flashbacks to when Miltank would demolish my teams.

    Another idea that I got was Michelle from 10 Cloverfield Lane in her hazmat suit.

    I know and its so exciting. Christmas lights on houses, Xmas spirit in the air, and top 10 lists being written. Oh and lest not forget the most important thing: eggnog!

    I haven't had to watch that or Thor 3 yet, I've been lagging. I've been hearing that JL is truly awful and that's my main motivation to watch it. Glad to hear that you liked it though. So, how was Superman's CGI mouth on the big screen? December is PACKED with a ton of great looking films and I recently got Moviepass so that I can watch them. Excited for The Shape of Water, Disaster Artist, Star Wars and I, Tonya.

    I know, its truly awful. One optimistic aspect about it is that the reaction has been extremely vocal and people have been contacting their representatives to try to preserve it. I really hope that we don't lose it.
  9. Luigi.
    25-11-2017 03:50 AM
    I actually ended up running into a speedrunner on Youtube called Werster and he speedruns Pokemon games. He uploads the best of the clips and its hilarious how the games like to screw him over.

    That makes it a convenient costume. Well the only one that I can think about off the top of my head is Jill Valentine. Did you actually make the mask for the costume? Probably, yeah, if he doesn't die next season.

    Thanks! It was good, a bit too good with the food comas and all.
  10. Luigi.
    13-11-2017 03:57 AM
    Same here and I thought I was being thorough in my search and yet when I look on Youtube, I find out that I missed a lot of items. Also, accidentally ran into speedruns of The Last of Us and the amount of practice that must go into those, I can't even imagine.

    Happy to hear that Supernatural is great at the moment. I was actually flipping channels the other day and saw some of the episode. It was the one with the shapeshifter when he beat up Dean and took his place.

    Oh, that's an awesome costume choice. I started thinking too late about my costume and by the time it came I wasn't ready. My idea was to go as Ed Kemper from the new show Mindhunter. Its easy clothes wise but I didn't have the necessary mustache. Next year though.

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