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  1. Luigi.
    14-01-2017 07:00 AM
    Speaking of action movies, I am very excited for John Wick 2 in a few weeks.

    Nah, I think that was Tentacruel. I don't think I've ever used Slaking against you. We could battle again since school is probably going to start up again.

    Yeah, I can understand that. Not to mention that I have no knowledge of the books.

    Metal Gear is life, Metal Gear is reason.
    I mean I understand why she was acting selfishly but she still didn't take into account how Kelly felt.

    I know it was predictable but I really enjoyed the scene where Michael Kelly the truth about the roaches.

    I agree about the ending of Hated in the Nation going on too long. It would have ended the episode on a more effective tone. Despite that, they really did a good job on a plot that could have easily been silly (robo-bees). Thinking about it, that is a horrifying way to die.

    Now to wait probably two more years for more episodes.

    Are you in the third season now?
  2. Luigi.
    10-01-2017 05:35 AM
    Also agree with what you're saying about the message becoming unimportant all of a sudden.

    Yeah, K2SO's deadpan delivery could be viewed as tiresome but I didn't mind that much since the other characters were so dull. The blind monk and his friend were alright but I do wish that their death scenes had carried more emotional weight. I'm a self-proclaimed action fan and I've never seen IP Man.

    I also forgot to mention one of the most bothersome scenes in the film and that was the tentacle scene. It was jarring and silly that it took me out of the film.

    Nah, it's Gen 3 and it's so-so now. I've made a decent team after experimenting around and I have to say Choice Band Slaking is a beast if used correctly.

    My friend is actually trying to get me into watching Game of Thrones but I have to admit that the number of episodes is quite daunting.

    I'm actually one of the few people on here who loves Nosedive. Yeah, it doesn't do much with its themes but I had a blast watching it. I'm a sucker for black comedies and road trips filled with wacky misadventures. I would try to stay true to myself or I think I would. Who knows, maybe in five years when that becomes our reality.

    Playtest was actually my least favorite of the new season. I thought it was bland and boring. I could tell where it was going and the over-acting wasn't doing it any favors. I will admit that I did feel sorry for the guy and he really should not have turned on his phone. Throughout the episode, I kept thinking of the CEO as an evil Hideo Kojima, not sure if you know him.

    It's a toss up between Shut Up and Hated for my favorite of the new season. It was a properly bleak episode and delivered everything that I wanted from a Black Mirror episode, including the twist at the end. I don't know, back in my younger years I may have gotten a virus or two from doing the same thing. It happens when you're young alright.

    Yeah I agree with you on San Junipero. Not to mention that it takes quite a while to get going. Even though I didn't love this episode, I have to admit that the scene when she sees Yorkie in real life was really well done. They really should have delved deeper into the philosophical aspects of it. It also bugged me how Kelly eventually went back to Yorkie in the end. She honestly had no reason to. Yorkie insulted her dead husband and gave Kelly no reason to stay behind it.

    Shame on you. Men Against Fire was predictable but I really liked the way it was handled. The execution helped it's predictable plot. Hated in the Nation is an interesting procedural that eventually hits in you the gut so be prepared.
    So for me it's
    Shut Up and Dance/Hated in the Nation
    San Junipero
    Men Against Fire

    I've actually heard that the second season of The 100 is fantastic stuff and that it overcome it's corniness rather quickly. Glad to hear that you're enjoying it.
  3. Luigi.
    05-01-2017 05:16 AM
    -As fun as the Vader scene was, it did feel like fan service that was tacked on. And boy, did this movie have a lot of fan service in it.

    -I will praise some of the action but only to a certain extent. The final battle had some good sequences Gareth Edwards showed off his sense of scale when the AT-ATs first showed up. Despite that, I was not connected to the characters so the battle was not as affecting as it could have been. However, the city battle in Non-Tatooine had horrific editing. I found it difficult to tell what was happening in that city battle. Also, they need to stop doing faux-Tatooine planets, give us something different.

    -The biggest flaw that I had was that Krennic was an extremely weak villain. He actually gives Joker from Suicide Squad a run for his money. He accomplished nothing in the film and is nothing more than a minor inconvenience at the end of the film.

    -Since you brought up Saw, I do have to agree he was way too over the top. I actually found it hard to take it seriously. For a film that was trying to be gritty, I found it a bit silly.

    -I did not mind Vader's quips in the film since he was a bit sassy in the original trilogy as well. Also, you have to admit that was a nice pun.

    -I fully agree about the main cast of characters being extremely forgettable and boring. Have to admit, that I found K-2SO to be my fav character by the third act since everyone else was dull as dish water.

    -You mentioned lazy scenes and I have one in particular that annoys me. The rebellion betrays and basically uses Jyn to kill her father(and almost her as well) and then a few hours later she's giving a rousing speech to the same rebellion. She completely forgets about what the rebellion did to her a few hours earlier.

    -I did not mind the lack of a Star Wars crawl since it was trying to be its own thing, for better or worse.

    I'll think of more later. There's bound to be some grammatical errors in there due to the rambling.

    Been experimenting with different teams on Pokemon Showdown and I still keep getting wrecked.

    The other day there was a binge marathon for the new show Search Party that I started watching halfway through and I ended up loving it.
  4. Luigi.
    03-01-2017 06:36 AM
    Haven't had time to reply yet but I will this week, at some point, I think. Rogue One has been getting worse the more that I think about it.

    Happy New Year!
  5. Luigi.
    26-12-2016 07:11 AM
    Merry Christmas!!!
    Hope it was fun.

    Congrats on the grade/mark!

    She would never let it go if you were say it huh? And yes, I have seen Rogue One now and it was decent. Full spoiler disclosure when you see it.
  6. Luigi.
    22-12-2016 06:13 AM
    I couldn't do that since it would only make me anxious.

    Yeah, pretty much. I've managed to stay clear of Red Wedding spoilers which I am very proud of.

    Probably spend it with the family and not much else. This year we decided to do a Christmas with a Charlie Brown Xmas tree and have to admit that the tree has got an endearing charm about it. I have not had a chance to catch Rogue One yet but hopefully I will have seen by the end of the weekend. Have not seen Fantastic Beasts either. Have you seen that film?
  7. Luigi.
    21-12-2016 07:03 AM
    That is way too soon. The grades should be posted sometime this week but I am going to wait until after Christmas to check them. Mainly since I like seeing all of my grades at once.

    I bet that Joe Gilgun is great in it. Yeah, haven't seen it either but oddly enough I do know of his character. I've kinda spoiled some of his scenes for myself on youtube because of the things that I had heard.
  8. Luigi.
    19-12-2016 06:48 AM
    Yeah! I'm finally free of school...well at least for a month now. No problem and at least you weren't alone on that. When do you guys get your grades for that?

    Everybody in Vancouver is Mary Poppins then with their umbrellas.

    Haven't seen Misfits but I've always heard about it. How far into it are you? I'm especially familiar with this gif from that show.
  9. Luigi.
    11-12-2016 04:05 AM

    Hopefully they will be and thanks! Good luck on yours as well. Sixty percent is a bit excessive isn't it? Nah, you should go harder on them, make them sweat a bit.

    Ah, so that's autumn in Vancouver. You might have as well have bought rain boots.
  10. Luigi.
    10-12-2016 03:42 AM
    Wait?! You guys have The Force Awakens on Netflix? That's not fair. Finals are next week and I'm optimistic about them.
    Edit:I just saw you guys also have the LOTR trilogy and all of the seasons of the Legend Of Korra. That's not fair.
    Doing well in most of my classes except for one that's a bit worrisome. Have you graded the finals of the other students yet?

    That's great to hear! Hey, do whatever you like. Snowforts do look like a lot of work though. It's perma-cloudly/slightly muggy with rain every once in a while. So yeah, not sure what that counts as in Canada.

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