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    13-04-2014 05:40 AM
    It's fine, I've been super busy too! School and my internship are taking up so much of my time, but at least I am enjoying it. I finished my last midterm on Thursday. Now I just have papers and finals left. Isn't that the worst, when you think you're taking an easy class and it ends up being way more work than you expected. I hope your finals are going well! It's so great that summer starts for you so soon! What are you going to be doing?

    It's going alright! We are 6-5. Still 151 won games left, so it's hard to make any judgements. A couple of our players are not hitting the ball at all, but for the most part it's going well. The Cardinals are going to be in DC next weekend so I'm going to the game!

    Yeah, break was great. Kinda bums me out that I won't be home for all of summer, but it'll be fin to be in DC too. OH! Did I tell you that next semester I'll be studying abroad in Belgium? I am so excited!

    Right now, I am watching the animated Star Wars: the Clone Wars show. It's a kids show, but I really like it
  2. Luigi.
    10-04-2014 11:55 PM
    You terrible person. It was kind of Freddy's fault since he told Frank about the pigs.

    I vaguely remember Dragon Tales. Emphasis on vaguely. Had no idea about that.

    I've been pretty good. Exams are coming up and soon I'll be able to enjoy summer. You?

    I've sent a username change request to admin so you might see a change soon.
    31-03-2014 01:09 AM
    I've still got about a month of school left. I think it's four weeks of classes and then a week of final exams. I still have midterms left...which is annoying. But things are going okay so far. How is your semester going? Classes interesting?

    The Cardinals first game of the season is tomorrow! Things look good so far. No major injuries *knock on wood* and the new players we traded for are looking pretty good. Exactly! I hope the Cardinals can break the trend this year. Speaking of sports, I don't know if you saw, but my college (American University) made March Madness! We lost in the first round, but it was still cool to get to watch them.

    It snowed today even! It's been a ridiculous winter. not that I am complaining though; I love snow so much. Spring break was fun! I just went home and hung out with my family for a week. It was a good time though

    How are you liking House of Cards? I really enjoyed it but I never know who to root for. I liked Peter Russo but that didn't turn out so well...

    That's really cool! I'm glad you were able to find them!
  4. Luigi.
    19-03-2014 05:03 AM
    He has too much pride to see himself fail. Exactly, he's very likeable. Remy was working for the other side but he's likeable. I can see why people would find annoying but I like him.
    Seems that he may become join Frank's side next season too. What did you think of Zoe's sudden death?

    Really? -goes to Google- Oh wow it was her. I had no idea.
  5. Luigi.
    18-03-2014 02:03 AM
    No worries, school is important.

    I actually haven't checked out anything about the BBC version. My prediction is that
    he'll lose everything and commit suicide in the last episode. I think that the final shot will be a close up of his ring on a table as we hear him firing the gun off camera.
    Anyways, that's my prediction. Your prediction is good too.
    Who are your favorite characters? I surprisingly have a lot of favorite characters on this show. They are: Frank, Claire, Freddy, Meechum, Remy, Christina and the hacker guy and Cashew.
  6. Luigi.
    04-03-2014 01:46 AM
    Well there's always next time. You guys should be worried.

    That was quick. Thoughts on it?
    24-02-2014 05:05 AM
    Things have just gotten busier! I am doing pretty well, but I can't think of a time I have been this busy. And it's only going to get worse as the semester goes on, with final papers and such. My classes are mostly still interesting though, so that's good

    They are slowly but surely getting better. I though they would make a big improvement this year but didn't. Oh well, onto baseball season now! All the predictions have the Cardinals as the best team in baseball. Which is great, but also makes me nervous because the team that is predicted to be the best never finishes the best.

    Spring break is in two weeks! I need it very badly. Though much of it is going to be spent doing homework of course. We've had two more snow days also; it has snowed way more than average so far.

    After I finished Breaking Bad I started House of Cards. Literally everyone here watches it, because everyone loves politics and stuff.

    That's so cool! What an awesome thing they did! Were you able to find them? I hope so!
  8. Luigi.
    23-02-2014 02:11 AM
    I actually haven't been watching the Olympics but the US/Canada hockey match caught my attention. I didn't know about the Bieber poster. I'm going to look that up now.
  9. Luigi.
    22-02-2014 08:54 PM
    The description that you told me does make it sound like other CW-esque shows. Maybe they're trying to tap into the young crowd that watches their other shows. Hopefully it's not chessy or melodramatic as other shows.

    Surprised that you're not bragging about Canada beating the US in hockey yesterday.
  10. Luigi.
    18-02-2014 06:21 AM
    No problemo.

    You better not judge me.
    Those type of characters are interesting to watch. You see them do terrible things but you still want them to succeed.

    The ratings probably won't be an issue. I had no idea that the head honcho was a big fan of the show. The spinoff show is probably going to help keep Supernatural alive. Hopefully it turns out to be good.

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