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  1. Luigi.
    26-07-2015 01:26 AM
    That's smart of you. My favorite companion was Sergeant RL-3. He was actually to survive the whole game with me. Durable bastard. I accidentally hit him with mini nukes a few times. He went a bit far with his insults though.

    Yeah it might be worth it just for the experience. Plus British crowds always look fun. Keep an eye out for anything abnormal at Stonehenge!

    It's awesome right now. Been having fun with friends and been up to no good. Looking forward to closing out the summer with MI5 next week. It's the last big film of the summer for me.
  2. Luigi.
    29-06-2015 06:49 PM
    Tesla Cannon is awesome. Right now my favorite is a minigun called Eugene. Most satisfying weapon for me though are frag grenades. Do you have any companions? Two of them died on me pretty quickly.

    At least Revolt isn't the worst song on the album.

    Sounds you had a great time in SF. I've actually never been to Alcatraz either. Lucky! Are you going to go to any local gigs in London?
  3. Luigi.
    18-06-2015 09:35 PM
    Lockpicking is so easy though. Right now I'm messing with big guns like the miniguns. Fallout 4 is coming out in November.

    Yeah might not be best with that sketchy internet. You might want to keep that to yourself since most of the board hates Revolt. Well the last time I checked anyways. Drones and Aftermath are the weakest.

    How's California been for you?
  4. Luigi.
    09-06-2015 09:14 PM
    I'm doing great on ammo right now. Speech is an awesome skill to have.:nod: It's great scaring off people and pushing them for more caps. I hate science and computer hacking. I lack the patience for it. I've gotten locked out of computers for being impatient with them. Lockpicking is way easier for me.

    They need to give Wentworth more puns next year. Have you heard the Globalist yet? I'm a bit disappointed in it. The middle part is fantastic but the rest isn't as good. Drones is definitely a weird closer for the album.
  5. Luigi.
    05-06-2015 05:35 AM
    Yeah, best stock up on that.

    I recently bought Fallout 3 so I'm new to it too. I actually started over again and I'm a good guy again. I still rob people blind in their homes. Energy weapons, guns and explosives grenades. What skills do you specialize in? I specialize in energy weapons, lockpick, small guns, explosives, repair and speech.
    Fallout 4 looks awesome. I expect that it'll come out next year. With Fallout 4 and Metal Gear Solid 5, I finally have some incentive to buy a PS4.

    The character of Iris isn't that well written and hopefully they improve on that next season. Have to say that Cisco grew on me big time. At first I thought he was trying to hard to be funny but he grew on me. Captain Cold is awesome. You can tell Wentworth Miller is loving it.
    I'm kind of hoping that they make Grodd the main villain of season two but then again that would be too expensive. Excited to see what they do with the multiverses and speedsters.

    Thoughts on Muse's new album? Haven't heard Aftermath and Drones yet. Loving Reapers, Handler and Defector. Like Psycho, Globalist and Dead Inside. Mercy is decent. Revolt is .
  6. Luigi.
    26-05-2015 03:56 AM
    Yeah, I always do the side quests too. The main story is kind of boring compared to the side quests. I'm pretty thorough with my looting in new places and with the bodies of enemies that I killed. The expansions are great too. Currently doing the Point Lookout expansion and hate how the hillbillies do ridiculous amounts of damage with weak guns. On my first playthrough I played as a good guy and right now I'm playing as an evil dick. I'm doing well with caps and weapons too. Loved the alien disintegrator.

    Have to say that I'm surprised that The Flash ended up being so good. I thought that the first trailer looked average and man this show has proven me wrong.
    They did a great job with Grodd considering they only have a tv budget to work with. The Green Lantern reference was pretty fun too. I didn't think that Eddie would die either. To be honest, I thought Ronnie was going to die. Ronnie had all the telltale signs that his character would die with him marrying Caitling and telling her that he was never going to leave her. It's a small nitpick but why did they have to make Killer Frost blonde. They couldn't have given her short blue hair. Legends of Tomorrow looks cheesy but fun.
    Loved the first season too.
  7. Luigi.
    20-05-2015 02:39 AM
    Congrats and have fun. You're lucky that it's been a bit cold in Cali this summer so far. I've been having a great time. Been kind of addicted to playing Fallout 3.

    Yeah, that helped push him over the edge by not being able to work for Frank. Petrov was pretty similar to Frank and he managed to get the upper hand on him a few times. I'm hoping that they don't drag it out with more than four seasons. They need to end it while it's still strong. I was surprised that he kept trying to do the right thing for the country. On a side note, Claire looks better as a brunette. Oh and Freddy was brutal with crushing his grandson's dreams.

    Probably took them one day to drink all of them.
    I live about nine hours from LA so yeah I couldn't go. Would have loved to have seen AP and Assassin.

    Did you see The Flash season finale?
  8. press_pony
    17-05-2015 06:40 AM
    Guess I'll post here since L. was a compete buzzkill and nixed my first revival attempt!

    Just wanting to revive a thread for us far and few Canadians who have a divine ear for music and recognize Muse (and especially Mr. Bellamy) for the Gods they are

    The 2nd Law/Unsustainable Tour a few years back was my first Muse Concert (unfortunately I heard about the Resistance Tour the day AFTER it came to Vancouver, I was CRUSHED. Hearing Exogenesis live would've caused multiple orgasms )
    I was PISSED OFF at the reception the crowd gave Muse during that show. They rocked the house despite having the flu. I don't think I stopped vibrating the whole night.

    I really hope they come back to Vancouver this tour!
  9. Luigi.
    15-03-2015 05:32 AM
    No problemo.

    So I finished the last episodes and now it's spoiler time.
    I thought it was good but not as strong as the first two seasons. Dunbar never got on my nerves. She was a decent adversary. Doug lost me near the end with how he became an obsessive stalker and then killed Rachel. One of my favorite moments was Frank smirking at the catfight that he caused in the debate. I went back and forth between liking and disliking Petrov. I wouldn't mind a spinoff with Petrov. I also think that the final scene should have been stronger. Oh and I'm happy that Freddy has a job now.
    Has Remy grown on you yet?

    I'm out of the loop with bands compared to the guys in the Other Bands section. Have you heard of Red Fang? They make hilarious music videos.

    Assassin and Muscle Museum have returned!
  10. Luigi.
    14-03-2015 12:56 AM
    Awesome, congrats on getting that.

    It was weird seeing Frank on the defensive for most of the season. I missed seeing Frank scheming behind the scenes. I have two episodes left. Needed more Freddy and Meechum. I'm not a fan of the book writer since I'm finding him boring.

    Nice! They probably are going to create another album soon since they're probably tired of playing the same 13/14 songs over and over again.

    Depends on whether or not they're going to do a SA tour in the fall. Hoping that they bring back Assassin, MK Ultra and Muscle Museum for this tour. Knock on wood.

    Wish you good luck on the rest of the questions.

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