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  1. Luigi.
    Yesterday 04:11 AM
    Hot damn, that's almost like working full time. So they smushed it all together it at once huh? Sucks to hear that. You'll be able pull through it, no worries. Did they do well on their midterms or did you just shake your head? I'm saving Supernatural for next summer when it's all done to do it at once. And to read which ones are filler(). Still haven't see the new episodes of The Flash either. Funny thing is that I'm hearing that the new season of Arrow is far better than the new season of The Flash.
    However, I am watching the new Black Mirror. Have only seen the first three episodes so far. Two of them are definitely visually different from the previous Black Mirror episodes which threw me off a bit. Nosedive and Shut Up And Dance are far better than Playtest imo. Playtest's twist was a bit easy to see from a distance and the main character was a tad annoying. Shut Up And Dance is by far the bleakest of them all.

    Nah, haven't done the ladder yet. I tried out some teams/strategies in Double OU for a while and had little success. One of my strategies was a pure Fire team which turned out alright. However, Rock Slide just annihilates it. Had some new Gen 3 teams and I keep losing in them. Despite that, I am winning most of the time in Random Battles and it's pretty fun. I took out a Lugia with a Ledian once and yes I am proud of that.
  2. Luigi.
    14-10-2016 05:09 AM
    You should look up the Slowpoke Song if you're in the mood for a treat.

    Nah, you can do far better than Skarmory. It's alright, no worries. We've each got stuff to deal with, mainly schoolwork, and it's okay. I've been busy creating teams, hoping that they're good enough to beat your teams. I've made a Gen 3 little cup team, Gen 2 little cup and two new Gen 3 teams. Yeah, I've surprisingly had a lot of time to create teams. And most shockingly of all, there's no Snorlax or Skarmory on my two new Gen 3 teams.
  3. Luigi.
    13-10-2016 03:44 AM
    Posted a reply on my own page.

    All hail Slowpoke. Assimilation is inevitable.

    Yeah, it looks a fun thing to do. Surprised that no one else had try that. I could suggest Slowpoke but that would be overdoing the joke.
  4. Luigi.
    11-10-2016 05:43 AM
    Oh I know that you have Skarmory on all your teams. Had no idea that there was a giant Pikachu statue over there. Have you seen this?

    Happy Thankgiving! Now that's some fine craftsmanship. Honestly have no idea how I would start carving that since I don't have any artistic skill.
  5. Luigi.
    10-10-2016 04:19 AM
    Yo get on Poke Showdown.
  6. Luigi.
    09-10-2016 05:33 AM
    Yeah, the giant halloween head is really hard to find.

    Whenever I get a Pokemon in random battles that knows Toxic Spikes, I spam the hell out of that move. Not that familiar with Klefki but that sounds like an extremely annoying combination. Oh, I know about Baton Pass doing all of that, people love doing that with Ninjask's Speed Boost and Sword Dance. One of my favorite combos in my Gen 2/3 teams is Umbreon with Mean Look and Baton Pass. Nothing fancy but it gets the job done. Also have a Ludicolo that has Rain Dish ability with Rain Dance, Leech Seed and Giga Drain so it's basically a rage inducing tank. One of my biggest peeves in Gen2/3 battling is people that have a Skarmory that knows Whirlwind. Takes forever to kill it. Oh, I know that it's incredibly deep and thoughtful. I saw on Youtube the other day that there's national championships for the TCG which surprised me. Didn't think that anyone played TCG still and I never caught on to those.
  7. Luigi.
    04-10-2016 07:29 PM
    Have to admit that I'm having trouble telling if that's a real person or a doll in that machine. This is actually what I'm trying to do this year. Looks simple enough to do, just need to find the materials. The hardest one by far is the giant pumpkin head prop, not sure where to find one locally. Your town needs to get visited by the spirit of Halloween.

    Yeah, I'm enjoying this far more than Pokemon Go. The battling aspect always interested me more than catching them. Really surprised that Pokemon Showdown hasn't taken off in popularity. I've been learning about Gen VI in the random battles with random teams. Toxic Spikes is such an overpowered move. Ah, that makes sense of why I haven't run into legendaries with the exception of Zapdos and Celebi. So far, I've been doing really well in Generation 2. However, in Gen 3 battles I'm being destroyed. People have some really clever strategies with abilities in Gen 3 that overwhelm my team and I keep trying to improve my team to no avail. There was one battle in which a Cacturne swept my entire team. My name is PrehistoricDogz and I'm occasionally on there, preferably in the evenings.
  8. Luigi.
    30-09-2016 04:55 AM
    I did it! Or I think I did.

    I'm looking forward to sprucing up the front yard with Halloween decorations. I've never done cheap DIY Halloween decoration before and I'm interested in trying some of them out this year. It'll probably go up in flames. No Halloween spirit at your school? What kind of school is that? That's cool that you made a Squirrel Girl costume, that's a fun one. Just looked up some of the pranks and they're hilarious. Future Dwight warning Dwight about the coffee was my favorite.

    Yeah, I'm loving Pokemon Showdown. So far I only have Gen 2 and Gen 3 teams. It's really fun in that there's no level grinding involved and you can teach any move to any Pokemon that you want. I'm undefeated with my Gen 2 team so far. I've messing around with my Gen 3 team so I haven't been as successful with them. Wobbuffet is a tank if someone knows how to use him correctly. The powerhouse of my teams so far has been Snorlax. I'm going to test my luck with other Gen 2 battles and see how it goes. I'm surprised that I've only run into one legendary (Zapdos) so far.I'll battle you one day, when we're both online which is extremely rare.:P A funny joke that I keep hearing about the new Doom is that it actually has an interesting story but the main character doesn't give a damn about it.
  9. Luigi.
    27-09-2016 05:39 AM
    No rush about it. Same here with school work and I've been procrastinating on a paper due in a few days.

    Maybe go in expecting something that sticks close to the original. I've actually forgotten about the Exorcist premiering on Fox. Still haven't seen American Horror Story out which is strange since I'm a fan of horror anthologies. Also, that reminds that it's almost that special time of the year. How are you enjoying The Office? Have the characters changed in good or bad ways? Yeah, I've read that some of the additions make the film more of a slog to get through. Only way to find out how bad the original cut is.

    I've been seeing the trailers of Sun and Moon and it looks like they're revamping some things about Pokemon. It's going to be interesting seeing the public's reaction to those additions. Pokemon showdown looks really fun, I had no idea about it. Thanks for telling me about it. Maybe I'll face you on there some day. Talking about games, I'm still unimpressed about what I've seen about Resident Evil 7. They're bringing back the "horror" element but it seems to copying PT and Outlast more than old school RE.
  10. Luigi.
    22-09-2016 04:21 AM
    Wait, are you talking about Atlanta or Black Mirror?

    I've been thinking about Blair Witch for almost a week now and it keeps getting more disappointing the more that I dwell on it. There was some fun moments and ideas but they decided to play it safe. Maybe you would like it more than I did. Man, your friend probably wouldn't have been able to handle the ending of it. You watched the Ultimate Cut? What did you think of it?

    Yeah, don't overwhelm the art students with that science mumbo jumbo.

    It's a rumor that I keep hearing about them expanding in the upcoming months. I haven't heard about people quitting their jobs and yet I'm not surprised. My friends keep recommending Omega to me but I still have time to decide since I don't have a 3DS yet. I'll maybe get both X and Ruby. You could probably beat me since my knowledge of Pokemon is only until Gen 3. Those new abilities and items could wreck me. Nah, I don't go for the perfect EVs since it's too much effort.

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