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  1. Luigi.
    Today 04:58 AM
    That's a shame that Felicity always saves the day. Is her black sidekick useful or not? Yeah, I've already seen the final fight in all of it's horrible glory. These men were trained by the League of Shadows and that's the best that they can muster up? However, I hadn't seen the scene where Oliver encourages people to give him their hope. I wasn't sure of what to expect but it was worse than I imagined. Reminds me of DBZ when Goku receives energy for his spirit bomb./DBZ lingo. So Felicity murdered 10,000 people huh? And I'm guessing it's swept under the rug? Are you going to watch the fifth season? I think you should so you can keep ranting.
    I also watched Legends of Tomorrow for a while but I gave up on it. It has so many plot holes and time paradoxes that I'm surprised that the Arrow universe hasn't rebooted numerous times already. However, I will say that Sarah, Stein and Captain Cold were by far the best reasons to watch the show.

    I don't think he would be able to send them to Jamaica since it's not religious themed. I'm assuming that Jesse's power can only send people to Heaven or Hell. I'm glad that he wasn't really God since that would have angered numerous Christians and AMC would have faced their wrath.

    Here's a list of disturbing things about the comic that will never(probably) never be seen on TV, including Quincannon.

    I agree that the family dynamic isn't interesting at all since they're so stereotypical, especially with the father. Despite that, I'm still going to watch it for the five main characters and see where it goes. I'm also baffled by the Barb fanbase. She wasn't that interesting of a character. I'm guessing that people are relating to her but still she wasn't that well of a developed character.

    It was disappointing but there were some good things such as Viola Davis, Will Smith and Jay Hernandez giving good performances. However, the third act was bad and it gets worse the more that I think about it.
  2. Luigi.
    20-08-2016 04:56 AM
    So that's their idea of suspense huh? It wasn't that bad at the beginning but it just kept getting worse and worse. That's also my reaction to their smaller budget recreation of the TDKR climatic fight. They keep stealing ideas from Batman. I know I've mentioned it already but the fight choreography really went down after skimming through season four footage. Also, Diggle's helmet looks even worse than I imagined. It is a shame that the show runners have decided to pander to the Olicity crowd and man has it had on the show and fans. The thing is that Felicity used to a really fun character and it's a shame that they ruined her. I loved her in the first two seasons.

    Go ahead and rant on the plot points. I heard there was something involved with nukes.

    I LOVED the motel fight with the angels and Jesse. It was so silly and over the top. I was surprised at Miles death as well. I was also really shocked when Eugene got sent to hell and I'm hoping that they rescue him. Not sure why they couldn't just steal blood bags for him. I was a bit sad that the town got blown up since I grew attached to some of the characters such as Emily and more importantly, the random mascot. Shame that he killed himself along with the Indian mascot. Thoughts on the whole "God" scene? I thought it was really well done. Yeah, I'm guessing that the Cowboy can kill angels permanently. Quincannon is actually far more disturbing in the comics and they were pretty tame with him in the TV show. Oh and the No Rain cover in the finale was .

    So I'm two episodes into Stranger Things and I'm underwhelmed to say the least. I mean it's got good writing, acting, cinematography and directing but it's not spectacular. I haven't been blown away. Maybe it's because I hyped myself too much for it but yeah. The boring teenage romance isn't doing the show any favors. The "Should I stay or go scene" was really on the nose as well. I'm still going to watch it to figure out the mystery.

    Suicide Squad was ehhh. It was alright but it's not something that I'm going to seek out again. Suicide Squad should have really been far more smaller in scale. The villains that they face in the third act are far out of their league. The Joker should have crossed paths with the Squad and that could have been a better film. A better idea would have been Amanda Waller sending them on an undisclosed mission to attain something and crossing paths with Deathstroke. Just those ideas would have been better. It did not need to be that big in scale. There was no sense of camaraderie between the Squad members either. Oh and you can tell that it was hacked away by the studio because of the editing in the film. Oh boy, the editing.
  3. Luigi.
    16-08-2016 02:57 AM
    Oh I gave up on Arrow halfway during season 3. It was such a drop in quality compared to the first two seasons. Not to mention that it looked inferior in comparison to the far better first season of The Flash that was airing during that time. The third season and the fourth episode(the bits that I saw) really made me appreciate the two seasons. The first season is messy but it had better action and choreography compared to the fourth season. It's a shame since I really liked the second season. Slade Wilson was one of the reasons I enjoyed it and they watered him down in the third season. Oh and don't get me started on how they treated Laurel. She was a lot more fun in the few Flash appearances she made. The fifth season trailer did nothing for me either.
    ...Well that was longer than I expected. I could go on still about the problems I have with it.

    Yeah, it takes place in the 80s and they take advantage of it. Not to mention that the 80s soundtrack gets better with each season. That's pretty cool that those guys already recognize you. You should wear this costume while spying on the Lucifer crew. It's very inconspicuous.

    Glad to hear that you're enjoying. Episode five huh? You're in for a treat in the opening of episode six. Thinking about it, I have to say that all of the episode openings of Preacher were really well done. I'm not alone in thinking that Jesse is the least interesting one out of the trio? I mean I still like the guy but I find Tulip and Cassidy to be far more interesting. Have to say that Eugene is one of the best things of the show as well, excellent performance by the actor. The angels are pretty mysterious but you'll see soon enough. Oh and keep an eye on that mysterious cowboy as well.

    Hopefully the DCEU lasts enough for his Batman film to get made. I'm finally going to experience Suicide Squad this week and I'm not too sure what to expect. Pleasantly surprised that Deadpool is my favorite comic book film of the year so far.
  4. Luigi.
    12-08-2016 03:35 AM
    I think that's one of the reasons why I enjoy the earlier season more. I loved the bond that Bobby had with both of them and it was great to watch. I don't know, it just bothers me a bit that Chuck would sit back and let that happen. I know that's his philosophy but he would have a breaking point as well.

    I can understand your point about the theme of the show being family. At least it's far more subtle than the Fast & Furious films where they say family every five minutes. And yeah, I agree that it is better than defeating the big bad villain like they've numerous times already. It does raise questions about what the other Men of Letters factions were doing while all the big stuff was going down. Lucifer sticking around does contradict what they've said about scaling things down. I really do hope that they don't waste him next season.

    The gag reel was fantastic. I used to post the SDCC gag reel every year in the Supernatural thread.

    I'll keep my eye out for it. That's good to hear that they're prep time to end things properly. You'll like it. It's got suspense, action, drama, excellent acting and awesomely bad wigs. You'll see what I mean about the wigs. Glad to hear that you enjoyed Lucifer and yeah don't mind the critics. Start shopping for that incognito costume. What do you think of Preacher? I really enjoyed the first seasons. There was some downtime in certain episodes but overall I really enjoyed it. Certain things about the season finale seem to polarized some fans from what I've read. Oh and Cassidy really is the best thing about the show, even if I can't understand him about 30% of the time.

    Probably a combination of both and I'm guessing that the reception to SS and BVS is going to make them interfere more in Justice League and Wonder Woman. Endless cycle.

    Just found about this today.
  5. Luigi.
    05-08-2016 05:15 AM
    Oh yeah, it's definitely a rental type of film. Oh and keep the lights off. I've never read the manga or seen the anime but I have heard about that adaptation because of the director. I'm pretty happy that he's doing it with Netflix since there won't be any studio interference.

    I've heard huge amounts of praise for Bojack Horseman as well and it'll go on my ever growing list of shows to watch. First of all, there's Supernatural to discuss. Season 11 was a huge improvement over the previous seasons. However, it did falter near the end.
    Really enjoyed seeing Dean and Bobby together at the end of Safe House. Overall, Safe House was such a fun episode. Also, I was not expecting Kevin to come back and I'm glad to see him get closure. Metatron was a bit more bearable and I was surprised to see get killed off. They did a good job of handling Chuck's revelation. However, it makes me wonder why he allowed the apocalypse to happen in the "The End". He's more than powerful to stop Lucifer. The angels teaming up with Lucifer was fun as well. Casifer in general was a lot of fun to watch this season and you could tell Misha was enjoying it. Despite being strong overall, the season finale was rather weak. Sam being/not being shot isn't much of a cliffhanger compared to previous ones and Amara's change of heart felt a bit off. Not sure what they're going to do next season since they've already done the "end of the world" scenario twice now. Also hate that they're recasting Lucifer for next season. I'm hoping that he has a purpose for sticking around next season and that they don't weaken him. I'm probably forgetting a couple of thoughts but oh well.
    Oh and this joke was an instant classic.

    That's a hell of a pitch for Orphan Black, I'll check it out eventually as well. Dragging out storylines for cheap drama is the worst.
    I'm excited because the cast of one of my favorite shows, The Americans, finally got noticed by the Emmys this year as well. Thinking about it, it probably is my favorite show on TV.

    Judging by the Suicide Squad reviews, the Lego Batman film is going to be DC's best film in years.
  6. Luigi.
    01-08-2016 09:24 PM
    Blair Witch 2 isn't even so bad that it's good. It's just flat out terrible. Also saw Lights Out recently and it was pretty good. It had some creative fun jump scares but I feel that they could have played more with the lighting.

    I've finally going to get on Stranger Things this week since I'm almost finishing Supernatural season 11. You'll probably like Preacher, it's a lot of fun. Season finale was a lot of fun and looking forward to the second season. I've also heard of that show but I haven't checked it out. What isn't filmed in Vancouver? It's hard for me to imagine Steve Carrell as mean. Orphan Black is on the list of shows to check out too. Heard that the main actress is phenomenal.
  7. Luigi.
    26-07-2016 02:57 AM
    Oh yes! I wonder how many takes they did for the hand thing.

    It was painful to see Reece go out like that. I really wanted all to make survive but I know better than that since it's a horror film.

    Speaking of horror films, I am so psyched for Blair Witch. I was already looking forward to it when it was called "The Woods" because of the director but now I'm even more excited because it's a sequel to the Blair Witch Project.

    Yeah, I can understand that. Going along with cliches are get tiresome after a while. There are a lot of homages to Spielberg and Carpenter because those directors grew up with them. I'm really enjoying Preacher and next week is the season finale. It reminds me of Supernatural at times since there's a vampire nicknamed Cas and there's two socially awkward angels in it. I've never seen The Office but it has a huge following. Favorite characters so far?
  8. Luigi.
    24-07-2016 03:15 AM
    This talk about CGI in Supernatural makes me remember the horrible bee CGI from the first and seventh seasons. Thanks!

    Tanukis look adorable but at the same time look like they could slice your face. Happy to hear that you enjoyed it. Agree on the brutality and how the camera would linger on it to make more intense. For a film about punk music, it was pretty metal.
    That was pretty bad but the one that makes me squirm is the stomach slice. It's a combination of how unexpected it is and the ease of it opening up that gets to to me. Oh and I was taken aback with how unexpected Reece's death through the window was. Thoughts on the soundtrack and songs in the film? I spied a Dillinger Escape Plan poster in the film as well. I also loved the camera work and cinematography in the film.

    Hmm, you are kinda in the minority from what I've been hearing. What do you think that it could have done better?
    I've also been enjoying a new show called Preacher throughout the summer. It's a wacky gory show on AMC.
  9. Luigi.
    23-07-2016 02:40 AM
    IIRC they got rid of the rock songs because of copyright issues on the DVDs or something like that. The CGI for the banshee creature was so bad. They should have gone the practical makeup route for that. At the end of August which is pretty exciting. Haven't started yet but I'm inexplicably excited about going back.

    Yeah, Zootopia lives up to it's hype. Haven't heard about that cool touch but I'm going to look it up. I've never heard of a tanuki before. I highly recommend it, but you might squirm at a few scenes.

    Yeah, I'm pretty slow at it. What are your thoughts on Stranger Things so far? It's great to see Winona Ryder again in something.
  10. Luigi.
    22-07-2016 02:45 AM
    Make sure it's a cheesy halloween night. Yeah, that's what I thought.

    Soulless Sam sure was a riot. I've finally reached episode 11 and it's been good so far. It's so fun seeing Lucifer ham it up. Surprised by how dodgy the CGI is in certain scenes tbh. Want to get this season finished so I can move onto The Night Of and Stranger Things before school takes over my life.

    I'm hoping that Star Trek gets a positive reaction from the public so that it's a financial success. Haven't seen Finding Dory but I did catch Zootopia on DVD recently. It was a really fun animated film that got surprisingly dark in certain spots. They probably would believe you about it being a documentary. There's still some great horror films each year, you just have to search for them. Patrick Stewart isn't the only Star Trek alum in Green Room, there's also the late great Anton Yelchin in it. They're both great in the film. Yeah, it's a fantastic tension film that mainly takes place in one location and takes advantage of it. It's a visceral and brutal film that doesn't have gore just for the sake of having gore. There's one shot that makes me squirm just by thinking about it.
    Not yet but I do want to watch it since everyone else has already. I'm very slow at binging shows.

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