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  1. Jujubean
    29-07-2014 07:39 PM
    Where to begin...

    You grab anybody who works in a library and they'll jump up on the same platform. Illiteracy is only part of it. People are ill-informed in general. They don't know how to find information outside of a search browser or Wikipedia. It's kind of silly in this day and age, but I read newspapers and magazines like Popular Science and Wired more than news online. Seems like there's more context and fact-checking and less ads. Although, Pangea Today looks interesting.

    When it comes to my writing, I delete frequently. Drives people nuts, and I almost never finish them. It's kind of a double-edged sword. I'd like people to read them, make comments, encourage me, but my fiction is all over the place. And, yes, being an old single library employee - they sometimes sound like romance novels. Yup, bit embarrassing. Plus, I publish first drafts. So, typos, grammar errors, plot holes... If I'm mildly proud of a story, I'll post a link.

    I don't think there are any rules to poetry anymore. It's more personal preference. For some reason I need some form of rhythm and rhyme, but I can ramble, frequently. Sometimes that's the only way to illuminate the point - beat twenty circles around the bush before you can jump into it. Works better on paper. I usually pick and pull pieces out of pages of notes and cobble it into something more coherent, but your style works. You build a story without making the reader commit to a long term relationship.

    About that student. She's surviving. I'm hoping she can continue her education, but right now, she's at least got a place to stay, some help raising her grandson, and a part time job that allows her to bring him with. MN welfare is supposed to be near the top in the US, but it's still a fucked up system.

    Musers baffle me sometimes. All the twitter activity last week wasn't so bad, but I've seen comments from them that are sometimes so malicious, I wonder if they're psychotic. At least, they weren't so bad this time around. Cool too that they responded to some fans, but I couldn't help thinking they'd go on a speculation rant about what 'heavy' means or if a dvd was coming out. Whatever happens, I'm sure I'll like it.

    The tool comment was a bit extreme, but what I hear from a lot of people is generic responses. They try the big volunteer groups and end up not seeing what effect they have. Sometimes it's easier sticking small and close to home, like an environment clean-up group or a homeless shelter or community gardening or teaching adults to read. Something that gets you out of the norm but not so far that you get lost in the big picture.

    The university I'm at is more non-traditional. Lots of internationals and working adults, but I remember back to my college days. You get sucked into the ideals, taught lots of theory and formulas, but practical applications are lacking. They toss you to the wolves, which is no wonder why it takes 6 months or more for graduates to find jobs. I have to say there's always a demand for math teaches, particularly in neglected urban high schools. Exactly like the movies but without the happy endings. I've also heard of a program where if you teach in a rural school, they wipe out some of your college debt. Out there, you might not be up against illiteracy, but farmfolk test my limits sometimes. Rockville can kiss my ass.
  2. Jujubean
    09-07-2014 05:06 PM
    Math major - Yup, I can see that. Logic, rules, formulas, if & thens - right? That's what I love about the scientific method. It encourages people to ask questions and find answers. Not enough of that these days. Of course, it'd just be good if everyone was literate.
    My grammar... That's just my age showing. I've got excellent penmanship, too. No, it's probably just the urge to write. I've been writing since grade school, mostly fiction. What about you? When did you start your poetic prose?
    What can I say about the economic imbalance of society that wouldn't sound like a rant. There's something about libraries that attract homeless people and certainly people who can't afford computers. You want to help everyone you can, but the gaps in the system are horrific. There's a student that I want to assist who suddenly had to quit because her daughter dumped her grandchild on her. Childcare, financial assistance, all of that - there's nothing she can get unless she's jobless and homeless, which wouldn't help her at all. Where's the sense in that? For the people who can only get minimum wage, there are almost no resources available for them, but if they give up - sure, there's food stamps and section 8 housing. It's scary how fucked up that is.
    I don't like how we glorify those people you mentioned - the whole celebrity worship. Sure, what am I doing on the forum if I don't adore muse, but how does worshipping a status make an average person feel? Can't stand reality tv either, and I haven't read a feminine magazine in ages. I think I fall under the 'nerd/intellectual', aka the librarian spinster, category, which makes me immune to most forms of fandom.
    About the online communication issue, it just intrigues me and confuses me at the same time. I helped a psych student on that subject once, very bizarre results. The less tied you are to your online persona, the less responsibility you feel towards your words, but it doesn't feel like that with me. Daily conversation does feel restricting, but when I write - whoosh, paragraphs of dialogue bursting to come out. Most people I meet online are the opposite - defensive, terse, quick to judge or jump into a 'for' or 'against' group. I feel like I can say a lot, but there's rarely anyone on the other end.
    The suicidal notions is not uncommon in poems or any kind of writing that requires passion. Just having known someone who tried to commit suicide, it makes me ask. I apologize, but it never hurts to ask. Still, even if you've got all the benefits, all the resources, that doesn't mean you have to become what other people want you to be or a tool for society. Ok, that sounded funny, but have you thought about what you'll do after college?
  3. Jujubean
    20-06-2014 02:12 AM
    Hey Nick-
    So, I live in St. Cloud MN and I work in St Paul, but can't really say I'm Minnesotan. We traveled a lot when I was young. I lived in Glendale CA for a few months, and I've seen LA. Can't say I know CA very well though. Lived for a time in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Iowa, North & South Dakota, Oklahoma & somewhere else I'm forgetting. Gotta say the more you travel, the less cynical you get. I've been all over the US, except the NE and NW coasts. In fact, I'll be in Seattle next week. I'd offer to buy you a coffee if you made it up there, but you're right, most people I've met have been major flakes.
    Do you think it's the sterility of online communication? People don't seem real unless they're in front of us? My fb was about the same - almost all coworkers that I see every day. My family and friends love their devices, but they're not online communicators - email maybe, sometimes an awkward text, but hell no to twitter. It gets so bloody boring online when no one but coworkers talk on a regular basis, and trying to meet new people usually goes bad. If you can't tell, I write alot. Not many people tolerate that.
    Speaking of writing alot, dude, you're all over the poetry thread. Inspired or tortured? The last one sounded like your head was about to explode. So...if you need an ear, you can pm me or email [juliesorbis@gmail.com] if that's more comfortable and I've got a really open ear, considering how quiet it's gotten everywhere. And if that didn't sound pushy and overly forward enough, don't commit suicide. Interesting conversation is so difficult to find these days.
    Well...I took the time to look up that #yesallwomen, and realized it was actually about misogyny. That's how interested I am in online activism, but talk about a pointless cause. If I was going to pick one world-wide issue to solve, I'd go with stopping ignorance. I don't think people choose to live in poverty, and a lot of what they can do is shaped by the resources available to them. But more importantly, knowing what options are available to them, having access to information, that makes a huge difference in improving lives and making changes. Of course, that's librarian talk.
    So, do you travel? Do you like video games? Do you jog/run? And, just cuz I see students every day, what's your major? I'm gonna guess either Sociology or Accounting.
  4. Jujubean
    03-06-2014 01:26 AM
    Well, most librarians I work with like to drink wine and swear, but they all read the same damn books. Unfortunately, most of what they read are ancient classics or YA nonsense.

    Ok. First, I think I need a dose of your conversation everyday, because the most interesting thing I talked about today was whether raisins or cranberries were better nutritionally. Don't care, but it was the height of conversation at work.

    I'm on the fence about social media. Most seems to feed into staving off boredom or self-promotion. I don't go on FB much any more, because they either pump politics or banality. Most librarians are democratic/independent btw, but then you get a rogue - and the claws come out. Bores the hell out of me. Otherwise its babies, selfies, foodies, etc. Not exactly interesting.
    As for trends, fuck, it always seems to be an all or nothing deal. Most on my twitter feed don't care about fads, but doesn't it seem to be the characteristic of people online - the more anonymous or ignorant they are, the louder they shout an opinion? Some times I think people are desperate for attention and will say anything. #yesallwomen is just another fad that messes up an issue too. What makes it particularly bad is that people try to attack an issue on the whole, instead of looking at the smaller things that can be changed. Its a hell of a lot easier improving your local community than trying to make a global change, but I'm finicky in that fashion. There's too many issues to take all of them on. Gotta be picky, and personally, I don't think rape ranks that high. Sounds callous, and I know someone who has been raped. Yet, it isn't only a small percentage of jerks who do the actual crime. What about female genital mutilation, genocide, net neutrality, lack of clean water, genetically modified crops, etc? Where do you start? Where does it end?

    As far as I'm concerned, most guys I know are a hell of a lot nicer, kinder, and more generous than most women I know.

    Is it just me or is social media not really all that social? I have to say most people online that I've met barely say a thing, come and go erratically, and sometimes act irrationally. Is that normal?

    Bugger...I wrote quite a bit. I'm Julie btw.
  5. Jujubean
    30-05-2014 01:43 PM
    Damn. I'm going to have to break down and read Chuck Palahniuk now. Everybody keeps handing me his books, but the way he jumps back and forth is sometimes hard for me. As long as you don't recommend Pynchon, I'll read it.
    I haven't explored CA all that much, but I get what you mean. The more you experience, the more enlightened about the world you get. Not always good stuff, but it's better seeing the other side of things than assuming you know what's there...blah, I'm full of it today.
    Still, take credit for your good writing. You've got insight, but you should still get your mom some flowers or something. Considering I work at a college, I meet plenty of students every day, but not many seem to take an interest in the world beyond their FB page. So, you've got a view worth developing and exploring.
    Don't know about you, but summer sessions are incredibly boring. All you idealistic college students have run off to have fun, leaving me with a shitload of bored librarians and dusty books and waiting for muse to finish their album or for someone to write another poem.
  6. Jujubean
    27-05-2014 08:55 PM
    After I read that last one, I wanted to say 'fuck it' at work. Great piece though. How the hell can you be that young and such an insightful philosopher? Eh, I feel ancient now.
  7. Jujubean
    07-05-2014 12:57 AM
    Dude, more poem/stories!
  8. whoaauiui
    31-01-2012 05:14 PM
    hahah Nick, i remember you, you fucking panda. And thank you very much, take care!
  9. lensip max
    24-11-2011 03:19 AM
    lensip max
    I think they have those ones as well, but my uni seems to have quite a penchant for like, jazz musicians. The creation and conditioning thereof. I've gone to those ones, because secretly I want to be Erroll Garner

    Oh. Economics. That sounds so dry. Poor you. Nice of him to let you out early though. I don't think anyone would go to a lecture that late at my uni... I had law til 5pm this semester and though it was a class of like 200, by the end of the semester, there'd only be about 60 people dotted across the lecture hall. What else are you taking other than economics?

    Also, hope you had a nice Thanksgiving the other week or whenever it was.
  10. Royboy
    15-10-2011 06:13 PM
    from time to time I play in sessions, what do you want to know?

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