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  1. Miss T
    29-11-2009 10:21 PM
    Miss T
    ...not like Matt has heaps of money laying around He can afford a maid. Dom has more interesting things to do with his time. Watch any kind of porn, for example

    You have a cool name And foreigners can actually pronounce it as well, which is more than what can be said about my name... Try saying Terje and I may bet you're saying it wrong
  2. Miss T
    29-11-2009 10:12 PM
    Miss T
    Nooo, I will not lend you my man for all the cleaning jobs! Get a maid!

    I don't wanna order online, I can't try stuff on then If I'm buying another shirt, it's from the venue or a shop where I can actually touch things.

    Wait, that's your real name? And no, no similarities whatsoever
  3. Tintin
    29-11-2009 10:11 PM
    Luff you!
  4. Miss T
    29-11-2009 09:56 PM
    Miss T
    I sometimes wonder what Sander thinks when he comes to write something to me and sees all the perving you've written (He's that Estonian friend with whom I went to Helsinki concert.)

    But you still didn't get to the housework! I'm starting to think that house would look like a royal mess

    Ah, yes, you did tell me about your mum and the hyperactive dog But really, we have to go to Primark to hunt for skinnies!

    I know Chris has a hairy chest, but I was talking about people I know in real life, not who are in bands I'm perving over

    We could also have a band with guitar+piano+drums+singing and try to do it without bass! It would sound... different
  5. Bloody Countess
    29-11-2009 09:56 PM
    Bloody Countess
    Hehe, ale nie jestem pewna czy mówimy o tym samym zdjęciu...
    Bo oprócz tego, z Domem i jego świecącymi oczkami jest jeszcze to : http://i183.photobucket.com/albums/x...9/P1000383.jpg
    (mam nadzieję, że link zadziała - -')
    A mówią, że te miejsca z tyłu to nie są takie fajne

    I jeszcze się do Cie Matt uśmiechnął... XD

    Blisko siedziałaś?
  6. Miss T
    29-11-2009 09:39 PM
    Miss T
    No-no, I meant that you should get Matt involved - give him a costume as well and make housework a part of a game And yes, White Christmas could be appropriate

    Ł8!? That's like... three times cheaper than my green skinnies! I'll find out where you'll be staying, so I can come and haunt you But seriously, how are you coming here? With your mum?

    Hm... The bass-players I know tend to be quite hairless... on the chest, I mean But one of my friends could almost fit in that category... Unfortunately he's already in a band. They just finished with they single and even got a small interview in the papers I so hope they're gonna make it, they're awesome live.
  7. Bloody Countess
    29-11-2009 09:33 PM
    Bloody Countess
    Hehe, fajnie. Dominoez

    A tak właśnie sobie oglądałam Twoje zdjęcia i znalazłam Doma Szczęściara z Ciebie;P
    Myślisz, że słyszał? I demand details! XD
    A tam później na jednym z tych zdjęć z koncertu wygląda jakby się na Ciebie patrzył, widziałaś to?

    Swoją drogą, w Dublinie udało mi się stać dosyć blisko sceny. A najlepsze było jak się Matt przez barierkę przewiesił i zasuwał na tej swojej gitarce. Niestety nie pamiętam do której piosenki - -'
  8. Miss T
    29-11-2009 09:27 PM
    Miss T
    I bet Matt would to the housework as well if it included costumes and kinky games It just has to be interesting enough.

    Hm, maybe I should drag you shopping in London... go and have a look at that shop that was supposed to have cheap rainbow skinnies... and I know some lovely shops where we could find dommie-shoes... (Yes, I want to torture you )

    Hm, I can provide a bad singing voice and terrible guitar-playing! And you play the guitar as well... and you could learn drums! Hey, a guitar + drums + both of us singing would almost be enough
  9. Bloody Countess
    29-11-2009 09:20 PM
    Bloody Countess
    Hej! Doszły mnie słuchy, że Ci się nieźle powiodło w Londynie?
    Tak przy okazji: kto grał supporta? Bo w Dublinie supporta nie było
  10. Miss T
    29-11-2009 09:10 PM
    Miss T
    Hm, that plan I do like And then the four of us can hang out and have some fun, doing crazy things.

    How can you let your mum do the clothes' shopping for you? I mean... yeah, I did the same when I was about 13, but after that I wanted to try everything on before it was bought and I got a bit pissed off if parents bought something for me without asking anything about it first If you're not even there, how can you be sure the shirt/shoes/trousers/whatever even fit you?

    That was Muse-karaoke! He sang Starlight as well, but I can't find it. And he did "Can't Take My Eyes Off You", which sounded a lot like Muse's version of it He's a pwoper fanboy.

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