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  1. miss_meadows
    18-09-2010 09:11 AM
    Cool, I like "Gone" as well. The singer's voice is really great, I really want to see them live. They play gigs in my region quite often as they're the local band but somehow I always miss them. I should pay more attention to posters hanging around in town.
    I know what you mean, either you like Molko's voice or you hate it. I've seen them live 3 times since 2003, they're a good live band. I love their forst 4 albums, the latest 2 albums have been a bit boring, I think. I have a deal with my best friend, I go to Placebo gigs with her, she goes to Muse and Biffy gigs with me (in Germany). She also likes 30 Seconds to Mars and I don't know why, I don't like them at all.
    Last night I saw the teaser for the new Harry Potter movie!!! I guess, you'll get to see it earlier over there. I can't wait and I hope, they'll show it in English again. I don't like synchronized movies and watching TV or movies in English is a great way to practice or improve foreign languages.
  2. miss_meadows
    17-09-2010 07:10 PM
    I like the songs, especially "Love will tear us apart" and another one I can't remember right now. I really love Youtube, lol!
    Yep, it's more for metal heads, I think. The only metal I like is stuff like Metallica, Nightwish or Within Temptation. The latter 2 are more like "opera metal" with nice melodies and lyrics, and great voices. But lately I rarely listen to them.
    It's a bit weird with gigs sometimes. Last winter I saw Placebo in Leipzig with my best friend, she's a big fan but was too lazy to do the crazy queuing (it would have been to cold anyway). So we showed up at the arena only 1 hour before the show and could get close to the stage without any problems. Really weird, their fans aren't too crazy, I guess. Or it was just Leipzig, no idea. Was a very cool and rather quiet crowd, o pushing, no moshpits. Just people dancing and singing.
    Enjoy your Northern Lite listening session on Youtube!
  3. miss_meadows
    17-09-2010 01:37 PM
    Oh, you'll have to tell me how you like Northern Lite. They're cool, I like the singer' voice. My friend gave me 3 of their albums and I definitely want to go to a gig. I'll check out Interpol, sounds like something I could enjoy. I only know 2 or 3 songs by Joy Division but some of my fiends like them.
    Yes, Rammstein are really famous and even moreso abroad, I think. My Portuguese friend likes thm a lot and has all of their albums. From my German friends only one girl is into them and goes to their gigs. I like some of their songs but not many. Most lyrics are just too sexual or too violent for me, don't really like the singer at all, don't like his voice and he actually scares me, lol. I think, they care too much about the show, the scary/shocking effects. Do you like them? I saw 3 or 4 Rammstein shirts at Wembley.
  4. miss_meadows
    16-09-2010 09:51 PM
    OK. Beatsteaks sound a bit like The Hives, Arctic Monkeys or Mando Diao. You could check out "Hand in hand" or "Hello Joe". Northern Lite are more like Depeche Mode or The Editors. Good songs are "Liar", "Enemy", "Super black", "Girl with a gun" or "I don't remember". You can probably find them all on youtube. Those are the only German bands I like, in general I'm just not really interested in German bands.
    I keep on hearing about Interpol, need to check them out on youtube.
  5. miss_meadows
    16-09-2010 02:55 PM
    I still prefer Madonna, she's much cooler than Lady Gaga, lol. At least her older songs, the 80s stuff up to "Frozen" was really good pop music. Who knows if Lady Gaga will be around longer and will make another successful album.
    The 90s were pretty good, I liked Pulp a lot. Jarvis Cocker's solo albums are good as well, I love his lyrics! "Fat children took my life" and "Don't let him waste your time" are true words of wisdom! Honestly, that guy's a genius. But then there were those annoying boy and girl bands in the 90s, and all that techno crap and Euro Dance, that was hard to take!
    Do you know some erman bands? I like the Beatsteaks, they're cool (they sing in English). Northern Lite aren't bad either, a bit more electronic and darker. They're actually from my region, the local band.
  6. miss_meadows
    15-09-2010 09:34 PM
    Yeeeeees, I love 80s music as well! Here we're having 80s parties regularly, I like going there with some friends from time to time. I really like the older Madonna stuff, old Bon Jovi, The Cure, The Smiths/Morissey, Guns 'n' Roses and all that stuff. But of course the 90s are my thing as well as I was a kid/teenager getting interested in music then, Nirvana, Grunge and Britpop were my thing.
    LOL, Lady Gaga's meat dress is just ugly, would be cool at a Halloween party but nowhere else. But I like some of her songs, they're catchy and great for dancing. I think, La Roux have an 80s vibe as well, I like their songs as well.
    I've never really got into rap/hip hop or techno. But I like The Prodigy and some songs by the Chemical Brothers, they're bearable at clubs or parties.
  7. miss_meadows
    15-09-2010 03:15 PM
    I'll have to listen to "Bicycle race" again, I have a Greatest Hits Collection of Queen somewhere in my flat. I like some songs by Radiohead, have their Best Of CD and I'm quite happy with that. I haven't eally felt the need to get their albums, they're a good band but somehow they've never really made me go "wow, must see them live, must get their albums".
    Yep, T.Rex is really cool, lol! He even makes some noises and hs a warning sign "Beware, our T.Rex might spot you in the crowd!"
    Do you like other 70s/80s bands apart from Queen? I really like the Beatles. I've listened to some Doors songs and Stones songs but didn't really like them too much. I love Abba, lol, yes, I admit it. Apart from them I like many songs from the 70s like "No milk today" but don't even know who sang it.
  8. miss_meadows
    15-09-2010 09:26 AM
    USoE always reminds me of "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen, you know, the structure of the song. The "Sia Sia Sia" part reminds me of the "Mamma mia" part. Early Muse didn't sound like Queen at all, though. Must be a newer influence or it's just become more obvious.
    Have you ever been to Scotland? I just plan to a gig in Glasgow because I think that the town must be interesting. Maybe I'll travel around a bit, Edinburgh and Ayr. Must be really lovely, I like the landscape and the castles in pictures or on TV. Oh, and I want to try Whiskey and shortbread in Scotland, lol. So that's definitely my plan for my next holidays, they were already talking about the next album, so they'll probably go on tour again soon.
    Oh wow!!!!! So many pics! My Scottish friend Lucy wore Matt's blue shutter shades at the gig, looked really cool. They look cool in her Wembley pics as well. I didn't take any pics, I simply forgot my camera at the hotel. But Mafalda and Lucy took enough pics, I think, I'll just steal some of them. I took some pics at the Natural History Museum, that big moving T. Rex model was so funny.
  9. miss_meadows
    14-09-2010 09:51 PM
    Yes, I love "That golden rule" so much (that was their first song). I'm slowly getting used to his blond hair and beard, lol
    That's great, I also like Queen, my mum as well! Freddie must have been quite cool, I saw a concert and some documentaries on TV and his outfits were so hilarious but cool at the same time. And of course he was an amazing singer.
    Some people are already uploading London and embley pics on facebook. My Portuguese friend took several pics of Biffy and Muse, also some of us. I hope, I don't look like a zombie in them. I did feel like a zombie after the gig, incredibly exhausted but happy.
  10. miss_meadows
    14-09-2010 03:41 PM
    LOL, your Dad has great taste in music then. I told you, they're irresistible.
    It's quite cool to combine holidays with a gig. But to be honest, I didn't manage to do too much apart from the Wembley gigs. On Thursday I went to some shops and had some fish&chips. On Friday I went to the Natural History Museum and to the Dungeon. On Saturday I was at the stadium all day. But it was fun anyway. I liked the police horses, I like horses in general (typical girly thing, I know). My parents have never been to a gig in their whole life!

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