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  1. panikstacey
    01-07-2017 05:07 PM
    I like your username, darling ^_^
  2. Furygirl
    30-01-2016 12:10 AM
    My next to last Muse gig was Pittsburgh a couple of years ago where they played Fury! So I went out on a high note. Well the next night was Philly and that show was boring. I decided during that trip I'd probably never travel for Muse again. But I was assuming they'd come to Atlanta since they always do! The Musers group is so full of ridiculous n00bs and beef that I dropped out several months ago. I guess the N. American Tour group is pretty active, but also has a lot of shit stirring going on.
  3. Furygirl
    26-01-2016 01:22 PM
    Hi Ian! How's it going? I haven't been on the board much either, lately. #badmod Same old, same old. Have you seen Muse on this tour? They avoided the entire SE US, so no gig for me! Pfft.
  4. Tjet
    30-03-2015 06:06 PM
    Nah it became way too vague what was "best" after a while, and I lost interest.
  5. Oh Hannah
    15-03-2015 10:17 PM
    Oh Hannah
    thank you!! did you change your name? what was it originally?
  6. mortallatrom
    11-11-2013 03:43 AM
    How's it going buddy. How's this mysterious world treating you? At least fair l hope. Cheers
  7. Oh Hannah
    26-09-2012 05:10 PM
    Oh Hannah
    Supremacy - weee awesome strings, guitar, trumpet, solo etc love it love it defo up there with SS and CE and I love any James Bond influence 9/10

    Madness - its a nice song to walk home to I have descovered but its still a bit meh for me, feel like I have to try too hard to feel anything from it. Probably fun to sing along to live, and a very well produced effort 7/10

    Panic Station - I laughed and then I danced 10/10

    Prelude - pretty 8/10

    Survival - well I have always loved this one, and it still makes me bounce along and awesome to play on piano, and I would like to say I have mastered my Bellamy impression 10/10

    Follow me - least favourite song on the album, would have been so much better for me if they stuck to the original version, just cant make myself like that style 6/10

    Animals - like screenager, and very pretty guitar solo, a style I never thought muse would do again 9/10

    Explorers - one big almighty 10/10

    Big Freeze - wow this is so much fun, it is on the verge of being boring but then it goes woooooooo 8/10

    save me - sweet and relaxing but doesnt go anywhere 7/10

    Liquid state - too short but I'm loving chris' voice, still doesn't match the others for me I am afraid but it will be fun to rock out too 7.5/10

    Unsustainable - cant bloody wait to see this live 8.5/10

    Isolated system - lovely album end but miss matts voice still, excellent composition 8/10

    so an overall 8.3/10

  8. Oh Hannah
    04-09-2012 07:14 AM
    Oh Hannah
    So oooold

    End of Edinburgh festival
  9. Oh Hannah
    03-09-2012 06:32 PM
    Oh Hannah
    Aw how old are you now?

    Good thanks, went to watch fireworks with my year
  10. Oh Hannah
    03-09-2012 05:16 PM
    Oh Hannah
    No need to use the guilt trigger

    Have a good day?

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    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Inception, District 9, The Truman Show, Forbidden Planet, Alien, The Thing, L.A. Confidential, and many more.
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    Everything in MP3, Hullabaloo CD/DVD, The Resistance CD/Vinyl (box set), Hyper Music Box, Exogenesis EP Vinyl, HAARP
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    The Joint, Las Vegas-12/12/09

    The Rose Garden,
    Portland- 3April2010

    Nassau Coliseum, Long Island, NY - 23Oct2010

    Lollapalooza 2011

    Boston 12April2013

    NYC 16April2013

    Webster Hall 2015
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