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  1. FaithlessEye
    25-08-2010 01:21 AM
  2. FaithlessEye
    01-08-2010 10:17 PM
    I deleted everything but the comments that made me laugh a lot and the ones from Luke.

    I won't be on.
  3. FaithlessEye
    01-03-2010 10:50 PM
    [jackmt1998]: cancer of the penis could cause multiple penis groths
    [jackmt1998]: so you haeva penectomy
    [FaithlessEye]: ...
    [Spitting Feathers]: sexy
  4. Muse_Luver
    23-02-2010 04:28 AM
    thought I'd leave this here ^^ it says mimi I love you btw =P

  5. FaithlessEye
    22-02-2010 09:13 PM
    Sunday, Feb. 21st, 2010 fun in chat (: <3 PART ONE
    [DOMatika]: penis!!!!
    [Cock Pit]: Carolino has entered at 11:59 pm
    [DOMatika]: i want penis of dom!!!
    [Carolino]: Ok...
    [FaithlessEye]: Carol
    [the_tempest]: carol
    [Spitting Feathers]: hi carol
    [Carolino]: lol hi
    [Carolino]: nice way to be recieved
    [Muse_Luver]: PENIS OF DOM
    [Spitting Feathers]: matt already has penis of dom
    [Carolino]: how is it hanging?
    [DOMatika]: do u want the penis of dom?
    [Muse_Luver]: NO BUT SERIOUSLY
    [Carolino]: why are we talking about dom's penis?
    [Spitting Feathers]: i dont know
    [Muse_Luver]: because its booteful
    [Spitting Feathers]: its not doms penis carol
    [Spitting Feathers]: its penis of dom
    [FaithlessEye]: Penis of Dom stole she's virginity
    [Muse_Luver]: and I wanna touch it
    [Carolino]: ohhhhhhhh
    [Carolino]: Penis of Dom sounds like a game for play station 3
    [the_tempest]: im an offa nao ppl
    [the_tempest]: byiiiii
    [Spitting Feathers]: lol
    [Spitting Feathers]: bye
    [Muse_Luver]: cya leozz
    [FaithlessEye]: Byeeee Leo
    [DOMatika]: hahahaha
    [Muse_Luver]: Penis of dom II
    [Spitting Feathers]: oh i can imagine what that came is like
    [Muse_Luver]: coming soon
    [Spitting Feathers]: you might fight to the death to keep penis of dom out of ass of
    [DOMatika]: i want to do sex with dom
    [Carolino]: LOL
    [Carolino]: nice game
    [Muse_Luver]: or mah ass
    [FaithlessEye]: ROFL
    [Carolino]: Penis of Dom: Chris' Revenge
    [Muse_Luver]: you want to do sex with dom
    [Muse_Luver]: og really
    [Spitting Feathers]: and at the end if you win
    [Muse_Luver]: baby he's 32
    [Spitting Feathers]: you get to do sex with dom
    [DOMatika]: haha
    [FaithlessEye]: LMAO CAROL
    [DOMatika]: dosnt matter
    [Carolino]: hahaha
    [Cock Pit]: the_tempest has left at 12:03 am
    [Carolino]: I want that game!
    [DOMatika]: i want to do sex with dom!!! all days!!!
    [Spitting Feathers]: penis of dom 3
    [Spitting Feathers]: :matt chokes
    [Muse_Luver]: Penis of Dom III
    [Muse_Luver]: olol
    [DOMatika]: hahaha
    [FaithlessEye]: LMAO
    [Carolino]: Penis of Dom: The Orgy
    [Muse_Luver]: where is the world going
    [Spitting Feathers]: penis of dom 5
    [Muse_Luver]: 12 yr olds think about sex
    [Spitting Feathers]: do sex with dom all days
    [DOMatika]: hahahaha
    [Carolino]: Penis of Dom 14785: Sex Ezra
    [DOMatika]: yeah!!!
    [Muse_Luver]: Penis of dom IV Dawn of the Supermassive Holes
    [Spitting Feathers]: 12 year olds dont even know what sex is
    [Spitting Feathers]: lol
    [FaithlessEye]: I didn't know what sex was when i was 12
    [DOMatika]: i want to have sex with dom im12 and he 32 but dosnt matter
    [Spitting Feathers]: penis of dom and the vagina of doom
    [Carolino]: I did know but I didn't wanna do it lol
    [FaithlessEye]: LMAO
    [FaithlessEye]: Im honestly crying so much from laughing right now
    [FaithlessEye]: im starting to shake
    [Spitting Feathers]: dont die
    [Spitting Feathers]: cos the news will say girl dies form laughing too much on chat
    [Muse_Luver]: Penis of Dom V : THE DARK SIDE OF MATTS ARSE
    [Spitting Feathers]: while others talked of penises
    [Spitting Feathers]: lol
    [Carolino]: LOL SARA
    [FaithlessEye]: SARA
    [Muse_Luver]: Penis of Dom VI : Dawn of Fantasy
    [FaithlessEye]: STOP
    [FaithlessEye]: I WONT BE ABLE TO BREATHE
    [Carolino]: Then we have Penis of Dom the girl version, where you can wash and brush
    Dom's pubic hair
    [DOMatika]: hahahaha
    [Carolino]: and put pink hearts on it
    [Muse_Luver]: Penis of Dom VII : Spider Penis
    [FaithlessEye]: LOL braids?
    [Muse_Luver]: omg omg
    [Muse_Luver]: pink hearts
    [Muse_Luver]: i luv it !!
    [Carolino]: lolol
    [Muse_Luver]: wanna do that
    [Spitting Feathers]: penis of dom the beginning knights of fornacation
    [Carolino]: we all do
    [Carolino]: omg this is epic
    [FaithlessEye]: I am saving this
  6. FaithlessEye
    22-02-2010 04:19 AM
    [Muse_Luver]: Penis of Dom VIII : Pink Public Hair Revolution
    [Carolino]: long name
    [DOMatika]: hahahahahahahahahahahaha
    [Muse_Luver]: Penis of Dom : Need for Sex
    [FaithlessEye]: LOL
    [Muse_Luver]: penis of Dom X : Mortal Anal
    [Muse_Luver]: that's the final stage
    [Spitting Feathers]: lol
    [DOMatika]: hahahahaha
    [Carolino]: ok sara thats enough
    [FaithlessEye]: SARA
    [FaithlessEye]: WHEN I LAUH TO MUCH
    [Spitting Feathers]: FINISH HIM!
    [FaithlessEye]: I MIGHT VOMIT
    [FaithlessEye]: SO STOP
    [FaithlessEye]: LOLOLOL
    [DOMatika]: i want to suck the penis of dom !!!!!
    [Muse_Luver]: final stage
    [Muse_Luver]: I'd done
    [Muse_Luver]: I'm*
    [Muse_Luver]: FINISH HIM !!
    [Spitting Feathers]: OH DOMATIKA SHUT THE FUCK UP !
    [FaithlessEye]: DOM SMD LMAOLMAOLMAO
    [Carolino]: :|
    [DOMatika]: hahahaha
    [Carolino]: ez on caps?
    [DOMatika]: is the true
    [Muse_Luver]: Domatika
    [Muse_Luver]: seriously
    FaithlessEye is shocked from Ezra
    [Carolino]: LOL
    [Muse_Luver]: act your age bby
    [Spitting Feathers]: lol
    [DOMatika]: i want to suck the dick of dom]!!!!
    [Muse_Luver]: ez
    FaithlessEye claps because Ezra is right
    [Muse_Luver]: ARE U EXCITED ?
    [FaithlessEye]: You're 12.
    [FaithlessEye]: I didn't know what the hell a blowjob was until this year
    [FaithlessEye]: LOL!
    [Carolino]: Domatika go fap and shut up
    [Muse_Luver]: ARE YOU ? ARE YOU ?
    [Muse_Luver]: omg mimi
    [DOMatika]: hahahaha
    [Muse_Luver]: never heard of oral sex XD
    [DOMatika]: I want to suck his penis to dom
    [Muse_Luver]: jeez
    [Carolino]: lol sure
    [Carolino]: WE GOT IT
    [FaithlessEye]: Dom tell your mum tat
    [FaithlessEye]: that*
    [DOMatika]: I want to suck his penis to dom
    [FaithlessEye]: Yeh tell her that
    [Muse_Luver]: Domatika
    [FaithlessEye]: she will send you away
    [Muse_Luver]: don't make me ignore you
    [FaithlessEye]: to get checked
    [DOMatika]: hahaha
    [DOMatika]: ok
    [DOMatika]: but
    [DOMatika]: can i say
    [Muse_Luver]: thank you.
    [Carolino]: domatika where are you from
    [DOMatika]: one last time?
    [DOMatika]: please
    [Muse_Luver]: mexico
    [Carolino]: because you spell like an animal
    [Muse_Luver]: olol
    [DOMatika]: yeah!
    [DOMatika]: hahahaha
    [Carolino]: [DOMatika]: I want to suck his penis to dom WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK
    [DOMatika]: can i say it one more time please?
    [FaithlessEye]: NO
    [Carolino]: go fap and study grammar and shut up
    [Spitting Feathers]: lol
    [Muse_Luver]: NO.
    [DOMatika]: hahaha
    [FaithlessEye]: You are the only person to make Ezra use caps
    [FaithlessEye]: Even Jack didn't do taht
    [Muse_Luver]: www.salsasnack.com
    [FaithlessEye]: So NO
    [DOMatika]: how i can go in advanced english?
    [Muse_Luver]: this will make you love sex even more
    [DOMatika]: hahahaha
    [Cock Pit]: purpleasure has entered at 12:17 am
    [Spitting Feathers]: hi pau
    [Muse_Luver]: POW <3
    [FaithlessEye]: PAU
    [purpleasure]: SARA
    [purpleasure]: EZ
    [purpleasure]: MIMI
    [purpleasure]: CARO
    [purpleasure]: COME WHERE?
    [Carolino]: domatika is spelling like shit and she's from mexico so DO SOMETHING
    [DOMatika]: shit!
    [DOMatika]: hahaha
    [Muse_Luver]: olol
    [Muse_Luver]: are you her mother ?
    [FaithlessEye]: Yaaay now Pau can get in the whole Penis of Dom Stole Shes
  7. Frakkles
    08-01-2010 09:04 PM
    You are a fucking cunt
  8. Frakkles
    08-01-2010 04:59 AM
    You are a fucking cunt
  9. Frakkles
    05-01-2010 08:53 PM
    You are a fucking cunt


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