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  1. miss_meadows
    03-06-2011 01:48 PM
    Hi there!
    How are you? Are you going to any festivals this year? Maybe even to Reading/Leeds? OOS in full should be awesome.
    I'll go to 2 German festivals, Melt in July (just to see Pulp, they're the headliners) and Berlin festival in September (just to see Suede again).
    I was in London in May, to see Suede and the 3 album gigs. They're back, at least for a while. They're still my favourite band. I spent way too much money in London again...
  2. miss_meadows
    27-09-2010 01:18 PM
    What, there are various MTV channels? I only have the "normal" MTV Germany over here. There used to be MTV 2 as well some years ago, they focused on the more "grown up" pop (George Michael, Sade, Annie Lennox, Gloria Estefan etc.). But it disappeared after only 3 or 4 years.
    It's raining nonstop, it's getting a bit scary. And my room is so cold! I guess, I'll give in and turn on the heating very soon. It feels wrong to use the heating in September but it's REALLY cold. I sit around covered in a blanket, I feel like a human wrap.
    I haven't seen Franz Ferdinand live either. But I'd like to, they should be fun. I saw the Kaiser Chiefs live once, they were U2's support band in 2005 and they were really good, very entertaining and quite good.
    Oh wow, I don't mind my neighbour's drumming. It's not really disturbing, I think. It's much better than my other neighbour's spoilt child who's constantly crying or wailing, every day! The kid must be around 7 or 8 years old, so it's not really normal. The parents are nice, the kid acts pretty normal when I meet the family outside, though.
    Have you heard the new Kings of Leon song? "Radioactive"? Mhm, a bit meh...
  3. miss_meadows
    26-09-2010 01:07 PM
    Oh my, I had a look at the ticketmaster.at offers in my region. Alice Cooper will play in Leipzig in November, lol, that made me laugh so hard!!! I love Alice Cooper, well, I only have a Greatest Hits but his videos and outfits back in the 80s were so funny. If I win that competition I'll go and see Alice Cooper with my best friend! We used to blast his "Poison" song in the students' residence and sang (yelled) along, must have scared the shit of my neighbours.
    Funnily enough we had a Beyoncé gig on MTV Worldstage this Friday. MTV has gone way downhill. I don't really watch it anymore, I just tune in every week to see who's on MTV Live or Worldstage. I don't understand how it could happen, it used to be really good. I mean, it was geat advertisement for the bands as well. But nobody seems to be willing to change it again.
    Franz Ferdinand are cool, I've got all 3 albums. It's not really anything special but it's fun, very "dancey" and catchy. But the songs all sound the same to be honest. It was the same with Travis or the Kaiser Chiefs, nice music but nothing special really.
    One of our new neighbours is a drummer! So cool, he practices every afternoon for an hour.
  4. miss_meadows
    25-09-2010 05:11 PM
    I made it to the Pimkie store without being swept away and have 2 new shirts now, the U2-War shirt and an awesome Beatles-shirt! Funny thing is, they gave me a leaflet promoting their online competition for concert tickets (in cooperation with ticketmaster.at)!!! I think, it's similar to your KitKat competition. I'll check their website later today. LOL, band mugs are funny. I don't have any, though. My best friend has a Rammstein mug. I only have some shirts (U2, Muse, Biffy and now one of the Beatles).
    Same here! Game or reality shows all day! I use to watch MTV Rockzone but now they air it in the middle of the night (3am), so I can't watch it anymore because I do need to sleep at night, lol. Sometimes I watch MTV Live or Worldstage. There used to be a great German music TV channel which focused on alternative or rock music but it only existed until around 2004. They played all the good stuff from the UK, USA and anywhere. But okay, now it's all online, you just have to know what to look for which is the problem. But this board is pretty for that as well.
  5. miss_meadows
    25-09-2010 01:08 PM
    Oh wow, yes, the Q Awards outfit from last year gave me a severe headache. That bird poo suit combined with the granny coat, what a sight! I'm not sure if he suffers badly from bad taste or if he does it on purpose...
    By the way, fashion. Do you have Pimkie stores in your area? They have great band shirts at the moment, it's the "We love rock 'n' roll" line, lol. They also have a great U2-War shirt, black with the album cover on it!!! I absolutely want to buy it. It's 15 Euros over here, not really expensive. The only problem is the weather, it's raining nonstop today... But I really want that shirt!
    I listened to an Interpol song last night, on youtube of course. Not bad but not the kind of music which makes me buy albums/going to gigs. But really not bad. It's really a shame that our music channels have gone downhill so much, we don't really get to know all those alternative bands from the UK anymore. It's only the big mainstream stuff that makes it to MTV Germany.
  6. miss_meadows
    24-09-2010 07:09 PM
    Yes, it was our chancellor and our foreign minister. The latter received some fame due to his unwillingness to speak English, he pissed off some foreign journalists by saying "We're here in Germany!" EPIC, he's the FOREIGN MINISTER! His name is Westerwelle, we all call him Westerwave now. "Welle" means "wave". Some also call him "Vice Wave" because he's also the vice chancellor. I like him, he has great entertainment value.
    Wow, pink hair would have been great! Imagine, the pictures of the event! I only tried red hair for a while but it made me look even paler.
    A cow-pattern on the walls would look funny! I just had Milka chocolate, the cow-pattern chocolate...
    LOL, one day Matt will contact the mothership. God only knows what'll happen to his wardrobe then. But he wears nice (and normal) clothes in those paparazzi pics.
  7. miss_meadows
    24-09-2010 04:24 PM
    That made me furious as well, why give those bankers those bonuses after messing up the whole system and causing the worldwide economy crisis? We had stories about German ministers using the flying service of our army for private journeys, they had to apologize, lol. I guess, it's really the same everywhere in Europe/USA.
    At the moment all walls are still white. I used to have the walls painted in light blue, that was really nice. I guess, I'll really buy the purple colour. White is a bit boring and it reminds me of hospitals. I took some pictures in Ireland, some castle ruins. I guess, I'll put those up. I also have a Guinness poster saying "Guinness makes strong men", would be nice as well.
    Oh, I saw Chris' Beetlejuice suit, well, interesting. He used to have good taste in clothes, what happened??? Maybe he spent too much time with Matt going shopping or he was raiding through Auntie Mildred's closet with Matt. But it's entertaining, it keeps me busy. Hairstyles and clothes, keeps the female music fans busy. I guess, we won't get a new album before 2012, though...
  8. miss_meadows
    24-09-2010 01:19 PM
    Okay, so she can probably still cope better with the heat than me. It must be fascinating to visit Africa because it's just so very different from Europe. It must be so unreal to see elephants walking around...
    It's the same over here, there were big discussions about those unreal salaries of managers. But the politicians seem to be unwilling to touch that topic. When I read an article about the salaries of our top managers I could hardly believe it myself. Hair dressers can hardly live off the money they earn. There should be something done about that.
    Oh, I should really do some cleaning around here, it looks a bit messy. I'm tired of my livingroom and want to change it a bit. So I'll probably move around the furniture a bit, get some new posters or pictures up on the walls or paint the walls. Blue or violet/lavender walls maybe? I wanted red but my mate said, it would look like the red light district in Hamburg, mhm...
  9. miss_meadows
    23-09-2010 01:19 PM
    Wow, what does your friend do in Africa? I've never been out of Europe, Africa would surely be interesting. I'd just be scared of catching diseases but you can get malaria shots and all that stuff. And I'd probably have a hard time with the heat because I don't like temperatures above 30°C. I've always wanted to travel to Argentine and Chile, though. Probably winter would be the perfect time for me.
    That's not a bad idea! I think, I didn't give myself enough time to think about my future between school and university. Some (female) friends of mine went to the USA working as au-pair girls for a year. The guys all had to do military service which gave them some time to think over their career plans. Do you have to do military service in the UK? Here they're currently planning to do away with it for a while. It seems a bit outdated, I think. I kinda feel bad for the guys because I wouldn't like to be forced to go through this for 9 months. We do need soldiers but nobody should be forced to do this training if he doesn't want to.
    Ohhhh, I so regret not having bought those awesome red&black trousers in that Scottish shop! Next time! It's still warm over here, 26°C and sunny, great! I should go for an ice cream later on.
  10. miss_meadows
    22-09-2010 01:10 PM
    Yes, Micro Cuts is really something else. When I first heard it I was like WTF? But then I loved it for the weirdness. And when I found out that there were actually lyrics (checked the lyrics booklet) I loved it even more. But it must hurt to sing it, lol. The same with SMBH, I love it so much. When I heard it for the first time I thought "Is that really Muse?" but it's brilliant. It's one of my favourite songs actually, I don't care about it being on the Twilight soundtrack.
    When and where are you going to see Interpol? I'm currently planning the next UK trip with my Portuguese friend, it'll be Scotland. She suffered so much in London, though. She didn't like the coffee, she only discovered good coffee on her last day there. I was laughing so much. Oh, she found a Scottish shop in London, kilts, red&black trousers and Whiskey! That would be your shop, I think, red&black trousers (you know, that typical kilt pattern). Unfortunately I didn't have enough money left, those trousers were cool.

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